Wee Bit of Luxury

Everyone needs a wee bit of luxury in their lives. Having a luxurious home is not an impossible feat albeit a creative one. Many interior designers in Bangalore advice the use of marble,leather, crystal,silk, wood, and velvet to home interiors to give a luxurious look. These materials can give off a rich and regal look to your homes with a personal touch.

Renaissance velvet

Velvet is very soft fabric usually made from silk or cotton. It was widely used during the Renaissance period to add luxury to the mansions of Dukes and other royal households. Place a velvet armchair or highchair to your living room to get that royal effect. Most interior designers in Bangalore prefer the use of dark velvet as they have a mirror-like shine to it and add opulence to the space.

Wallpaper all the way

Wallpapers can be used to create a myriad of looks to a home. Choosing a good quality wallpaper can give a designate each of your spaces in separate worlds loaded with charisma. For example, a floral wallpaper can brighten up your kitchen, whereas a dark and light striped wallpaper can highlight your passageways like a clubhouse.

Old school

Old school has a certain rustic charm to it, and it does not do well with minimalism. Old school is all about standing out in the crowd with mysterious yet inviting elegance and glamour. Many interior designers in Bangalore use an embellished mirror over a fireplace and go over for all white look in upholstery,colorand add crystal chandeliers for the complete effect.

Be original

Original designer furniture like a couch or an armchair can add to the luxury of your home. Investing in a designer piece may cost you more than your budget, but they stand the test of time. Not only that, but it also elevates your living room or any other place in your home to a luxurious designer space. Most home interior designers in Bangalore are of the opinion that space should not have a cluster of original designer furniture but a single piece that will radiate the luxury of the home.

Spruce up your Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most used spaces in a home and guests first tend to notice how the kitchen is designed. Luxury is not only accessories but also the intricate attention to details. The details can include sleek wooden cabinets that silently open and closes with an island that allows interaction and down right to the type of chimney and inbuilt oven. Attention to these details can turn your kitchen into the most luxurious yet subtle space in your abode.

The shimmer

Love the royal look? Then home or office interior designers in Bangalore have a perfect solution for your royal needs by adding the touch of the simmering gold to your living room, bedroom or your bathroom. The sleek gold cabinets along with an intricately designed mirror and a white recliner or a soft top seat will literallyscream elegance for your bathroom. If you want gold in the living room, just add a gold color lining to your cabinets or wall hangings and witness the light making a glow.

Adding a wee bit of luxury is not only designer pieces but the attention to details. We at Design Arc provide the service of the best interior designers in Bangalore who will help you achieve that luxurious yet elegant effect.

Mismatched Beauty

Lending a personal touch

The bedroom is one place where you can be yourself away from the prying eyes of the world. Bedrooms are the gateways of relaxation, and it shouldn’t look like its been very meticulously arranged. Mismatching patterns can lend a colorful and cheerful outlook to your bedroom,and there are best Interior Designers in Bangalore that can help you achieve that effect.

Bring back the era:

If you like having a historical touch to your bedroom, try mixing up styles from different periods. A mix of diwan along with the modern bean bag and some eclectic portraits of the yesteryears. Pairing this subtle furniture with bold red paint on the other side or with bright and bold colored accessories like cushions, rugs or upholstery brings a Victorian age to your sanctuary.

Go for the prints:

Like boho styles or ikat prints? But stumped on how to go about it, then the best interior designers in Bangalore are there to recreate your dream bedroom. The Ikat prints are a mix of colors and patterns that give a natural feel to the room and makes it look homely not like out of a magazine. Mixing matching dotted pillows and bohosofas are adjoining the windows in your bedroom can give an ethnic feel to the bedroom.

Go Mediterranean:

The Mediterranean. This word is enough to bring the experiences of open, airy spaces andit is very prevalent and aesthetically used concepts in bedroom decoration. The most followed styles are the Grecian, Italian and Spanish which involves a mix of colors and patterns. Combining dark wood floors with vibrant and bold colors in the curtains, upholstery and the bedding creating a sublime effect of the contemporary yet traditional bedroom.

