Interior design tips to transform your home

They say that the devil is the details but we believe that a great design is in its details. Here are a few interior design tips from top home interior designers in Bangalore to transform your home from bland to beautiful.

Tip 1 – Mix n Match Budget items with Statement pieces

The best interior designers in Bangalore believe in presenting a space that has both budget and statement pieces. Most often, we believe that only expensive accessories can work out in a space but most interior decorators in Bangalore would disagree.

The resultant design is great to look out but most often it doesn’t stand out because every item in the space is ridiculously expensive. What you really need is a diamond in the rough.

You could go for an ordinary Ikea table and place an antique Ming Vase with fresh flowers or invest in a lovely chandelier to completely transform the space.

Tip 2 – Contrast with Fabric

Many may not know that designing a space with a controlled explosion of colours is an art. A vivid floral print sofa can be contrasted with a plain cushion while soft white walls can have one abstract painting with striking colours. The trick is to make the arrangement seem casual while in actuality a great deal of thought and design has gone into it.

Tip 3 – Snuggle up with a Rug

Many underestimate the appeal that one single area rug can bring to space. Rugs bring in an innate sense of comfort and warmth into a room. A space that is sterile and devoid of any personality can be transformed instantly by just placing a single area rug. A vividly coloured area rug can also be used as a focal point in the room.

Tip 4 – Investing in Statement Pieces

No, not all of us have a huge bank balance or the budget to renovate our homes every year. Yet, there are homes with a collection of beautiful statement pieces that you would love to possess. Instead of investing on interior décor all at once, aim to buy a quality piece each year. Be it an antique four-poster bed or a lovely couch good quality pieces will make a statement in any space.

Tip 5 – Think Quirky

Quirky works great, especially when you are trying to transform a space. From using ladders as towel rack to using stairs as shoe storage, quirky hacks gives the space a zing of creativity. You don’t really need to invest heavily in statement pieces when you can design creatively.

Some of the best interior designers in Bangalore allow space and light to dictate their design and so can you.

How to renovate old house to new house?

Old houses/apartments come at a cheaper rate than the new ones. Old apartments and houses have a personality and many quirks of their own. Some even have their own illustrious history or a cherished piece of old antique fixture that is hard to replicate today. Renovating old houses are a tricky business and there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while doing so…

1. Changing the interior design:
Most often than not, the interior design of the old houses have a weird logic. You will find irrelevant partitions that you might have to knock down, walls that need to be erected, tiles to be redone and the house painted. First chart out an interior plan as to what you would like to retain and what needs to go and what needs to be redone completely.

2. Redo Painting:
Painting is a must if you need a whole new look to your house. While selecting the colours for each room, it would be best if you chose the shade based on the position of the windows and the door thus taking maximum advantage of the sunlight that the space would receive.Home Interior designer in Bangalore

Another thing that one needs to be to keep in mind while painting an old house is to ensure that you take care of the water proofing aspects of the structure before you start painting. Old homes have been through the wear and tear and for sure the water proofing elements would be missing in most of them. This needs to be incorporated with in the building/apartment before you start the painting work.



3. Interesting Accessories:
Interior designThe sky is the limit when it comes to selecting the home accessories. One can go by the overall theme of the house while selecting the accessories. If the house/apartment has an old colonial look or a modern bungalow feel or typical old manor house the likes of which were built during the 1930’s you can decide the accessories based on the look. Brass fixtures, chandeliers, small vintage toys and pottery and other things can be kept in the living room as great conversation starters.

Select accessories based on the theme and their quotient of elegance. Investing in one or few large sized accessories also has its merits and demerits. An antique painting or a sculpture, an ornamental vase or a silver mirror are a few examples of this. These can be used to great advantage if space is small and you can get by with just one large sized accessory. If space is huge, you can also use a good book shelf with a good collection of books as an accessory.

4. Tiling: Changing the tiles will probably be a must especially while redoing an old home.
Select the colours of your tiles carefully and if your space is small you might want to opt for large-sized white coloured tiles to give an illusion of space. You can also opt for hardwood tiles over others if you want to a good durable floor space that is easy on the pocket too.

5. Kitchen:

Kitchen is one space that would need a complete makeover especially when you are dealing with an old house. Most old houses do lack closed cupboards in the kitchen and the pantry and these need to be addressed.Space needs to be made for refrigerators, grinders, blenders, toasters, ovens and other myriad kitchen accessories that make our life easy. Installing a chimney is a must if you want to avoid a greasy-to-touch kitchen in future.

Remodeling and renovating an old house are projects that need to be handled carefully lest you damage the structure inadvertently. It would be best to engage a good interior design company to manage the project professionally.

Beautify your home with these budget friendly interior decor ideas

tv unit
Enhance the beauty of your house by getting the contemporary plush interior design done

Let your beautiful house reflect your personality. Get the interiors of your house done by highly professional Home Interior Designers in Bangalore. They have gained knowledge by an extensive education in the same field from reputed colleges and are passionate about their job to deliver finest interiors. Just spend a little time with them to share your preferences, choice and requirements. They will reflect it all in your living space at your budget.

If you have spent a huge amount of money in constructing a house then why not spend a little more. Lot of people tends to ignore it but your little effort will change the complete look of your house. Even though you think it is something not required but the fact remains that designs made by the experts in the field will hold high place. You can save your precious time and energy by rendering the responsibility on them. They can work perfectly on any kind of structures irrespective of their shape and size.

