Top 5 Smart Home Décor Ideas

For most of us expansive interiors, sweeping floors, large and spacious rooms are still a pipe dream. Buying real estate in today’s economy is very tough and 99% of us have to make do with small rooms and space that leaves much to be desired.

A small space need not be a disadvantage. It can be used positively to clear clutter from your life for one thing.  For décor ideas, we have a huge repository of ideas that can make much of your space, no matter how small.Here are five smart home décor ideas from best interior design firms in Bangalore.

Bold Colours

Living roomSize can never be an issue when it comes to style. Most home interior design companies employ a rather neat trick here by picking one colour that that resonates with the character of the residents and use it to create a space that is not only highly original but also extremely creative. Some of the interior design firms in Bangalore use variations of the same colour and tweak it according to the function of the space with a great deal of creativity.

Patterns & Textures

When you employ one colour in a space that you leaves you open to a great deal of textures and patterns. Curtains, rugs, carpets, upholstery are where the scope of creating a cosy room comes together.

Selecting off the rack patterns that match with the general colour tone of the room is also a lot of fun and not to mention inexpensive. Best interior design firms in Bangalore most often opt for vintage stuff that is easily available in curio shops or the flea market to source great textures that would add character and colour to space.

Curtained Bed

Perfect for a studio apartment where you need to assign a nook to your bedroom, a curtained bed not only does that but also gives you privacy. An unmade made might look ungainly and cast a decadent look on the entire space. With a curtained bed, that can be avoided and you also get to mark the space within the studio apartment. The end result is a cosy nook that you would love to retreat at the end of the day.

A Dining Nook

If your kitchen has the space to spare for a small nook, then a small dining table would be just the thing. A breakfast nook or a dining nook (however you choose to call it) might just become one of your favourite places to lounge on a lazy weekend.

dining areaSome Interior decorators in Bangalore call it the last vestiges of civilized living. With technology taking over life, most of us have become addicted to the television as we sink our teeth into dinner a dining nook is just a small reminder of how good a sit-down meal would be. If your kitchen can spare the space, you can use a long pedestal table with a low sofa to accommodate a family of four.

Some of the interior design firms in Bangalore have used this décor idea to great effect and have successfully turned many a bachelor pad into the most happening place in the town.

There are many smart space hacks and home décor ideas floating around but the best interior design firms in Bangalore would be able to filter the most feasible ones that would fit your budget.

Importance of Interior Design for your Home

Why is interior design important for one’s home?

This is a rhetoric question that can have many answers.According to most Interior designers in Bangalore, a home’s interior design has become as important as its architecture. An interior design is much more than furniture, wall paint or the lace curtains. It is an amalgamation of senses and an art that brings together aesthetics, practicality and functionality in equal measures.The importance of interior design for one’s home can be brought out through four reasons –

Adds personality and character to space

  • Adding character and a personality is essential especially while designing home interiors because that’s what makes space your own. A beautiful interior with plush carpets, sofa and what not may look cosmetically luxurious but it may not make you comfortable or feel at home.
  • What’s use of spending large sums of money to design interiors for a space that doesn’t feel like home?
  • That’s why top interior designers in Bangalore recommend that the home designs incorporate characteristics that reflect the personality of the people who live there.
  • Personal touches of colour, fabric, hobby, interests, photographs, flowers and plants can go a long way in adding personality to a sterile room and make it feel like home.

Positivity and Feng Shui

  • Research attests to the fact that an individual living in a positive place where all senses and energy are balanced in the right way and will find their life to be smooth sailing. Feng Shui is the study of flow and movement of energy within a space. An interior that is well-designed with no clutter or hindering furniture is a house where feng shui is positive.
  • Today, most interior design companies in Bangalore are designing the home interiors using the age-old principles of feng shui to attract health, wealth and harmony into one’s life.

