Trends That Will Keep Employees Happy

Offices are slowly breaking the mold of being stereotypical and are embracing the technology and other quirks to make office spaces livelier. Innovative office design does contribute to employee productivity and motivates them to perform at their best.

The trend nowadays is open floor spaces which converges to a place where all can meet at a center point and brainstorm their ideas. So the question arises of how to put the space to work?


When designing office space, it is essential to incorporate the company logo, brand and their products along with lighting, paint color and space. Integrating local culture motifs with innovative design, space and lighting can elevate the employee’s productivity. Many Office Interior Designers in Bangalore can help you to incorporate these features and give a makeover to the area.

Out of the box

Avant-garde office spaces are slowly starting to be a trend everywhere. The generation of now is attracted to open, and collaborative office spaces with laid-backrecline to relate with their co-workers and have fun when working. So the offices can incorporate ideas that not increase productivity but transform working as a fun experience.


Nature is the key when comes to performing efficiently. Spruce up your hallways with plants, vertical gardens, green walls (plants fixed on wooden planks) to give the greenery effect. Working in drab spaces leads to dull employees. Let the naturallight to stream through with grass patches, anda stone surface can increase the happiness of the employees thereby making them productive.


Nowadays, the borders are blurred between countries,and our employees work round the clock to accommodate the international timings which practically make the office as their second home. This prompts for comfortability which is home. Office Interior Designers in Bangalore have come up with innovative and homelike ideas like furniture commonly found in the living room, or the patio can turn the office into a welcoming environment.

The zone

Getting in the zone is essential when racing against time to complete a project before its due date, and it requires complete attention which often hard to find given the time and other constraints. Setting up zen or a meditation room to re-energize an employee is a great addition to the office. The dimly-lit area with yoga mats, massage chairs, idyllic water fountains and gardens of natural scented flowers can assist the employee in getting calm and gain the zen skills needed for the project. The major no for this room would be that no gizmos allowed. Away from the hustle and bustle of the office, the zen room will help the employees mentally detox and take on the work headstrong.

Every office looks to achieve the perfect employee, and the employees of now are expecting more from their bosses other paycheck and insurance. Designing an office that makes an employee feel at ease and stress-free to perform their duties is easily achievable. The office & home interior designers in Bangalore of the Design Arc Interiors can create an office space that is not only well-designed but fun and inspires to work.