Add color and charm to your house by following interior decor tips

Home Interior design Bangalore will also suggest you budget friendly interior decor ideas to your classy house to add some more spark. Here are few tips.
• Blend the complete space with perfect color combination to match with the furniture, floor, and curtain. You can mix and match also.
• Put your antiques or favorite expensive decor pieces in the living area.
• If you have small space, place large mirrors to give an illusion of large area. Highlight the window trims with bright colors and don’t over crowd the house with lots of furniture. Just pick the best ones for your living room.
• You can buy wooden kitchen cabinets with glass fitting and can display your beautiful crockeries. You can also wall mount bar shelves if you have small space to have a posh bar section. Make it little more beautiful by setting dim lights to give the feel.
• You can get a sophisticated look with a rug. Just spread it in the floor to add to the classy side. Place a stylish posh vase and put fresh flowers.

Get great interior designs from the high skilled designers

The Best Interior Designers in Bangalore will make the perfect home for you. If you hire them, you will cherish your decision every time when you will get compliments from your guests. The best service comes from the highly professional team who can cover all the responsibility in rendering their service. They will show the demo of the design they are intending to install though 3D visuals. They will take the charge of shipping the items and installing it and they will also provide warranty for their work for a speculated period of time. All these service will come in a customized price on the basis of your need. Get ready to receive a lot of appreciation from your guest for your heavenly abode.

How to design your kid’s room in affordable price

kids room
Minding guardians know when their kid needs individual space, and kids’ room furniture will give your children the room they have to play, learn and develop. Physical space is some of the time as vital as mental space, to permit them an opportunity to unwind with their own particular considerations and dreams. On the off chance that your kid is mature enough, permit him to help you pick the decorations for his room, since that will make them all the more uncommon to him.

Kids appreciate choosing the furniture that will go in their room, and having a voice in the basic leadership prepare. Your youngster can sit on your lap while you check styles and costs on the web, and he’s certain to have an assessment with Interior design Bangalore about what ought to be incorporated into his room. Your youngsters will invest energy in their rooms, so it’s quite reasonable that they have a voice in what goes in them.

Pick tough and security disapproved of furniture for your kids’ rooms, and consider this before shading and excellence. In the event that a piece does not look protected, then it doesn’t have a place in a tyke’s room, regardless of the possibility that your youngster adores the shading and style. Organizations, who offer many styles of kids’ decorations most likely have a decent vibe for the quality and well being that these pieces require, yet don’t be hesitant to make inquiries, in case you don’t know.

In case you’re first-time guardians, you might need to purchase each charming bit of kids’ room furniture you see that interests to you. Yet, there is nothing amiss with purchasing a set; rather, since the pieces will all match well, the length of it doesn’t issue your youngster’s room. Remember the future when you look for kids’ furniture. Be more sensible and somewhat less passionate, so that each piece doesn’t look like something he simply needs to have. Most kids’ rooms are genuinely little, so it’s anything but difficult to try too hard. On the off chance that you have two kids in a similar room, cots work magnificently, and they may have capacity choices included, which is constantly helpful by Interior Designers Bangalore. Check with a client benefit individual to make sure that the units are sufficiently tough for your youngsters. Arranging deliberately will permit you to pick sizes that will function admirably until your youngster is more seasoned. The decorations can turn out to be a piece of the developing procedure for your kid.

All in all, your kid’s room furniture will be something other than utilitarian on the off chance that you outline in view of their tastes. Home interior designers in Bangalore have discovered that we can’t enrich for ourselves. Our children have their own particular tastes and when they don’t care for their rooms, they tend not to take great care of them. It’s sufficiently hard being a parent and sufficiently simple to diminish the weight by giving them a say.

What kind of a work interior designer does?

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For those searching for a fantastic employment that may have a comprehension of building components, inside outlining could conceivably be the place to look. You cannot just utilize your insight and comprehension of engineering by Interior design Bangalore, however you can put your innovative aptitudes to great utilize. The individuals who go into the field of inside outline are regularly required to have a four year degree in inside plan, yet those in inside enlivening normally just require confirmation. Inside plan is more perplexing and included than inside enhancing, and numerous associations may require their creators to get different confirmations or accreditation past their degree.

Regardless of whether you are independently employed, utilized at a huge plan firm, or utilized at a minor organization, there are numerous open doors in this field. Those working in inside plan industry that are independently employed make up somewhat more than ¼ of every inside planner. You regularly work under a tight timetable with due dates and spending plans to take after. You may likewise be required to go to various customers or workplaces. This employment ordinarily pays truly well with the middle salary of planners in 2006 being somewhat over $42,000. The income can fluctuate broadly, nonetheless, in view of things like notoriety, experience, and your boss.

Since shows like Trading Spaces have turned out to be so well known, there are presently a few other show on TV highlighting inside outline and inside enhancing. Many individuals don’t understand that they are distinctive. Inside improving ordinarily included snappy redesigns that are generally simple and less required with the structure of the space. You regularly work under a tight timetable with due dates and spending plans to take after. You may likewise be required to go to various customers or workplaces. Architects do considerably more than that. They think about the whole building and outline the whole space with a style or subject. They change the paint, as well as they may incorporate something else with the room so you get the most ideal approach to use that space. Everything is considered so you as the client get precisely what you need.

Innovation has significantly modified the way originators work. A great part of the voyaging has been wiped out by the utilization of PCs and virtual makeovers by Interior Designers Bangalore. You regularly work under a tight timetable with due dates and spending plans to take after. You may likewise be required to go to various customers or workplaces. Those dealing with the inside outline of the space can now send their customers the email of their venture so they can see precisely what the space will look like when the venture is finished. There is no more mystery included for home interior designers in Bangalore. The customer just takes a gander at the PC model and works with the creator to change whatever they need before anything is even begun. This is genuinely a helpful device that fulfills both the planner and the client.