To add value to your property

  • A well-designed home with modular kitchen and tastefully furnished interiors add immense value to the property. Aesthetically pleasing interiors with efficient solutions that save space makes the home all the worth living in. Investing in home interiors is a smart decision at any time of the day, irrespective of whether you wish to live there, rent it out or sell it. The key factor would be to hire top interior designers in Bangalore to do the home interiors who would able to worth within your budget and yet deliver a home that is not only tastefully designed but also comfortable to live in.
  • Right from the time, man became domesticated he has designed a home that matches with his idea of comfort and aesthetics. Early man decorated his cave with paintings to personalize his space and make it feel like home. He hung trophies of his hunt and used the skins of animals to make his home feel like a cosy den.
  • We are no different today. We too are striving to convert our matchbox sized apartments and houses into homes. However, we do have an ace up our sleeve. We have plenty of help, online resources and many interior design companies in Bangalore to help us design our homes.
  • Yet the bottom line is that whether it is a cave or a modern condo, home interior design has never been passé.

Best budget friendly interior decorating ideas

Interior decoration can go both ways. Either it can be super expensive with every accessory being bespoke and imported or you could go natural and bring in sustainable materials that not only look good but are durable and inexpensive.If you do have a budget in mind to do your interiors then here are a few tips that you need to keep in mind before you engage interior designers in Bangalore

Decide what you want

The Internet is replete with references. Sites like Pinterest are filled with pictures of interiors designed by professionals, amateurs who have a unique design sense of their own and interior makeover specialists. Pick a design that speaks to your innate personality and check out how you can replicate it for your space. Do a thorough research and decide what type of space you want and plan your budget accordingly. A lot of repurposing can be done with your existing furniture and all it requires is proper planning.

Get Professional Help

Hiring interior designers in Bangalore would be a smart decision especially if you lead a busy professional life. Most of us are clueless and don’t know where to begin when it comes to decorating our homes. Sure enough, those who foray on their own find themselves living in a space that doesn’t really match with their dream. Home interior designers can save you time and money and deliver you a space that is practical, functional and aesthetic.

DIY your Décor

If you have an artsy gene in you and enough time in hand, then an interior design project might just be up your alley. There are thousands of décor ideas that you could check out online. Ideas are aplenty when it comes to interior décor and if you have an eye for all things unique then you can design décor accessories that will make your space distinct and individualistic.

Paint a Canvas

Art is an intrinsic part of a living space. Those who have the eye for it will find the right one that would add the right balance of vibrant colours to the space. One trick that Best interior designers in Bangalore have up their sleeve is to place large vibrant art pieces in small rooms. The expanse of colours on the wall becomes a focal point in the room and you don’t really need any other accessory to decorate the space.

Display Collections

Where design is concerned, so long as you take the layered approach and balance the big with the small, you can play around with accessories of any sort. From displaying a collection of teacups, stamps to antiques, themed paintings, you can put your curios to good use. That’s another thing that Home interior designers can help you with.

Reproduce the Furniture

There is no hard and fast rule about interior design that says that you have to go in for new furniture. There is a lot that can be done with your old. You could stick to your budget by reproducing and refurbishing the space with your old furniture. Most Home Interior Designers will also be able to procure apt refurbished furniture that would define your space better.

Where Interior decoration is concerned, the sky is the limit but our pockets do have a limit. That’s interior decorators fit in. What sets apart the Best interior designers in Bangalore is the fact that they would stick to your budget and yet deliver a space that you would be proud to flaunt and live.

Happy Decorating!

5 Steps to find best interior designers in Bangalore

Home is where your heart is. Leave no stone upturned when it comes to decorating your den with the best interior designers in Bangalore. Here is a short list of quick steps that you need to follow before deciding to commission an interior designer.

Customer is King:

The digital age has brought the world to our palms literally. First-hand customer reviews are available in vast number on the internet. What better way to identify the best quality from a plethora of choices than reviews from experienced users.

The customer is the King in any business model and best interior designers in Bangalore are judged on their goodwill and consistent reputation. To pick the best from the lot, read, analyses and judge based on the customer reviews. With every website providing for options of rating, one can easily narrow down the favourite list of interior design company Bangalore and make an informed choice as to who is the best.


