Glamorous Dining Rooms to Entertain

Have you ever wondered why we don’t really mind paying a lot of money to go someplace and have a fine dining experience? That’s because some of the best interior designers in Bangalore have perfected great dining spaces in the popular hotels. Right from the crisp linen to the fresh flower, each aspect of fine dining is nothing less than an art.

There are many aspects to designing a lovely dining room and here is where the best interior designers in Bangalore can help you –


Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any space and for a glamorous dining room nothing less than the most exquisite chandeliers can work. Those who want their space to be more formal can go for wrought iron or crystal chandeliers. They will instantly transport you to a bygone era of footmen and butlers, whose stiff upper lip will put you on the best behavior ever! For those who want to go a bit more casual and yet wish for a glamorous table can opt for a row of pendant lights. These are not only functional but can also make great conversation starters.

Table Style

The choice of a dining table is probably one of the biggest decisions you would take while furnishing. Most often than not, it’s the space that decides the choice and one can’t do anything but go with it. But if space isn’t a constraint and if you do intend to entertain a lot, then select a good table made of mahogany, teak or maple depending on the budget. Styling options of the table depend largely on the make and the design. For a formally designed table cream dining table cloths, flowers, vase, porcelain crockery and good cutlery sets the right tone. Using candelabras on the table will give the space a beautiful romantic design.


Nothing is more glamorous than an upholstered chair for a formal dining room. Opting for ornate patterns will add the overall appeal of the dining space and give the area the look of charming allure that will set the tone of the evening.


Investing in good sideboards is a must for a stylish dining room. For one thing, the functional aspect if sideboard makes it a worthy investment, as it can be used to store crockery and to display art or as a wine storage while organizing a buffet dinner. Unlike the dining table, many interior designers in Bangalore turn the sideboard into a focal point of the room and allow the rest of the design to flow from it.


Carpets add on to the luxury element of the space and therefore are a must. Carpets can also be used to balance the colour scheme of the space depending on how it’s been styled. It can be used to up the ante of the design or to tone down the colours. However it is used, it is a must-have element for a glamorous dining room.

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Using Bold Colours for Office Interiors

For a very long time, office interiors were in a set mould of cubicle designs and brand colours. During the past few years, office interior designers in Bangalore are breaking the routine and are exploring something new and unique.

Much of the design concept for office interiors have undergone a sea change because of the way work dynamics have changed. With the advent of cloud technology and work from home concept catching up, your office space needs to offer something more to lure the employees out of the comfort of their homes.

Office interior designers in Bangalore are using bold colours and unique interior concepts to make the office space more inviting if not alluring.

Electric Blue

Blue and shades of electric blue are a popular choice of colour for offices off late. A combination of blue and white or even cream works to great effect and helps to keep calm in the office.

Highlighter Yellow

A decade ago, most office interior designers in Bangalore wouldn’t have considered this for office space. Yellow has often represented all things eclectic. Using it in office interiors adds zest and a vivacious energy to space.

Shades of Green

Psychologists deem green to be a colour that connects us to nature. Shades of green when contrasted with grey or black add elegance, sophistication and productive vibe to space.

Bright Orange

Once upon a time, a colour that was considered too loud or garish is now the most becoming shade in the interior design. Office interior designers in Bangalore find it zesty, inviting and peppy.

Shades of Crimson

This is definitely not a colour that one would adopt for their office but Office Interior Designers in Bangalore is experimenting with it. The results have been nothing less than spectacular. Predominantly used in furniture, red chairs, couches or sofas add passion and great creative energy to space.


Royal purples, mauve and shades of lily are fast becoming the most sophisticated palette of colours. In an office interior, purple carpets, desks or wall colours adds to the elegance of the space. Some blend it rather artistically with shades of blue or contrasting black to design a space that is visually appealing.

A combination of colours

This is a unique concept that is fast catching up. An entire palette of colours being used for each department with shades of yellow, orange, red, blue etc being more common. The visual impact of such a space is quite riveting and inviting as well.

