Dining Room Interior

dining area
Dining room is a very integral part of one’s home. This is a space where we entertain, convene, converse, bond and be a family. While designing dining rooms, irrespective of whether they are spacious or small needs four basic elements – comfortable seating, excellent lighting, ample storage area and inspiring art to awe the guests. Our interior designer Bangalore believes that a good dining room combines these four elements harmoniously.

Soft welcoming seats are a must, as this is a space where you are entertaining your guests. Lighting is a very important design element in the interior design Bangalore space and is more so at a dining room. Pleasant and inviting is the look we aspire for while designing the light elements.

Storage space to store and display crockery is a traditional element of all dining rooms. Dining room with ample sideboards and tables gives a lot of scope to convert a traditional dinner entertainment into a casual buffet party. Art is a very important element of a dining room as they make great conversation starters and can also be used to enhance one’s status symbol.

Our interior designers Bangalore have a great eye for detail and are experienced in creating unique spaces that are not only comfortable but also awe inspiring. Formal, rustic, country, modern, contemporary, or minimalistic we have a bevy of ideas and a team of interior design Bangalore experts who can create a gorgeous feast to tempt your senses. Their expertise in creating inviting interior design Bangalore spaces with the correct balance of colour, light and texture has given us an edge in the market as one of the leading interior designers Bangalore.

Fabulous to Spartan we can design great dining rooms filled with things that would make every meal an experience to savour. Custom-made furniture, antique chandeliers, sturdy dining ware and mood lighting are some of the aces in our sleeve while we design dining rooms. Eclectic interiors with mismatched chairs and vintage fans can make a great conversation starter with your guests. A traditional dining room with porcelain crockery and crisp linens is a popular design that most clients demand from us but we do not shy away from experimenting.