Creative Designs for Your Backyard Patio

A patio or backyard is the outer area of a house. It often leads directly from the living room or the dining room into an open space at the back of the house. Generally, the backyard patio is used for setting up a garden or planting a vegetable patch. Incidentally, you can also convert this patio into a perfect, serene place where one step will put in a vacation mode.

When planning a patio makeover as home interior design, take cues from the spread of fashion magazines that feature the photos of high-end resorts and vacation spots all over the world.


Set the stage with mood lighting in your patio that will give you an experience of retreat right in your backyard. Opt for hanging lanterns, spotlights in the trees or plants, wall lights that illuminate the pathways for you walk while soaking in the ambience of the place. Place a fire pit in the middle of the seating arrangements to bask in its warmth while having conversations with your loved ones.

Seating arrangements

Many home interior design ideas stress the importance of seating arrangements as it helps in the fluidity of conversations between people. Like an extension of a living room or the dining room flowing into a coffee lounge. It has the dual functionality like entertaining dinner guests or having a relaxed cup of coffee after a long day.

Like the idea of outdoor dining? Then there are home or apartment interior design ideas that can help. Place a round or circular dining table with cane chairs with beautiful pastel shades draped over it to complete the look. Even set up two globe-shaped chairs for that quite reading nook where you are one with the story plot and nature.


When thinking of patio makeover, most home or office interior design recommends sticking to a theme that complements the indoors but the outdoors as well. There are many themes like Morocco, Mediterranean, Urban, and many more. Choose the style which fits your backyard the best as it should not only look elegant but should serve the purpose of having a time-out.


If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, place some decorative umbrellas, stylish poolside lounger, pool chair or wicker lounger that has bright cushions and throw pillows that will turn a standard patio into a resort style pool. As per home interior design ideas, choose linens in bright colours to bring out a sunny day or the colours of the theme predominantly used. Place a wicker storage space to easily access towels along with a mobile cart to enjoy drinks on a hot day. Stock the cart with your favourite drinks like tropical drinks, spritzers or iced teas.

However, if the cart is placed near the pool, swap glass for plastic glass. Add some greenery to the patio to complete the resort look. Some small palms, ornamental grasses along with bright coloured flowers will make up for the perfect resort style pool setting. One essential addition to the backyard pool will be an outdoor shower for those long hours in the pool. It can either be an open shower or an elevated platform closing on sides with a bench.

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Colour Trends for 2019

We are just two months away from 2019 and it’s time for interior designers in Bangalore to check out what are the colour trends that are making inroads in the interior design industry.

Here are a few insights into what might be trending in the coming year –

Mauve and Purple

Some might call it unusual but the visual effect of this combination of colours gives a sophisticated allure to space. Perfect for the living room, these colours need to be balanced with accessories that are of neutral colours like beige or cream.


Zesty and dynamic, lime in contrast with some dark wood makes quite a dramatic interior. The interior can be balanced with some beige woodwork with black outlined wood. Most interior designers in Bangalore would accessorize this space with layers of black and ivory textured rugs or drapes.


It’s an unusual colour all right but most interior designers in Bangalore are going for orange bathrooms. For one thing, it’s bright, cheery and brings on a zest for life. For many, this might just be the thing to cheer up on a Monday morning as they get ready. Pair the Orange with some beige or cream and accessorize the bathroom with natural accessories that are recyclable and handmade.

Purple, Blue & Gray

This is a very unusual shade but when added to space, it has a sophisticated allure. Some add a hint of crimson or electric blue to the accessories or art and it works like a charm to jazz the space.

Sage Green

Sage green has been a designer’s favorite for some-time now and it looks like it might continue to be for the next year too. Unobtrusive and yet elegant, this is a sort of shade that doesn’t really jump at you but it does grow on you once you start using the space. Sage green was the designer’s favorite for bathroom colours and when it combined with beige or cream accessories and a few plants it came alive with natural beauty.


It looks like 2019 favors different shades of violet and lilac is a hot favorite among the designers. Elegant, moody and yet lovely, lilac interiors offers a lot of scope for beige texturing and when contrasted with pale pink, the space becomes picture perfect.