The scent of flowers:

Love being outdoors or surrounded by nature? Then the bright-huedflorals are your best choice. Some best Interior Designers in Bangalore advocate the clash of colors in florals in the bedroom for the person who loves nature. You can wallpaper one side of the bedroom wall with the clashing hues of red and pink flowers entwined on a vine or in a bouquet arrangement. You can also place flower vases on a corner table near the window or as a replacement for your bedside lamp.

Brighter colors

Yellow is a quintessential part of any decorator’s portfolio. It can brighten up the mood and give a scintillating look to your bedroom. Many best Office & Home Interior Designers in Bangalore recommend yellow as part of the bedroom décor along with a personal touch. Use one part of the wall to paste your memories and one side of the wall a poster or a frame of your idol with a splash of yellow.

Simplicity in the looks

A simple black wall with a mix of styles can give a calming feel. Painting your bedroom walls with darker colors and pairing them with subtle yet noticeable furniture like multi-colored chairs or colorful pillows on a white couch will a be a mix of traditional,modern and ethnic décor. This setting gives you a space for experimenting with colors and styles that match your mood for the time.

The bedroom is a sanctuary that allows us to relax, connect and charge up for another day and we, at the Design Arc Interiors will help you in achieving that effect by employing the best home & office interior designers in Bangalore.

Ways to Bring the Green in

Be it a house or an office, it has become important to bring the green in. With the pollution in the air increasing beyond safety limits in many cities, it is imperative that we do our bit to keep the atmosphere clean and fresh. Indoor plants are one of the best ways to maintain optimum breathable air around ourselves.

Indoor plants make a great prop for interior designers in Bangalore. For one thing, when you incorporate plants within your design, overhead cost for designing or purchasing expensive accessories to showcase your home. Indoor plants literally bring a breath of fresh air and they are not going to cost as much as that Ming vase or that expensive painting you wish you had.

Here are a few ways that Interior designers in Bangalore bring the green –


Balconies and backyards have traditionally been the indoor space for growing plants but interior designers in Bangalore have taken the unconventional route for many projects and have made space for plants in shelves to make a green library of sorts.

The beauty of this arrangement is that it can be put up anywhere, in the living room, the bedroom or even a home office and it will be the focal point of your space.


Contrary to belief certain plants, do thrive in the humid conditions of the bathroom. Plants like aloe vera, bamboo, begonia, snake plant, boston fern, cast iron plant, chinese evergreen etc. grow well in the bathroom. Plants in the bathroom are a more natural fit than anywhere else in your home. With these in your bathroom, the question of potpourri is also sorted. With the right kind of plants, interior designers in Bangalore can create an atmosphere of relaxed ambience in your bathroom, so much so that it will seem as though you are alone amidst a tropical waterfall or a serene pool for much-needed R & R.


No, that porch is not for those old newspapers or unwanted boxes. That’s where you can have a lovely hanging garden with pots, creepers and probably an outdoor aquarium. A few wrought iron chairs and a table will complete the picture to perfection. Voila! You can have that candle-light dinner right at your home with your love.

Living Room

Flower pots and vases have been traditionally known as ways and means to bring the green in but these days’ interior designers in Bangalore do things differently. How about a vertical garden right in your living room? It would spectacular for one thing and second, it will become the talking point for your guests and an awesome conversation starter. The upside is that you really don’t have to sell an arm and a leg to have a lovely décor fitted in your space. A vertical garden not only scores brownie points for your environmental consciousness but is also an awesome way to maintain optimum breathing air within your home.


One would think that the kitchen is a more natural fit for houseplants. It would make more sense to grow herbs that you would use for cooking right there. A hanging pot near the kitchen window or an array of pots right on the windowsill makes a great deal of sense. Just imagine, you don’t have to go all the way to the store just for a sprig of mint. You can grow it right there!

Designing with Dark Wood

Light and airy was a trend that was quite popular in home interior design for many years now. Off late most designers are experimenting with dark wood interiors for a dramatic and yet elegant effect. Here are a few ideas how a dark wood interior can add depth and beauty to your home –

Wood and Copper

There is something about dark wood that adds elegance and quality to the surroundings. While a white or a cream kitchen adds a sophisticated appeal, adding dark wood countertops and cupboards in this space certainly shows you what contrast is all about. With a matt finish, dark teak or mahogany gives a chic appeal to the interiors and celebrates the refined taste of the owner. Add a few copper pendant lights along the line of the island the overall effect is absolutely dramatic. A few houseplants and a herb vase on the countertop completes the picture to perfection and adds life to the interior.

