Using Bold Colours for Office Interiors

For a very long time, office interiors were in a set mould of cubicle designs and brand colours. During the past few years, office interior designers in Bangalore are breaking the routine and are exploring something new and unique.

Much of the design concept for office interiors have undergone a sea change because of the way work dynamics have changed. With the advent of cloud technology and work from home concept catching up, your office space needs to offer something more to lure the employees out of the comfort of their homes.

Office interior designers in Bangalore are using bold colours and unique interior concepts to make the office space more inviting if not alluring.

Electric Blue

Blue and shades of electric blue are a popular choice of colour for offices off late. A combination of blue and white or even cream works to great effect and helps to keep calm in the office.

Highlighter Yellow

A decade ago, most office interior designers in Bangalore wouldn’t have considered this for office space. Yellow has often represented all things eclectic. Using it in office interiors adds zest and a vivacious energy to space.

Shades of Green

Psychologists deem green to be a colour that connects us to nature. Shades of green when contrasted with grey or black add elegance, sophistication and productive vibe to space.

Bright Orange

Once upon a time, a colour that was considered too loud or garish is now the most becoming shade in the interior design. Office interior designers in Bangalore find it zesty, inviting and peppy.

Shades of Crimson

This is definitely not a colour that one would adopt for their office but Office Interior Designers in Bangalore is experimenting with it. The results have been nothing less than spectacular. Predominantly used in furniture, red chairs, couches or sofas add passion and great creative energy to space.


Royal purples, mauve and shades of lily are fast becoming the most sophisticated palette of colours. In an office interior, purple carpets, desks or wall colours adds to the elegance of the space. Some blend it rather artistically with shades of blue or contrasting black to design a space that is visually appealing.

A combination of colours

This is a unique concept that is fast catching up. An entire palette of colours being used for each department with shades of yellow, orange, red, blue etc being more common. The visual impact of such a space is quite riveting and inviting as well.

Office designing and interiors have undergone a huge transformation in recent years. Unusual work concepts such as open design and fluid interiors are becoming more popular by the day.

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