It takes years to build goodwill and reputation in the industry. To that end, an Interior Designer who bears the portfolio for working and delivering versatile design spaces is a good candidate to design your house. A sound industrial experience combined with best customer reviews will help further narrow down the list of potential interior decorators who can meet your needs.

Viewing Previous Projects:

With a great demand for interior decorators you will come across a variety of guarantees and service promises. While it is human tendency to go for the best showy look for the interiors; however, it is essential to ensure the durability of the product and service Talk to previous customers and procure first-hand information from end users who have actually been using the products.

This is one of the best methods to know about the after sales service and durability, which is essential in case of any interior work. Interior designers offer the best deal and package; however, their reputation depends on the quality of service they provide once the work is done.

Visiting Current Projects:

While the internet reviews may provide a fair idea of who’s the cream of the pick in the interior industry in Bangalore, a direct face-to-face interaction proves effective to identify the golden pick of the lot.

Workmanship and skill can only be experienced when you witness the actual labour work and it is essential to visit ongoing projects that will give a clear idea of the quality of material used. Good interior designers always have an industry demand and one can visit one of their ongoing projects easily to determine their quality of work.

Detailed Agreement:

Any agreement entered into with the interior designing company Bangalore should be in Government valued agreement paper. Ensure that your designer offers the best deal and sign up the agreement with a clear mention about the timely compilation of projects, delay penalty if any, warranty of the product, materials used, any specific brand, after sales service, etc.

Follow these five steps before you engage the best interior designers in Bangalore.

How to style your living room like a designer?

Not everyone can afford an interior designer to frame our space. Most of us prefer to style our own living room rather than spend money on an interior designer. If you are one of those, then here are a few style tips from interior designers in Bangalore

Decide on a Colour Scheme

Most interior designers agree that getting the colour scheme right and in most cases ensuring that it matches with the personality of the people who live in the house is half the struggle. Decide on a colour palette that appeals to you and use it all in the rooms. You could also introduce a burst of colour within a sedate colour space and make it look exciting and visually appealing.

Most home interior designers Bangalore would recommend a colour scheme of three shades. The rule of the thumb is to use one colour on the walls, the second one for the furniture and the third one as small accessories such as knick-knacks, flowers or pillows.

Add texture to space

Colour scheme within a room can be introduced primarily through floor tiles and wall colours. After that, the textures within the room can be added to the furniture.

For example, living room furniture – sofa, couch, carpet, drapes, the rugs etc. add texture to space. Linen, cotton, wool or silk in the form of draperies, couch cushions, rugs make the space pleasing to look and issues a warm invite to your guests to make themselves at home. Each of these textures brings in their own patterns and varying hues of colours thereby adding character to space.

Balancing Big with the Small

Most common design mistakes made by amateurs is to place too many small items in a large-sized room. The result is a space that looks cluttered. One needs to balance the big with the small in any given space.

If the room is small, then go for a large statement piece like a large couch or a cabinet. Even a large painting on the wall or an antique mirror will do the trick. Mirrors are especially recommended because they add depth to space. Here the rest of the furniture can be small or multi-functional and you can add as many small pieces in terms of accessories and yet space will not look cluttered.

If the room is large, go for a large sofa and small club chairs or slender armchairs. Basically, when you mix the big with the small you have a winning combination in the space.

Contrasting Colour Palette

This is yet another winning trick from interior designers. Most of the time, even when we get the colour palette right, space seems to lack life or character. That’s because every space needs something that acts as a contrast to the rest. An all-white or grey room needs a dash of red or green. You can introduce this colour through your accessories with a vibrant painting, vase or even flowers.

Bring in Nature

Most interior designers add flowers and plants in all rooms as a finishing touch. This is done to bring in nature into your space. The trick is to go natural so fake plants are a big no. If the maintenance of the plants is an issue then go for other natural elements such as twig, shells, feathers or a weathered wood furniture.

Unlike a few decades ago, today there are many resources available online for a layman to design their home. The trick is to have an open mind and to stay true to your own character. That’s when a well-designed home will become a warm inviting place.