Art Of Using Daring Colours

Colours are a great way to reflect an individual’s personality and they can evoke a myriad of feelings. Many Apartments interior designers in Bangalore infuse colour in spaces through the use of various elements like paints, art pieces, furnishings, and even furniture. Infusing colours in an environment is a subtle art of making a statement.


Many Apartments interior designers in Bangalore use this idea to create a visual impact. They hang large pieces of art in the most unexpected places like doors, near windows, cabinets and even in the foyer. Sometimes, the art canvas also functions as window blinds. It is recommended to go pieces of art that have a play of colours or has deep baritones. Even though installing art often requires nails, there are other Do-It-Yourself ideas to install them without drilling a hole in the wall.


Painting one side of the wall in bright ochres or deep shades will create a focal point. These colours can bring back the retro era where teal, avocado green, blazing red, orange and other chromatic tones were the rage. These shades combine with streaks of purple and pink can pull off the daring effect.


When wanting to incorporate daring colours in your apartment, one of the best ways is to use furniture. Many apartment interior designers in Bangalore use renaissance or French style furniture to attain this effect.For example, the living room with a red book cabinet, olive green sofa with colourful throw pillows over a Moroccan rug is an excellent example of daring colours. One can also add patterned furnishings to add texture to the room.


Adding bold colours to your apartment can also be done through quirky wallpapers. Striped wallpapers, coloured boho wallpapers, two-toned wallpapers in ochre shades are some of the ways to add colour. Many apartments interior designers in Bangalore recommend custom made wallpapers that will reflect your life journey or any favourite moment.


If you want to create a natural focal point in your home, then bookshelves are your best bet. Paint them in bold contrast tones of red, black, orange and other shades for a beautiful setting. Use colour-coded ideas to arrange the books and use bookends in contrast tone of the bookshelf shade. Add some plants, other art accessories to enhance the space.


The bedroom is often the most ignored space and is one of the most comfortable places to play around. Most home interior designers in Bangalore play around with paint when using bold tones. They often use two or three gradients of the same shade to create a mesmerizing effect. Another variation to this style is using two colours complementing tones like bright and mellow to highlight the tones. For example, a black wall can be accentuated by dripping white paints to create asymmetrical lines. This look is both modern and organic.

Want to know some more ideas for bold colours? Then our best design experts at Design Arc Interiors are here to help.

Office Designs That Make An Impact On Employees

Offices of now are evolving into spaces that focus on employee productivity and happiness. Organisations strive to create areas that impact their employee’s well-being and results in higher productivity.

Many Office interior designers in Bangalore are now devising designs that create a positive impact on employees. These designs encourage the flow of information seamlessly and also give a welcoming effect.

Here are some key office design factors that make an impact on employees:

Workstations and workspaces  

Disorganised and cluttered workspaces make it difficult and time-consuming for workers to work happily. Offices of now are imbibing a sense of belonging in their staff as it functions as their second home. Many office interior designers in Bangalore are in favour of open workspaces that encourage collaborative engagements. Many offices worldwide have installed cubicles like alphabets, tents, gondolas and others that give a twist in their open floor plan. Many designers have now foregone the one-size fits all solution when designing workspaces.

Here is a tip! Filing, recycling files and folders in an organised manner will help in making sense out of chaos.


Many office interior designers in Bangalore strongly feel that ergonomics plays a vital role in impacting employees. Ergonomics help in maintaining the employee’s health. Its impact is designed to reduce health-related workspace risks. Poor setups will affect employees neck, back, hand and wrists leading to a decrease in health and consequently increase in holidays and other follow-up costs. Deploying necessary support is vital for laptop/desktop, mouse, keyboard and footrests so that the employee can work comfortably.

Environmental impact

Having a conducive work environment is a vital factor in the checklist of every office interior designers in Bangalore. Other than ergonomics, the ecological design will also have a profound impact on the employees. Lack of proper lighting,ventilation, high noise levels, and other sedentary factors will give a negative effect on employee’s morale. These problems can be rectified by use of natural lighting, designing a blend of workspaces, and well-designed ventilation.

