Wardrobes & Closets Hacks

Now did you know that one woman in New York spent over $175K to recreate Carrie Bradshaw’s closet from the popular film Sex and the City? They literally had to hire the film’s set designers to covert a 400 square foot room into a closet that made its audiences gasp.

So what was so special about this closet? Well, for one thing, it had space for more than 400 pairs of designer shoes, dozens of handbag, not to mention those designer clothes, jewels, accessories, shawls, stoles, scarves, sunglasses and other bling that women can literally not do without.

The truth of the matter is that no matter how big the closet really is, a woman will always run out of space to keep her things. Whether it be shoes, clothes or bling, they do need all the space available and more. Sadly, we all don’t have film set designers to do our closets so we need to make do with whatever hacks we can come across and hope for the best.

Here are a few closet design ideas from top apartment interior designers in Bangalore –

#1 Baskets and more

You might never have enough space to place all those cool sunglasses, scarves and other knick-knacks that form a part of your wardrobe on display. So the best possible solution would be to invest in open storage baskets and stack them in line together. Throw in all those small things that matter within and it gets easy to retrieve them when needed and it also doesn’t clutter the space.

#2 Hanging Organizer

A hanging organizer totally makes sense when space is optimum. You can double the number of clothes that you have and yet find the space to keep them neatly. These are also versatile enough to allow you to hang a second rod to keep a second row of shirts and clothes. Some organizers come with hooks on the side where you can hang your handbags easily.

#3 Specialized Hangers

This one is for men but it makes perfect sense for women too. Think about it? If you find great hacks to save space for their clothes, you can fit a few more things onto the shelf as well. It’s a win-win for all.

Specialized hangers are designed specifically for a man’s pant and it makes it easy to hang ironed pants thanks to its open-ended design. And since it hangs flat against each other you can fit more pants within the space easily.

#4 Shelf Dividers

Most apartments Interior Designers in Bangalore will give you long shelf where the chance of clutter is rather high, fit in shelf dividers that will force you to fold and organize it easily. One portion for towels, one for winter wear sweaters and one for jackets and raincoats. Voila! You are organized and neat!

#5 Extender Rods

The thing about extender rods is that it can be used anywhere – in your bathroom or the closet. An extender rod not only creates you more shelf space but also doubles up as space from which you can hang more clothes.

#6 Hooks

Hooks have long been in existence ever since man built his first home. From hanging animal skins to hanging one’s hat or a jacket, we are still using them in our closets and there is no reason why we should stop using them.

#7 Shelves Above

Keep the shelves above to store those suitcases, bags and overnight cases and that will leave you more room in your closet.

Closets have long been the most overlooked aspect of a home interior design. Most Apartment Interior Designers in Bangalore find that by providing a nook for one’s clothes and stuff.

Thankfully that trend is fast changing and most designers are now finding it important to make space for this.