Kids Room Design

kids room 01
Designing a kid’s room is a fun challenge that our interior designers Bangalore love to undertake. Whimsical, funny, funky and functional there are many elements to this space that needs to be considered. Colourful walls, vibrant furniture, effective lighting, funky beds, ergonomic mattresses and ample storage space to store a world of toys.

Bright vibrant colours are a must while designing kid’s space. Splashes of yellow, bright blue, orange or pink if the room is for a girl are some of the basic interior design Bangalore elements of the design. The focal point of the kid’s room is the bed and most of our interior designs Bangalore whimsical or macho will flow from the same. Bunk beds with fluffy themed mattresses, area rugs to demarcate play nooks and study corner a study table with numerous shelves and innovative storage space for all those toys, games, art work and numerous odds and ends that your little one cherishes.

Striking colours when used in vibrant combination makes the space exciting for the kids. Our team of kid’s room interior design Bangalore experts have an innate sense of design that enables them to execute unique innovative ideas that would make the kids room an ultimate fun space to be in.

Unique three dimensional storage space, themed wall art, a nook to scribble, a doll house to play within, a bat mobile bed, twinkling stars and moon on the ceiling to sleep soundly and many more interior design Bangalore ideas can be executed.Our interior designers Bangalore create spaces for kids that are as much fun as they are functional and practical and the charm of the space is in the little details that we think and execute for you.

Be it a boy or a girl we will never run out of themes for their spaces. While we love to decorate children’s room with any theme of the client’s choosing we love to design spaces that challenges our talent and our first priority where kids are concerned is safety upon which we never compromise.