Here is a tip! Offices can also set up a gym or other activities that encourage their employees to stay active. Many offices have also installed slides and rock-climbing walls for that hint of playfulness.

Workspace types

Every employee has a distinctive style of working. A well-designed workplace should offer a mix of spaces that do not obstruct their employee’s creativity. These flexible spaces can be used for lunch breaks, informal meetings, brainstorming sessions and so on. It can also facilitate conversations between personnel from different departments and provide work areas for remote workers.

Employee work areas should have enough spaces to work individually and also cogently communicate and collaborate. For example, having separate cubicles will obstruct communication and team efforts. Bringing in nature will infuse a sense of positivity and vibrancy in the office environment. Adding some vertical gardens will imbue colorfulness to the room.

Physical surroundings create a profound impact on employee behaviours, attitudes and their work experiences. Want to know more? Then the best office interior designers in Bangalore, the Design Arc Interiors are at your service.

Adding Colour To Your Bathroom

Having an all-white bathroom may seem like a safe choice, but it runs the risk of becoming boring and clinical. Having an all-white bathroom does give a clean and sleek look. But adding a touch of colour and drama can assist in keeping with the interior design ideas present in residence.

Yet, it doesn’t necessarily mean a total renovation. Here are some DIY ideas that will add colour to your bathroom.


Create a focal point in the room by painting one side of the wall in a bright hue. It is a simple face lift that can utterly transform your bathroom’s look and feel. You can also opt for darker colours to achieve a mysterious effect. Hang a gold frame mirror, some classic wall art to make your bathroom a part of the vintage era.


If you are a fan of the monochrome colours of black and grey, then you can transform your bathroom into more contemporary and debonair space. By adding accessories like towel frames, toothbrush holders, dustbins in those colours will add to the monochrome interior design ideas. To enlarge the effect a bit, just paint one side of the wall in grey or black to enhance your colour scheme.


For that dash of elegance, add some colourful wallpapers that will instantly bring a smile to your face as soon as you enter the bathroom. Like a sweet coastal-inspired design to add charm and character to your bathroom. Place the wallpaper in a designated place like the opposite to the bath stall or above the tub with matching accessories for that personal touch.

Accent walls or tiling

Pique your interest by adding an accent wall or colourful tiles to create a design feature in your right. Use the mix of right colour combinations that will make it although more bespoke and beautiful. With vintage cupboards, ornate accessories and colourful accents the bathroom will truly become very inviting and elegant.


If you are an avid nature lover, then this plethora of interior design ideas to bring the outside inside your bath space. Give your walls a splash of olive green and natural green paint, some brown furniture for the soil and some indoor house plants. Cacti is one of those plants that require less maintenance and water. Artificial plants will also do the trick.


If you don’t want to go for renovation and retiling, it is better to opt for accessories in various shades. Incorporate some bright accessories like curtains, colourful towels, cup holders and other materials. It also comes with an added advantage of being cost-effective. It is also easy to change anytime you decide that you don’t like them or just want a change in scenery.

Here is a tip! Paint cupboard doors and the front of your bathtub to get a modern look.

Colours have a tremendous part in influencing a person’s mood. Irrespective of the size of the bathroom, colours can be a great addition without going overboard.

Using Windows To Make A Style Statement

Our windows are the gateway to the outside world. They have the capability to present us with an unparalleled view of the outdoors and safeguard our privacy in the process. They are an integral part of every home, and most interior decorators in Bangalore recommend styling your windows to give your home a much-needed face-lift.


If you are looking for additional seating, look no further than your window. Add a slim bench with a mattress beneath your window to accommodate your guests. It can also function as a quiet reading or relaxing nook. This setting will increase the visual appeal of the room. It will be a perfect place for conversations or some me time. Be sure to add some comfy throw pillows, cushions in bold colours and quirky designs. Add some hidden compartments in the bench for storage functionality.


