Creating Green Walls

With green being the buzzword in real estate these days, it is not surprising that most home interior designers in Bangalore are opting for green walls.

What are green walls?

Green walls are vertical gardens or living walls pioneered by French artist and botanist Patrick Blanc almost thirty years ago. A green wall will typically contain a frame, waterproof panels, an automatic irrigation system and plants. If a wall or a panel is already present it can be converted into a green wall as well.

Basically green walls allow the building the breath and they bring in nature beautifully into a concrete jungle. Stark offices that are stripped bare of nature can have a claustrophobic effect on the employees, giving them a sense of being trapped in a Matrix-like environment. Green walls can change that perception and bring in a measure of peace, contentment and also help increase productivity. If the building or home is at a place where there is a poor view then, it is best to build your own view rather than shut out the building completely.

Today, many home interior designers in Bangalore are covering stark bare walls with green to give their interiors and exterior the lush thick green cover.

Ideal locations within a home for green walls would be balcony walls for apartments & flats and compound walls for independent houses. Most home interior designers in Bangalore use aluminium and plastic as part of the fabrication to protect the wall against water seepage.

Commonly used plants for living walls are SyngoniumPhyodandranSpathipyllum and money plant for the indoors while Scheflera, Durantha gold and Irasinareare used for outer green walls.

Living Room

Living rooms that have an open balcony or a skylight can be a perfect place for a green wall. An artistically designed green wall can replace any art that you would display in the living room and be a great conversation starter with your guests.

Backyard Porch

Plants find a natural place in the porch and with a vertical green wall, you can also experiment with the space and make it more spectacular. Build a stone table with a chair or two and some hanging pendant lights, you have a private gazebo ready for some romance.


Green walls make a fabulous façade in the bathrooms. They give us a sense of peace even as we soak in the stress of the day. If a wall is not feasible inside then a one-way glass that overlooks a green wall makes a great substitute (if not better). The living wall can thrive well outside and you get to bring a great view inside your bathroom.


If the bedroom has a balcony overlooking a not-so-salubrious view then it’s time to create your own private retreat. Green walls can also give you more privacy than any window or drapes. Add a hammock or a hanging chair to it, you can imagine yourself on an exotic island and shut out the world.

Our system consists of a frame, waterproof panels, an automatic irrigation system, special materials, lights when needed and of course plants. The frame is built in front of a pre existing wall and attached at various points; there is no damage done to the building. Waterproof panels are mounted to the frame; these are rigid and provide structural support. There is a layer of air between the building and the panels which enables the building to ‘breath’. This adds beneficial insulating properties and acts like rain-screening to protect the building envelop.

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Can Tiny Bedrooms Be Luxurious?

The one place where we are free of our inhibitions is our home. However, we all love the teensy weensy bit of luxury like the hotel bedroom which emanates a sense of luxury and lights up any space no matter how small. We often wish, wistfully to transform our bedroom into a luxurious abode and there are few tricks that home interior designers in Bangalore employ to bring about that luxuriousness.

Neutral palette:

The neutralpalette is commonly used for enhancing spaces. Neutral palette brings out the furnishings and textures of a place. It reflects light which brightens up the room with a pleasant feel. Many home interior designers in Bangalore use different tones of the same color to give the illusion of space with a chic look. Neutrals can also be a mix of dark and light colors.

Headboard and Benches:

A bedhead gives two advantages like comfy and a great view. Headboard becomes the focal point in small space and diverts the attention from the room’s size. Headboards also add a sense of depth and mystique to the room. Benches are another great addition to the small bedrooms. It comes with functionality as well to rest your feet or as a coffee table. Matching headboard and benches make up a great pair.

Mirror Mirror on the wall:

Mirrors create the illusion of space and it is very widely used in many eras of architecture. Setting up a mirrored wall will enlarge the space. If you are not a fan of mirrored walls, then the home interior designers in Bangalore recommend a mirror above the headboard with an antique or a minimalistic finish that adds sheen to your bedroom.

Drape it all the way:

Curtains give rounded look to any type of room but the trick is to hang them their full length,not window or door level. The perfect fall of these drapes adds a touch of elegance with class. Many home interior designers in Bangalore advocate use of light-colored drapes that can bring out the room’s colors. it gives off a sophisticated look and draws the attention away from the size of the room.

