Creative Designs for Your Backyard Patio

A patio or backyard is the outer area of a house. It often leads directly from the living room or the dining room into an open space at the back of the house. Generally, the backyard patio is used for setting up a garden or planting a vegetable patch. Incidentally, you can also convert this patio into a perfect, serene place where one step will put in a vacation mode.

When planning a patio makeover as home interior design, take cues from the spread of fashion magazines that feature the photos of high-end resorts and vacation spots all over the world.


Set the stage with mood lighting in your patio that will give you an experience of retreat right in your backyard. Opt for hanging lanterns, spotlights in the trees or plants, wall lights that illuminate the pathways for you walk while soaking in the ambience of the place. Place a fire pit in the middle of the seating arrangements to bask in its warmth while having conversations with your loved ones.

Seating arrangements

Many home interior design ideas stress the importance of seating arrangements as it helps in the fluidity of conversations between people. Like an extension of a living room or the dining room flowing into a coffee lounge. It has the dual functionality like entertaining dinner guests or having a relaxed cup of coffee after a long day.

Like the idea of outdoor dining? Then there are home or apartment interior design ideas that can help. Place a round or circular dining table with cane chairs with beautiful pastel shades draped over it to complete the look. Even set up two globe-shaped chairs for that quite reading nook where you are one with the story plot and nature.


When thinking of patio makeover, most home or office interior design recommends sticking to a theme that complements the indoors but the outdoors as well. There are many themes like Morocco, Mediterranean, Urban, and many more. Choose the style which fits your backyard the best as it should not only look elegant but should serve the purpose of having a time-out.


If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, place some decorative umbrellas, stylish poolside lounger, pool chair or wicker lounger that has bright cushions and throw pillows that will turn a standard patio into a resort style pool. As per home interior design ideas, choose linens in bright colours to bring out a sunny day or the colours of the theme predominantly used. Place a wicker storage space to easily access towels along with a mobile cart to enjoy drinks on a hot day. Stock the cart with your favourite drinks like tropical drinks, spritzers or iced teas.

However, if the cart is placed near the pool, swap glass for plastic glass. Add some greenery to the patio to complete the resort look. Some small palms, ornamental grasses along with bright coloured flowers will make up for the perfect resort style pool setting. One essential addition to the backyard pool will be an outdoor shower for those long hours in the pool. It can either be an open shower or an elevated platform closing on sides with a bench.

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Interior Design Solutions for Small Homes

Smart storage,visual elements and bright colours are now part of every small house interior design. Making a house of any size look chic is an effortless process as there are many ideas available. Any home is a reflection of its owner’s personality, and it is an undisputable fact that we strive to keep it beautiful at all times.

Here are some ideas that will keep your home beautiful and functional


Opt for a sleek round dining table with four chairs in solid or light colours. See whether you have the option of pushing those chairs or stools inside the table so that you will have more space. Mount your televisions on the wall and place three seater sofa with small ottoman near it that can double up as a coffee table or seating table. Lay out a small rug in the middle for some added texture to the room.

Some of the house interior design ideas recommend bigger but fewer furniture to enhance the look of your home. It is prudent to choose pieces that have a double advantage like a table could function as a desk and for dining, a sofa that can be converted as a bed for guests or binge watching.


Use the colour palette to differentiate the zones of your home. Go for neutral tones to accentuate the space and give an illusion of space to the onlooker. Add some textures and tones to the room, so it doesn’t look plain.  Pastel shades for the bedroom, creamy walls for the living room along with two tones for the kitchen would be a great fit. While painting your cabinets add some mirrors. It is the oldest trick in the world as it makes space look bigger and adds glam to its look.

Use the space

Lack of space is an excuse to get creative and use those house interior design ideas that make your home to look suave. Use the space beneath the windows by transforming it into a cosy reading nook with hanging shelves on the wall that hold the works of your favourite authors. Transform one part of the wall into your working space by patterned hanging shelves with mounted wall desk. Place a colourful rug and some potted plants near the desk to enhance the space.


Hang curtains as high as possible in light or pastel shades as it makes the windows appear wide. You can even use these curtains to designate every zone of the home. Add a lot of hooks, and the necessary wall mounted shelves in the kitchen to make use of the space. Get the shelves to be tailor-made or paint them in bright colours to add zing to the kitchen. Add some floating shelves in the bathroom to store your bathing essentials or add a storage space underneath your sink to keep the towels and other knick-knacks. Last but not least, don’t place all of your things on shelves as it will become into a clutter that will shrink the space. When planning a house or apartment interior design for your home, choose the items that need to displayed and store away the others to get a sleek and elegant look.

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Creating a Fairy Tale Effect in Your Kid’s Bedroom

Going through fairy tale phase is the staple of every girl’s childhood. Every little girl is a princess in her own right as they inspired by the princess of Disney’s realm. Fairy tales make the childhood more magical, and it brings a smile even in the most trying times.

Creating a fairy tale bedroom is not a difficult task albeit a very easy process when you use interior design ideas. The fairy tale effect should be a perfect harmony of décor and furniture, and it should look like a scene right out of far far away.

Here are some design ideas that help you achieve that effect:


Zero on in a theme. Be it a forest scene from Snow White or the enchanting tale of Cinderella, decide on the type of scene you want to recreate and list out the items needed to complete the look. Most interior design ideas of fairy tale themes recommend the use of subtle pastel shades of lavender, lilac, or forest green with wood accents or neutraltones.

Wallpapers or Decals

Once the stage is set, the next step is the wall. Achieving the la la land effect does not require very elaborate preparations; a few simple adjustments will do the trick. Instead of keeping your painted wall empty, you can wallpaper them with pictures of Disney princesses or a scene from your child’s favourite story. You can also stick various decals in place of wallpapers, as they come in many patterns and colours that can be displayed across the room and even on their cabinets.


