Wall Art for Kid’s Room

Children are the joy of the world. Decorating their bedroom is one of the funniest and most challenging scenarios every parent faces. At the same time, you can unleash your creativeness by teaming up with your little ones. Most interior designers in Bangalore recommend these great ideas to create awesome wall art.


A mural is an artwork that is applied directly on the wall. A floor to ceiling mural is the perfect way to transform a plain bedroom into a magical wonderland. Using large print animal, princess or forest themed wallpapers cover two or more walls. Wall decals are also very easy to maintain and can often change as per the child’s wish as they grow.

Dot them away

Many interior designers in Bangalore advocate the use of polka dots when decorating your child’s bedroom. It is a simple idea to cover up a huge wall with small sized wall art stickers and repeat them in sequence. This type of wall art is usually done in two methods: They are in a symmetrical series of precisely measure rows for that accuracy. The second one will be a random pattern that allows you to mix and match different kinds of wall decals.

Make it glow

Everyone loves a starry night, more so children. It is straightforward to create a shimmering effect by sticking those glows in the dark stickers or by hanging string lights by the bed frame. If you want that effect to be permanent, paint one side of the wall in midnight blue with a crescent, stars, sea and ships and add some glow in the dark stickers in the ceiling to complete the picture.

Here is a tip! Use string lights instead of night lights as they also provide an ethereal glow.

Create Zones

Wall art is not only beautifying the space, many home interior designers in Bangalore even use it to create zones in a room and can define how space is used.  With the help of the wall art in various shades, sizes, shapes and hues, you can explicitly mark out the areas for sleep, study, play and more.

A tip to use! Paint or stick a wall decal in one corner where the bed is placed to create an interesting nook.


Assortments and additions

Every wall art requires its sidekicks to shine through. Many home & apartment interior designers in Bangalore stress that lighting and other accessories are also equally important to highlight the beauty of the wall art or decal. Place your lights strategically to reflect the wall decal or art. A word of advice, go for battery operated lights instead of wall sockets for an extra safety precaution. You can also use three or four thick woollen threads and knot them on a dowel, trim them in shape of a triangle and place them under a pendant light.

Here is a tip! Frame your child’s handprints and footprints in the shape of name’s first letter and illuminate.

Decorating your little one’s bedroom is no child’s play, but our best interior designers in Bangalore at “Design Arc Interiors” are here to help.