Small tip: If your ceiling is quite high, suspend a drape atleast 8 to 12 inches high to get that waterfall look.

Light up:

Layering the lighting around the room gives the illusion of space. The added advantage of the layered lightning is that is also romantic and luxurious. Design the room to have a bookshelf with embedded alcove lights in a haphazard or criss-cross manner that draw the attention of the viewer all across the room. Mixing dark color palette with bedside lamps and alcove lights gives out a soothing yet masculine feel to the room.

Wall art and rugs:

Love a little drama? Then the combination of the dramatic color bursting wall art and fluffy rug to sink your tired feet into is the best way to create space in your bedroom. Plush helps in raising the indulgence factor whereas the wall art is the Prima Donna.  A clash of colors with a dark or neutral color rug is a great combination.

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How To Design A Classic Home?

What makes a classic home? The décor or the furniture or the colors used in the setting of the home. Traditional classics and timeless design are some of the markings in designing a classic home. The residential interior designers in Bangalore recommend the classic combo of blue and white in different ways to bring about the timeless look to your abode.

Bohemian blue and white:

The bohemian design is full of culture and life and the color of blue and white is a perfect mix of these sets. Try patterned pillows with a mix of colors on a bright colored low slung sofas with a low Ottoman. The residential interior designers in Bangalore also recommend a contemporary lamp at the back of the sofa for the lighting effect.

Brick and blue:

Have exposed brick walls, then blue and white is your perfect fit. If the brickwalls are in the corners hang a basket chair in the middle of it with adjacent to a white sofa and blue patterned cushions. A small coffee table between the sofa and the benches to hold the magazines or your cuppa will give a fresh look to a corner of the living room or the library.

Eclectic look:

The color combination of navy, teal or cerulean blue can be a great combination instead of always thinking blue and white. A teal sofa with different colored and patterned cushions and teal patterned rugs is a beautiful way to add that the classic touch to your home. Some residential home interior designers in Bangalore recommend tribal feather pieces to add a touch of ethnicity to the room.


Tropics brings back the color of the waves and the nature surrounding the beautiful beach. Tropics are not only green but they are also blue especially aqua. Deck out the room with aqua blue wallpaper with patterns that make it pop. Add a white sofa in the foreground and designer cushions with an image or design in black that also brings out the monochrome effect associated with a legacy of architecture.

Tranquil bedrooms:

Blue and white always set up a tranquil mood and was a favored color for the Victorian and the English eras. Choosing a blue patterned wallpaper with a white background and all the upholstery along with furniture in light blue or cerulean blue sets a calming tone to the bedroom. The best pick for the bedroom would be four poster bed with white curtains and sky blue bedding with fluffy pillows for the luxurious yet understated look.


Half tiled bathrooms are now trending in interior decoration. Hang a metallic edge mirror in the wall that edges on both colors and with lamps on either side to illuminate the mirror. Residential Interior Designers in Bangalore also recommend a wooden cabinet to store the towels in the bathroom that will complement the classic look of the bathroom.

Adding a classic touch to a home using the blue the – the white combination is a time-tested way and these combinations help you achieve them. Still in doubt, then our experts in Design Arc Interiors will make sure that your home becomes a classic piece of architecture.

Designing an Amazing Foyer

As they always say “The first impression is the best impression.” The foyer plays an integral part in shaping a person’s impression of our home. Having a foyer that gives a warm welcome to the guests and also reflects your personalities is a great way to define your abode. The home interior designers in Bangalore will help you to achieve that rustic or modern look for your foyer.

Mosaic Stones

Substitute mosaic stones for your rug in the foyer. Carpet your floor by inlaying beautiful mosaic that gives a pattern or makes up for a beautiful design. You can also mix and match the mosaic stones to give the effect of more space to your entryway. Mosaic with bold colors and contemporary design will widen the area and provide a beautiful look to your home décor.

Simple with Antique

If you are an antique lover, then you can add wood paneling, a classic rug and some antique fixtures like a lamp or a telephone to your foyer. The home interior designers in Bangalore can help you achieve that antique yet total classic effect by doing a wood paneling on one side of the wall, adding a neutral color palette or two-tone décor with some antique pieces like a vase or some pictures depicting the olden days.