Pale Blue

If electric blue was the happening thing last year, pale blue is well poised to upstage it. Pleasant and lovely, pale blue can really make the space light, airy and comfortable. Accessorize it with some reclaimed wood and fur rugs to really bring in the sea within and you have a winner in your hands.

Neutral Rose

Interestingly, shades of rose have become quite a popular choice for interiors. Neutral rose shade tends to lean more towards pale brown and it gives a huge scope to texture the space with cream or white woodwork, dark wood furniture and beige rugs.

With interior designers in Bangalore opting for these colours in the run-up of 2018, 2019 is poised to be a great year and it would be interesting to see which one of these trending colours top the list.

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Biophilic Design in the Office

A decade ago, offices were truly concrete jungles with cubicles, desks and chairs. No doubt, there were plush carpets, awe-inspiring chandeliers, expensive furniture and art but these spaces were enclosed, cloistered (almost) like a monastery and the only hint that most employees got of the outside world was through the windows. In some offices, if the view was not to their liking, that too was walled up.

This spawned the need for Biophilic designs, especially for offices. Known as the missing piece of sustainable architecture a Biophilic design is all about connecting with nature and in plain words to bring the green within the building. With most office interior designers in Bangalore jumping into the green bandwagon (the more the better) here are a few ideas for a Biophilic design.


Skylights are one of the most underrated energy efficient designs. Did you know that a single skylight can transform an entire room and add 30% light than a mere window? Skylights bring in natural light into the room, which alone makes it irreplaceable. It uses zero energy and yet fills the home with light.

A food farm within an office

Sustainability is one buzzword that we need to take very seriously. That’s why office interior designers in Bangalore are bringing the farm (literally) inside the office. Tomato vines in the dining room, lemon and passion trees green walls as partitions and dividers, salad leaves inside seminar rooms and bean sprouts grown under benches. No, we are not describing a hobbit’s utopia but today’s reality, as it should be.

Vertical Gardens

A trend that is fast picking up and a delight to those who see it, vertical gardens not only gives the building a green cover but also provides insulation, keeps it warm during winter and cool during summer. There is something soothing and immensely satisfying to see greenery draping around concrete jungles. It gives one the feeling that nature will finally win this battle.

Open Design

No we are not talking about the traditional open design concept that today’s office interior designers in Bangalore find so trendy. We are talking about the office of an architecture firm of Salgas Cano in Madrid, which has a different kind of open office interior design. The entire office is designed with cubicles and everybody gets a window seat because the entire building is separated by glass from the view outside. The setting seems surreal as though a cubicle had landed by mistake in the middle of a forest. The tunnel-shaped office has insulated fibreglass and polyester and its employees get direct sunlight and a weighted pulley system that allows them to control the ventilation.

Cool much? We believe so

Biophilic designs are much in demand today and we believe it that is changing the trend towards the positive. No more energy draining giant mega structures instead, let’s build self-sustain green structures that are really green.

Creating Green Walls

With green being the buzzword in real estate these days, it is not surprising that most home interior designers in Bangalore are opting for green walls.

What are green walls?

Green walls are vertical gardens or living walls pioneered by French artist and botanist Patrick Blanc almost thirty years ago. A green wall will typically contain a frame, waterproof panels, an automatic irrigation system and plants. If a wall or a panel is already present it can be converted into a green wall as well.

Basically green walls allow the building the breath and they bring in nature beautifully into a concrete jungle. Stark offices that are stripped bare of nature can have a claustrophobic effect on the employees, giving them a sense of being trapped in a Matrix-like environment. Green walls can change that perception and bring in a measure of peace, contentment and also help increase productivity. If the building or home is at a place where there is a poor view then, it is best to build your own view rather than shut out the building completely.

Today, many home interior designers in Bangalore are covering stark bare walls with green to give their interiors and exterior the lush thick green cover.

Ideal locations within a home for green walls would be balcony walls for apartments & flats and compound walls for independent houses. Most home interior designers in Bangalore use aluminium and plastic as part of the fabrication to protect the wall against water seepage.

