Why You Should Have a Modular Kitchen

Our homes are nothing but reflection of our own selves. The very idea of decorating the home brings about our best fantasies duly tossed with our creative edge, comfort and financial agility. A perfect house is like several compartments amalgamated into one. And, thus the need to do every bit with sheer finesse remains indispensable. Amongst everything we do to make our home a heavenly space, kitchen does take the center stage in most of the cases. And why not, after all it is this place that probably binds the family and serves us all the basic flavors of life – sweet, sour and bitter! Kitchen area by far is the most important arena that needs fine detailing with exquisite style and unmatched comfort. A modular kitchen is thus the need of the day. It is a space that gives you comfort along with all the basic requirements of having a cool place to work around. However, many have this in their mind – why a modular kitchen? Well, let us try to answer some common queries about why and how modular kitchen is the best that you can choose for your kitchen.

What is a Modular Kitchen?

3d visualization, interior design

3d visualization, interior design

A modular kitchen is a concept design in which the whole kitchen is conceived, designed and made up of pre-made modules or cabinet parts that are fitted together to make a functional kitchen. Every unit is made separately and can be fitted the way you want it to have.

Advantages of a Modular Kitchen
1)The biggest advantage of a modular kitchen is the fact that you can carry it wherever you move your home. Nothing goes waste and you have everything with you all along. Not only so, you can also have your modular kitchen dismantled and reassembled with a changed design. It gives you scope to alter the existing design, giving way to innovation and freshness to your kitchen space.

2) A modular kitchen can be personalized. Every bit of it will have your presence and feel. You can do the concepts yourself and ensure that you get exactly what you have imagined.

3) A modular kitchen is a huge space saver. Every cabinet and unit is made in way that will give you a sense of usefulness and compactness. Specially, if you are staying in a small apartment, modular kitchen with save a lot of space thus giving you ample of space to work around. Some modular shelves are designed to hang on doors, while some can utilize even the most cramped corners, whereas one can convert even the narrowest spaces into a jar rack or cup stand. The options are endless.

interior decor bangalore

interior decor bangalore

4) There is no dearth of designs when it comes to modular kitchen and you can get concept design from any interior home design company. Design Arc Interior has a plethora of fine designs when it comes to the aesthetics of a modular kitchen. And, this gives you an opportunity to stylize your kitchen space with much nobility and exquisiteness.

5) Yet another advantage of a modular kitchen is the fact that it far less time consuming than the conventional ones. Earlier kitchens would be done in months by carpenters. Whereas, a modular kitchen is done in factories, and the required materials and add-ons are readily available in stores. All you need to do is to place the order and it will be delivered within weeks. Assembling the whole unit also takes less time. A modular kitchen thus saves your time and effort much more than the conventional one.
6) Modular kitchen hugely helps people who have a tendency to clutter. In short, modular kitchen helps to de-clutter the kitchen space in several ways. This is because a modular kitchen provides an effective storage space for anything and everything in the kitchen. You do not have to spread-out things all over the place, rather have space for every little requirement of your kitchen from utensils to storage containers to wine glasses to food items.

7) Another area where a modular kitchen scores high is that it fits all the appliances you can have in your kitchen in an extremely convenient way. In the conventional kitchen spaces, it is difficult to have an area cut out exclusively for all the appliances you have. Whereas, in a modular kitchen you can fit in as many as you can without cluttering the place and spoiling the look of it.

8) Lastly, the very essence of a modular kitchen lies in its intelligent designing. The kitchen is designed both scientifically and aesthetically. The cabinets and drawers are place in way that will help you edge maximum comfort with minimum effort. The kitchen is functionally divided in areas like storing, washing, cooking without disturbing the overall visual appeal, perhaps something that makes your life easier in several ways.