Bold Patterns and wallpaper

Going bold with patterns and complimenting wallpapers will brighten up your foyer. Like for example having a floral or a tribal pattern with orange or indigo colored wallpaper will give the effect of space and will increase the lighting of the foyer. Many home or apartment interior designers in Bangalore have used bold patterns and wallpapers to achieve the illusion of more space and better lighting.

Laid Back Lighting

Laid back lighting is a great idea to make you or your guests feel calm as soon as they enter the hallway. Installing a chandelier and painting one side of the wall will make the foyer look more inviting to your guests. Just paint one side of the wall a bright yellow or orange and counter its effect with a bold chandelier or a wall hanging for that tranquil effect.

Hidden Entrance

Love a bit of mystery; thena hidden entrance will be perfect for your foyer. Having a hidden entrance like library opening to your living room will change your non-descript entrance way to a glamorous opening. Many home interior designers in Bangalore have used the hidden entrances to enhance the mystic feel of a home. The advantage of the secret entrance is that it is functional and looks super chic.


Floral patterns or decorating your foyer with plants that do not wilt provides a fresh look to your foyer. Many home interior designers in Bangalore recommend a vase of flowers in a background of huge flower portrait to brighten the place. You can also try bright floral wallpapers and pair it up with a small table with a flower vase on the top. The foyer can also make up for a sitting space if you add an antique sofa or chair.

Redesigning your foyer would make your abode more inviting and beautiful. You can also achieve that effect by availing the services of one of the best home interior designers in Bangalore, the Design Arc Interiors.

Designing a Wildly Colorful Apartment

Colors are an integral part of our lives. We use colors to describe our emotions or put things into perspective. Red for partying, blue for the down low, and many more. Home is the abode that reflects all of you and infusing color in your apartment is a statement of who you are.  There are many apartment interior designers in Bangalore who can help you achieve that effect.


The entrance of your apartment can be designed into an amazing foyer with mosaic stones, bold patterns, antique furniture or a floral background with a mix of contemporary and traditional designs are an excellent way to design a foyer.

Living room:

This room is the epicenter of all activity in the house. Choosing a luxurious sofa in bright colors with a royal fauteuil(a wooden armchair) sitting on a plush rug is a great way tospruce up the room. Adding the draping silk taffeta curtains in mild colors add a touch of feminity and royalty of course. If you like earth tones adding a bit of white or neon colored pottery vases on wall hangings give a real color lift to the room. Add reading desk on the on the side with colored table lamp right next to the curtains for the book lover in you.

Dining room:

After a long day of toil, the dining room is the place to lay back, enjoy a good meal with your family. Setting up the dinner table with eclectic pieces on a round dining table with the rounded or carved out chairs with armrests are a great way to dine or entertain guests. The apartment interior designers in Bangalore recommend a table setting that increases intimacy between the family by choosing a color palette or furniture apt for space.


The bedroom is your private sanctuary and a place to unwind and relax. A soothing and beautiful patterned wallpaper on one side and a colored wall on the other side sets off a soothing undertone to the room. Add a four post bedroom with a mix of bright fluffy pillows and light colored bedding along with teak side tables complete with lamps. Not every space in the house has to be bombarded with color, even subdued colors will do the trick.

Kids dominion:

Kids are an epitome of playfulness and energy and the room should depict that emotion. Kid’s bedroom should have a clash of colors like bright orange, red, blue and many more that increases the liveliness. Many home interior designers in Bangalore include bright wallpapers or wall paintings, decals that reflect a child’s mood. Adding a desk cabinet with colorful lamps with school chair along with an open wardrobe including the school supplies is an efficient way to design a kids bedroom.


Books are the gateways to another world. The apartment interior designers in Bangalore make use of the available space to create a library by adding the library as a partition or as a part of the living room. Add a colorful sofa with plush cushions with a well-decorated mirror hanging overhead makes up for a quality reading time.

Adding a wee bit of color or splashes of color throughout your apartment adds a sense of drama or cinematic effect. Still wondering, then we at Design Arc have the best apartment interior designers in Bangalore to redecorate your apartment.