Popular Design Trends for Commercial Interiors

Protected by Copyscape Web Plagiarism DetectionDesigning commercial interiors is always a challenge. That’s because commercial space needs to be tailored close to the image, that the company wants to present to its clients. Apart from that, it needs to be a vibrant area that will encourage seamless creativity and engage the employees with the company at large. And the most important factor that most companies also look for, is the cost effectiveness of the decor, irrespective of the style they choose.
Here are some popular design trends that have influenced our commercial designs in Bangalore

Geometric Patterns

These have been a long-time favourite of many interior designers, as it has a lot of scope to create unique and large-scale patterns. Extensively used in hospitals and clinics, innumerable variations of colour, pattern and design can be experimented with. While symmetrical patterns work really well in the foyers, a combination of tiles, can be used to create clever designs that can arrest the attention of the visitors.

Ergonomic Furniture

Office furniture, is a single-time purchase, so it imperative that one gets it right the first time. While most companies would look for cost-effective options, in the recent years, many have also realized that the employee work area needs to be ergonomic in nature, so as to increase their productivity and ensure their health and well being. Today, a lot of office furniture has adaptable features like adjustable armrest, headrest, etc. And most of the traditional office furniture is also giving way to durable rustic wood, metal and tempered glass.

Unique and Quirky

Thinking out of the box is a must, where commercial designs are concerned. Quirky combinations, asymmetrical patterns, mix and match tiles, there are innumerable options to design a creative space. There are no more rules to design an office space as there are to thoughts. With designs a galore, that boring conference will never put anyone to sleep nor will the employees find it depressing to enter their cubicle.

Multi-purpose Furniture

Cost effective office designs, incorporate a lot of multi-purpose furniture and decor elements. For example, a laptop tower also doubles up to be a filing cabinet and a table to work on, filing cabinets with an extra chair to sit on and tables that double up as shelves, to store books. Opting for multi-purpose furniture saves a lot of space in the office area leaving it airy and free.

Collaborative Design

Today, collaborative open spaces are more preferable than the old cubicle. Cubicle set to create an individual space for the employees allowing them work without distractions but such closeted space would leave them claustrophobic after a while. Most offices today, opt for open desks with a transparent partition to allow interaction and communication among them.
As commercial interior designers in Bangalore, Design Arc Interiors has transformed many an office space from boring to stunning. We specialize in creating vibrant areas that would aid creative thinking and encourage high energy work output from the employees.
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