how to select the best interior designer in Bangalore

Bangalore is truly a ‘real estate’ heaven for many. That’s because quality workmanship and technical know-how reigns high here. Given the high percentage of IT companies, this city has seen a high infusion of western influence in terms of lifestyle and technology.

Truly cosmopolitan, apartments in Bangalore are built to offer a lifestyle that definitely matches one’s pocket. With quality apartments come stylish interiors. But interior designers and decorators are dime a dozen in any city. How does one select the best interior designer in Bangalore? Here is how –

Extensive Research

Designing the interiors of the house is no child’s play. It takes time and more importantly money. Interiors do not mean painting the house. It includes many facets of the resident’s lifestyle layered with the right accessories and colours.

Look through various photo, websites and magazines to plan the look of each room and space. Once the rough idea of the space is ready, you will need to look for a good interior designer. One can pick dozens of interior designers from the yellow pages but there is no guarantee as to how they would work.

Personal visit

To select a best interiors in Bangalore, one must look through his work extensively. Check out the designer’s work through photos, drop in for a visit and see the space personally. Talk to his clients to see how receptive he or she is and their experience in working with him.

Expensive or cheap

No one wants cheap looking interiors. And neither do we want to spend millions of rupees on one sofa irrespective of whether it is in the trend. Striking a balance between utility and luxury is very important where interior designing is concerned. And the mark of a good interior designer is in designing a space that comes within the budget and yet managing to wow the guests.