Choose furniture that is rustic and elegant like a four-poster bed or a carriage bed that suits the theme you have picked. While choosing the bed linen, choose the shades of lavender, pink or cream with a lot of frills. Some interior design ideas suggest the use of bed linen with printed ball gowns or ballet dress along with a printed tiara in the pillow. Place cushions or blocks with a princess or a scene on all sides for the little one to relax and play. Position the child’s wardrobe or dresser next to the wall that depicts a castle scene.


Curtains are a must, hang pastel coloured curtains with sheer fabric and tie them with a tiara. Small figures of garden gnomes or Lumiere candlestick figure from Beauty and Beast or paint your little one’s name in the bed frame in bright colours. Place a rug that depicts a fairytale setting for your child to hold her tea parties comfortably. Paint the ceiling with clouds or use a night light to project a fairytale scene to the ceiling.These knicks-knacks help you get that perfect fairytale look and create a place that is practical. Interior design ideas recommend not to overdo the decorations as it will become a clutter.

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Designing a Rustic Living Room

The living room is a place to relax, connect and enjoy leisure at your own time. The most trending living room interior design these days is the rustic also known as the vintage design. The rustic design gives the feel of the countryside to your home. It is known for its charming yet antique feel that takes you on a journey to the yesteryears.

Here are some ways you can bring a rustic feel to your living room:

Floor to ceiling views

When using a rustic living room interior design, the floor to ceiling views is the most recommended as it allows the natural light to sweep through the room. It adds an elegant, structural aesthetic to the room. Transform one part of the room into a windowed wall to have a magnificent view of your outdoors. If you are living in an apartment, place some huge potted plants for the view while you sip your morning coffee.

Antique furnishings

Vintage and antique are quite synonymous with each other. When adopting the rustic trend, you can use the industrial design where the predominant colours are grey with hardwood floors. To add the more vintage look to the décor hang some antique clocks in different sizes in a circular pattern. Instead of a pattern, you place a grandfather clock at the mantel or in the corner of the room. Place a side table underneath or in the side of the clock with some potted plants and a classic typewriter or telephone to finish the look.

One other furniture that is a perfect example of antique is a chest of drawers. It also is known as an ark, cassone or coffer; this vintage chest will add a touch of functionality to your living room. As a living room interior design in corporates functionality with a bit of elegance, this chest will be a perfect fit. It can be used to store cushion covers or sheets while being your favourite coffee table.

Colour or No colour

The rustic living room is not only dark shades of grey or any other dark colours, but you can also experiment with vibrant hues to bring back the magic of the 80’s and 70’s. Like a dark wood centre table over a colourful rug that blends with colourful furnishings like sofas, cushions, beautiful posters and bright lamps. Place a cream-coloured couch in front of the table to create a focal point.

Not a fan of colour? Then you can go for all-white look for your living room.Place white furniture with subtle pops of colour like an burnt orange chair between the sofas or a bright centre table. Hang a crystal chandelier that radiates a glow as natural light waltz through the floor to ceiling window while the wind softly blows the luxurious cream curtains. This living room home interior design is perfect for the seasons year round.

The advantage of this setting is that you can spice up the room anytime you want. Turn it into a Bohemian Rhapsody by throwing some purple cushions, throw pillows or some textured rugs.

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Makeover Ideas for Bedroom

Just because the bedroom is your private space, it doesn’t mean that it does not need any attention. It is like any other room in a home that requires a perfect setting, after all, it is a place where to relax and be ourselves without any inhibitions.

Many home interior designers in Bangalore stress the importance of giving the bedroom a makeover that matches your sense of style. Giving a makeover to your bedroom should be stylish, yet functional and calming.

Wall experiment

Go wild by experimenting with different textures like patterned wallpaper; coloured boho design inspired wallpapers, two-tone paints of white and green or orange and cream or statement wall where spools of thread are arranged in a graphic pattern over calming wall of blue, cream or lilac colours. Love stories? Then stick wallpapers that reflect your favourite folktale in bright colours of red, green or yellow or even your life journey.

Art deco

Art deco is a predominant style of the 1920’s and originated in France. This style is known for its luxurious and splendid appearance,and it celebrates modern ideas. Many home interior designers in Bangalore are incorporating this Art Deco style for bedroom makeover ideas. It gives a luxurious yet eclectic appearance to your bedroom. When planning an Art Deco bedroom,use geometric shapes, vivid prints for your bedding while finishing off with modern art painting to complete the look.

Bed frames

When choosing a bed for the bedroom, there are many from which one can choose. Be it a box bed, platform bed, bunk bed, trundle bed or the gorgeous and ever romantic canopy or four-poster bed; the choice is always yours. Many home interior designers in Bangalore are in favour of the four posters or canopy bed as it gives a gorgeous and suave look to your room. Hang a light muslin or net cloth that will give a breezy feeling to the room. Additionally,then you can adjust the height of the headboards or give it artistic feel by opting for lumber cut headboard.

Embrace Minimalism

Like a clean and crisp space? Then Minimalism is a perfect fit as it uses muted and dark colours, clean and fresh furniture and statement lighting to accentuate the room. A bright patterned rug, simple night stand with an antique lamp shade and a quiet reading corner with a comfy chair and throw pillows is a great fit for a minimalistic bedroom. Place a platform bed with all the linens neatly tucked, and the bedding is in contrasting colours of blue and white or cream and grey to get that crisp look. This same setting applies to a box bed where you get the added advantage of storing your bed linens, cushions and curtains.


When choosing colours for the bedroom, there are many options like shades of grey, neutral shades, two tones or Boho inspired shades that will give your bedroom different accents and look. Always choose the colour that goes with your choice of furnishings or vice versa.

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