Wall Decoration for Bathrooms

Bathrooms are often the most ignored space of our home. It is classified as a functional space that has no need for decoration. However, the home interior designers in Bangalore are of a different opinion. Sprucing up your bathroom will add a touch of zing to your day and make you energized for the day.

Add art

Many home interior designers in Bangalore recommend adding pieces of art to your bathroom’s wall. Add some vintage posters or vibrant paintings that light up your showers. If you are a 90’s or a millennial kid, hang a banner that reminds you of that era. If you love getting inspired, then add some quote posters. You can also add a vintage clock like those in the railway station for a dual advantage of getting ready in time and improving the look.

Here is a tip! You can either hang a big one or place smaller ones in bathroom shelves.

Get creative

Explore your creative side when trying storage options in the bathroom. Instead of opting for traditional choices of shelves, home interior designers in Bangalore recommend using step ladders, floating, Do-it-yourself shelves or even boxed cabinets to store bathroom essentials. Use colour coordinated bathroom accessories like cloth baskets, towels and bath curtains.

Here is a tip! Use some colour tape to create some eye-catching geometric patterns. Smaller decals can also be used to create patterns.


Wall accents are one of the primary choices of home interior designers in Bangalore when decorating your bathrooms. Paint one side with a wall for a rustic effect. If going for a cost-effective makeover, then decals, wallpaper or stenciling is a great alternative. It creates a focal point in the bathroom. One of the many advantages of these accents is that they come in different patterns and shades. Even though moisture may present a challenge when using wallpapers, it can be easily remedied by waterproof wallpapers. Add a heavy duty rug in eye-catching tones and patterns to complete the look.

Here is a tip! It is better to use vinyl-based wallpapers or decals that are easy to remove and doesn’t leave a residue on the wall.


Add some gorgeous potted plants to your bathroom windowsills, sink tops, near your bathtub. Ask your local horticulturist to help you select the plants suitable for bathrooms. It helps you accentuate the bathroom’s look and atmosphere and makes the morning look more inviting. Many home interior designers in Bangalore recommend using bathroom essentials in attune with the natural theme for a sense of uniformity.


Home interior designers in Bangalore insist that lighting is an integral part of bathroom decorations. They are not only a necessity but are also an accessory. They have the ability to make or break the space. Choose wisely and invest in beautiful pendant lights that hang either side of the mirror over the sink.  Have some candles handy for those long relaxing baths.

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