Commonly used plants for living walls are SyngoniumPhyodandranSpathipyllum and money plant for the indoors while Scheflera, Durantha gold and Irasinareare used for outer green walls.

Living Room

Living rooms that have an open balcony or a skylight can be a perfect place for a green wall. An artistically designed green wall can replace any art that you would display in the living room and be a great conversation starter with your guests.

Backyard Porch

Plants find a natural place in the porch and with a vertical green wall, you can also experiment with the space and make it more spectacular. Build a stone table with a chair or two and some hanging pendant lights, you have a private gazebo ready for some romance.


Green walls make a fabulous façade in the bathrooms. They give us a sense of peace even as we soak in the stress of the day. If a wall is not feasible inside then a one-way glass that overlooks a green wall makes a great substitute (if not better). The living wall can thrive well outside and you get to bring a great view inside your bathroom.


If the bedroom has a balcony overlooking a not-so-salubrious view then it’s time to create your own private retreat. Green walls can also give you more privacy than any window or drapes. Add a hammock or a hanging chair to it, you can imagine yourself on an exotic island and shut out the world.

Our system consists of a frame, waterproof panels, an automatic irrigation system, special materials, lights when needed and of course plants. The frame is built in front of a pre existing wall and attached at various points; there is no damage done to the building. Waterproof panels are mounted to the frame; these are rigid and provide structural support. There is a layer of air between the building and the panels which enables the building to ‘breath’. This adds beneficial insulating properties and acts like rain-screening to protect the building envelop.

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Can Tiny Bedrooms Be Luxurious?

The one place where we are free of our inhibitions is our home. However, we all love the teensy weensy bit of luxury like the hotel bedroom which emanates a sense of luxury and lights up any space no matter how small. We often wish, wistfully to transform our bedroom into a luxurious abode and there are few tricks that home interior designers in Bangalore employ to bring about that luxuriousness.

Neutral palette:

The neutralpalette is commonly used for enhancing spaces. Neutral palette brings out the furnishings and textures of a place. It reflects light which brightens up the room with a pleasant feel. Many home interior designers in Bangalore use different tones of the same color to give the illusion of space with a chic look. Neutrals can also be a mix of dark and light colors.

Headboard and Benches:

A bedhead gives two advantages like comfy and a great view. Headboard becomes the focal point in small space and diverts the attention from the room’s size. Headboards also add a sense of depth and mystique to the room. Benches are another great addition to the small bedrooms. It comes with functionality as well to rest your feet or as a coffee table. Matching headboard and benches make up a great pair.

Mirror Mirror on the wall:

Mirrors create the illusion of space and it is very widely used in many eras of architecture. Setting up a mirrored wall will enlarge the space. If you are not a fan of mirrored walls, then the home interior designers in Bangalore recommend a mirror above the headboard with an antique or a minimalistic finish that adds sheen to your bedroom.

Drape it all the way:

Curtains give rounded look to any type of room but the trick is to hang them their full length,not window or door level. The perfect fall of these drapes adds a touch of elegance with class. Many home interior designers in Bangalore advocate use of light-colored drapes that can bring out the room’s colors. it gives off a sophisticated look and draws the attention away from the size of the room.

Small tip: If your ceiling is quite high, suspend a drape atleast 8 to 12 inches high to get that waterfall look.

Light up:

Layering the lighting around the room gives the illusion of space. The added advantage of the layered lightning is that is also romantic and luxurious. Design the room to have a bookshelf with embedded alcove lights in a haphazard or criss-cross manner that draw the attention of the viewer all across the room. Mixing dark color palette with bedside lamps and alcove lights gives out a soothing yet masculine feel to the room.

Wall art and rugs:

Love a little drama? Then the combination of the dramatic color bursting wall art and fluffy rug to sink your tired feet into is the best way to create space in your bedroom. Plush helps in raising the indulgence factor whereas the wall art is the Prima Donna.  A clash of colors with a dark or neutral color rug is a great combination.

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