Most interior decorators in Bangalore use blinds to give a classic touch to the interiors. They also give privacy when you need them. They are many choices of shades like wooden, fibre, plastic and even cloth fabrics. You can spruce up the window by with statement-making screens like geometrical, floral, polka design and other beautiful designs. It will brighten the room’s aesthetic.

Stained glass

Stained glass is now one of the trending choices when it comes to making statements with windows.Stained glass gives an artistic feel to the room, and it can also be used to provide a dramatic effect. The morning sun will seep through its colours and lights that will give the overall ambience of warmth. Frosted glasses are also another one of the options for a translucent look while filtering those beautiful sun-kissed rays.


If you like north-American touches, then valances are a beautiful addition. Valances are a length of decorative drapery which is hung above a window to hide the curtain fittings. Most home interior decorators in Bangalore recommend finishing touch by adding anunder window bench with decorative throw pillows and some cushions.

Here is a tip! If you love do-it-yourself items, make your own valance by dupatta or scarf. Drape them at the end of the curtain fittings in the design of arc to create a stunning effect.

Paint or perforate

If you want a touch of twist to your window, then the home or office interior decorators in Bangalore recommend painting your window shutters in rainbow or beautiful colours of gold and silver will reflect those morning hues. Perforated windows are also a great way to filter those blinding sun-rays seep through the window. Another advantage of perforates windows is that it puts up a great show of lights dancing around as the sun changes.

If you are looking for some functionality, then add some urban chic shelves to your windows. However, keep glass utensils so that you don’t block the sunlight.

Giving your windows a makeover is an excellent way to give your home an elegant look. If you want to know some more, then we at Design Arc Interiors are here to help.

Tips To Organise Your Closets Like A Pro

Arranging our cabinets seems to be a never-ending process, and we often don’t find the time to assemble them neatly. It nearly leads to a meltdown when we are in a hurry to get dressed to work. However, home interior designers in Bangalore have come with tips that will help you maintain your closet like a pro.

Empty the closet

The first step in organizing your wardrobe is to make it completely empty. The empty cabinet visual will aid in deciding the use of the drawers devise a way to stack your possessions and the needed storage accessories.

Categorise and purge

Separate your wardrobe items into different categories to arrive at the correct storage method. Separate your accessories, pants, skirts, blouses, salwar kameez, dupatta and so on to know which are more and which less is. In case, some clothes have not been worn for a long time; then it is best to throw them away. Home interior designers in Bangalore are of the view that a closet should hold items that are constant use and should not be used as an attic.


If there are not enough drawers in your cupboard, using storage boxes are an excellent way to store socks, undergarments,necklaces and other knick-knacks. Storage boxes are also a good alternative for storing your occasionally used dresses or seasonal wear.

Label and hang

Labelling and hanging are most handy tips used by home interior designers in Bangalore when organizing closets. If you are using boxes to store away your things, labelling them helps in identification and easy accessibility. Hangers are best suited if there is no more space to keep clothes. It is recommended to colour coordinate them as per your frequency of use. It also helps in separating your wardrobe into daily wear, office wear, party wear and so on. Colour blocking also works on dresses. Arrange your shirts from light to dark or strappers, short sleeves to long sleeves and so on. Once you get used to the system, it will easier to place them back after washing, and you can get ready for office on-time.

Unused space

If you are using only hangers for your clothes, then you can utilise the open space below them to store purses, scarves and other accessories like shoes. Use stackable shoe boxes for that extra space. Add some shelves and rods if your closet is simple in design. Don’t forget to organise your drawers. Use dividers to separate the things from getting mixed up or use stacking trays to store your jewellery.


Design Arc Interiors; leading home & office interior designers in Bangalore recommend using a practical system that will be beneficial in the long run. When organising your closet use five bags under the following heads keep, recycle, throw out and not sure. By separating your possessions in these heads, it will help in arranging the things that your closet actually needs. This practice helps in removing unwanted items.

These tips will help you perfectly organise your closets and help you avoid the weekday tension of getting ready.