Office designing and interiors have undergone a huge transformation in recent years. Unusual work concepts such as open design and fluid interiors are becoming more popular by the day.

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Bathroom Islands

Bathroom islands are slowly becoming the rave and a prominent part of house interior design. Islands were a staple in the kitchen to create a focal point where families can be together and have a good time. In the same way the bathroom, islands are being used to create a focal point in over-sized bathrooms or to utilize the space.

Most interior designers are of the view that bathroom islands are a common sense approach to spacious bathrooms. The reason for this trend might be the increasing area of bathrooms as it is perceived as a place for a person to relax and be one with their thoughts.

If you are planning a big bathroom as part of your house interior design then, the islands will be a right choice to create a focal point or to add some extra storage space. Right now the trending look for bathroom islands is sleek,contemporary and crisp.

Here are some pointers that will help you if you decide on a bathroom island:

  1. The island should be a space constraint.
  2. Make sure there is plenty of space around the island.
  3. There should be enough space to move around the island even past opened closet doors.
  4. Choose a shape that gives flow to the bathroom like an oval shape is more flowing then a rectangular or square bathroom island.
  5. Customize your bathroom island like do you want it for brushing or putting on make-up. You can also use the island to separate his and her bath accessories.
  6. The bathroom should have sufficient lighting for ease of access.
  7. Experiment with different kinds of materials like glass, porcelain, and large-scale tile.
  8. House interior designers recommend lighter colors like cream, parchment, eggshell, and soft gray, along with engineered quartz and granite that will create a focal point in the bathroom.
  9. There is no need for the bathroom island to blend with the bathroom interiors as it is installed to stand out in the crowd.
  10. It should have cabinets that are accessible on all sides.

Bathroom islands perform three functions of being part vanity, party dresser, and part wardrobe. You can customize your bathroom wardrobe to have low rung sofa to comfortably sit and relax your feet after a long day or wear make-up for your gorgeous look.

You can move you’re his and her sink and mirrors to the middle and keep them on either side of the island. The freed space can be used to add desk or cabinets along the wall. You can even keep potted plants across the wall as hangings or in the desk for the tropical feel.

Try designing your bathroom island as an antique dresser with over-sized sofa to go with it when planning your house interior design as it not only sleek but adds a touch of vintage as well.

Want some ideas on bathroom islands? Then we at Design Arc Interiors; are ready to help you add the wow factor to your home or as the French say adding a magnificent bathroom island to your over-sized bathroom is Tres cool.

Puja Room Design Ideas

Puja room, nook or corner is the first place that is set up by Hindus even before they move into the house. Irrespective of whether they are moving into a rental or own house, the pooja room is set up with just the rudimentary basics to perform a small pooja on an auspicious day before the actual moving in happens.

While most interior designers overlook this important space, interior decorators in Bangalore have more experience than others in allocating the right nook or room for their clients.

This is a sacred space where spirituality rules, where we chant mantras to harmonize our surroundings, were we perform rituals to please our ancestors and seek their blessings. This room and space require careful thought and planning. Here are a few tips from the best interior decorators in Bangalore to design this room –

A platform to seat yourself

Most households barely get a nook to dedicate to their Gods and a separate pooja room is a luxury by all means. Even if you have just a nook, you can transform the space and demarcate it with a wooden platform and a stand to hang photographs, keep idols. Hindu worship of Gods requires many sacred items from incense to sandalwood. All these can be kept neatly within a drawer below the stand. Elegant, humble and yet simple this altar can be set in the living room or in the kitchen, wherever appropriate.

Simple and humble

Interior Decorators in Bangalore can create a simple and humble altar of worship in any nook of the room. All that is required is a background panel, some soft lighting and you will have a nook that gives calm vibes around the space allowing you to meditate and rejuvenate spiritually.