A lean design

Often enough, dark deep wood often connotes with huge chunky furniture but it need not be so. One can bring the deep tones of the wood and contrast it with light browns to present an interesting combination. You will need a cream coloured sofa, a wooden armchair and textured area rug that add to the character of the room. A square coffee table at the centre and few side tables for a lampshade or a fancy vase and a lean strong shelf to keep small knick-knacks and stuff makes this space picture perfect. The slim tapered look of this room will have shades of deep wood and yet it doesn’t overwhelm it.

Dark Vanity

Dark wood can also be used to make a grand style statement in a small space. Your bathroom vanity or a closet make a wall of drawers or a chest and the contrast of deep brown with cream or white will make the interiors stand out wonderfully.

White and Wood

Nothing stands out well in a white or cream living than a large piece of a wooden armchair or a couch. Here wooden furniture stands out as a statement piece and you really don’t need fancy art or an expensive vase to spruce space. Just one antique polished wooden armchair would do the trick.

Work with the windows

Wooden framed windows bring in the same deep shade into the interiors that any furniture would. A large sized window with small panes looking out into the patio makes a lovely scene to sit by for a lunch or dinner. A long wooden table arranged along a cushioned bench and a few vintage chairs make the space informal and friendly.

Cityscape and Wood

If your apartment looks over a cityscape then a dark wood interior lends a manly sophistication to space. With wooden furniture and dark panelled walls and golden pendant lights, space would look spectacular in the night with the city lights glimmering beautifully.

There is much and more to be done with deep dark wood where home interior design is concerned. Bringing out the contrast in the unlikeliest spaces is a challenging prospect indeed. Elegant sophistication is the name of the game in the home interior design, where wooden décor is concerned. Therefore it would be best to hire a professional and experienced interior design company to envision the space for you.

Designing a Small Office

Not all offices are meant to be humungous space giants where one can literally redesign the landscape. Even organizations with less than 20 employees need office space that is proportionate to their size. Office interior design for small offices requires more creativity to give more in less space and yet keep the productivity rolling.

Here are a few ideas that would work –

Embrace Minimalism

There are many advantages that a minimalistic office interior design brings to the table. And where a small office is concerned, being minimalist turns advantageous.

Most minimalistic office designs use the wall to their advantage and build their workstations by the wall. This leaves the centre of their floor open to think, create, ideate and interact. A long desk with a lot of leg room and a row of pendant lights to illuminate the space and the rest of the floor can be a wide expanse allowing one to move around. It can’t get any more simple or spacious especially in a small space. The lobby can be minimal with a long desk to wait and a few indoor plants to freshen up the place. It doesn’t hurt to have a landscaped garden space outside which the lobby can overlook or at least a well-manicured lawn. Subtle lighting and a few well-placed lawn chairs give this space the feel of a distinct hub.

Fluid Design

A fluid design works well with a small office interior design. In a fluid design, you will not desks and chairs chained to the floor allowing the employees to work only from their designated cubicle. To tell the truth there are no cubicles.

A fluid landscape as the name suggests is flexible and it allows the employees to sit just about anywhere that they fancy and get their work done on time.

Office interior design that follows this concept works great with unconventional office furniture. Cushioned cubes, desks, a lone desk, a couch or even a lazy boy… So long as it is ergonomically designed it works in this space.

A fluid design has many unconventional elements to it that resonate with today’s office culture, which has to a large degree veered away from the traditional setup.

Open Floor

This is the best possible office interior design, especially for smaller offices. An open design does not need confining cubicles. A lengthy well crafted sturdy desk with comfortable chairs, arranged in a row(s) would do. Open office design incorporates transparency at all levels and encourages interaction and engagement among the employees. It also does not clog up office space through bulky stand-alone furniture.

An open floor design, when combined with minimalism, makes the best possible office interior design for small spaces.

One common tip that most interior designers for small office interior design are to keep the furniture light and yet sturdy. Vibrant colour schemes that employ a lot of white, cream and zing of blue or red works great for small spaces. It also gives an illusion of space and doesn’t end up being claustrophobic for the employees. Natural lighting with skylights and provisions for cross ventilation are equally important aspects of this design.