Awe-inspiring devotion

One of the many unique pooja rooms that Home Interior Designers in Bangalore designed was awe-inspiring enough to around fiery devotion. With stained glass in the background and on the ceiling, one will find the pooja room awash with the pure light of the sun to awaken the spiritual essence within you.

Minimalistic and simple

For those who like to keep things simple and minimal, an alcove with an altar and shelves with a few photographs and an idol would be perfect. The mirror in the background can reflect a beautiful chandelier or a pendant light and within the small space of this altar, one will find one’s true self.

Traditional temple pooja rooms

Traditional temple pooja cabinets are designed and built to resemble temples. These cabinets can be closed with a door that is decorated with tinkling bells and a handy drawer beneath can be used to store all the pooja items. This cabinet can be built to a size to fit an alcove, a nook, corner or even a pooja room. Those who have the space to spare and need an elaborate pooja room can opt for the traditional room. Dark tiles and contrasting lights will make this room seem like the temple’s path to illumination and knowledge.

A pooja room is a unique space and one can use hundred DIY tricks to make it look great but with experienced home or Office Interior Decorators in Bangalore, it gets transformed into something magical transcending all material realms.

Kids Room and Storage Ideas

One may wonder if a home with kids is ever clean. You might be surprised at the results because there are homes with more than three kids that are meticulously clean and lovely to, say the least. If you have always wondered how they do it, then here is a bit of revelation. They are able to do it because some thoughtful interior designer has provided the kid’s room with ample storage space that allows them to put away every odd end of their toy, school projects, books and other interesting stuff that they deem important.

Today, many Interior designers in Bangalore are designing the kid’s room with ingenious ideas to store their stuff. Here are a few ideas from their scrapbook of designs –

Combining Play Area and Storage

As every parent would agree, it is not so much as giving a storage area but if cleaning up after a game is not inculcated in the kids, you are going to have a messy house. That’s why some Interior designers in Bangalore believe in designing the storage area to resemble their favourite pretend play. If you’re adorable girl likes to play the kitchen theme then why not create the storage area to resemble a Barbie’s kitchen and that would be motivation enough to get her to clean up. A wall of shelves is yet another great idea where large baskets can be used to store those small toys that you little one treasures.

Floating Shelves and Frames

A place for everything and everything in its place is one maxim that would serve the kids well. Most Interior designers in Bangalore are providing floating shelves and frames right next to the kid’s bed thus giving them space to put away their books for the night reading.

Multi-purpose Benches and Labeled Drawers

Where the kids are concerned, you really want to go multi-purpose all the way. Many Home Interior Designers in Bangalore have designed kids room with this one furniture that works great. Multi-purpose benches where one can open the seat to store all those lego blocks that you step on. Add a few cushions on top, the bench becomes a comfortable seat for the kid to stretch his legs on or to share space with their best friend while they play their uber-cool video games.

Yet another trick that most Home/Office Interior Designers in Bangalore get it right is labelled drawers in the kids closet. If your kid is the tardy sort (but then who isn’t?) then here is something that would serve them well in the future. Labelled drawers are one thing that would make their closet super organized and never will they search for a sock or their favourite pyjamas when their life is organized thus.


If your kid is the artsy sort who loves to make a craft, then here is one idea that would be a lifesaver for you. Most Home/Apartment Interior Designers in Bangalore are adding a pegboard in their room to plug in art, crafts, to store craft essentials etc. No more flying papers and messy drawers not when you can pin down everything.

Multi-purpose Seating

If your kid is the social one, then instead of good old chairs and sofa opt for cushioned benches with storage area in the bottom. You can design the sofa along the wall to give more room in the middle or arrange a play table in the middle with cushioned stools that double up as storage boxes. Either way you have space for stuff and more than ample space to socialize. It’s a win-win. 

As one of the leading Interior designers in Bangalore, we have designed and fitted many a kids’ room with custom-made furniture and fixture that has given them more than ample space to store everything. If your home is designed by DesignArc then no more messy rooms for you and that’s a given.