Office Designs That Make An Impact On Employees

Offices of now are evolving into spaces that focus on employee productivity and happiness. Organisations strive to create areas that impact their employee’s well-being and results in higher productivity.

Many Office interior designers in Bangalore are now devising designs that create a positive impact on employees. These designs encourage the flow of information seamlessly and also give a welcoming effect.

Here are some key office design factors that make an impact on employees:

Workstations and workspaces  

Disorganised and cluttered workspaces make it difficult and time-consuming for workers to work happily. Offices of now are imbibing a sense of belonging in their staff as it functions as their second home. Many office interior designers in Bangalore are in favour of open workspaces that encourage collaborative engagements. Many offices worldwide have installed cubicles like alphabets, tents, gondolas and others that give a twist in their open floor plan. Many designers have now foregone the one-size fits all solution when designing workspaces.

Here is a tip! Filing, recycling files and folders in an organised manner will help in making sense out of chaos.


Many office interior designers in Bangalore strongly feel that ergonomics plays a vital role in impacting employees. Ergonomics help in maintaining the employee’s health. Its impact is designed to reduce health-related workspace risks. Poor setups will affect employees neck, back, hand and wrists leading to a decrease in health and consequently increase in holidays and other follow-up costs. Deploying necessary support is vital for laptop/desktop, mouse, keyboard and footrests so that the employee can work comfortably.

Environmental impact

Having a conducive work environment is a vital factor in the checklist of every office interior designers in Bangalore. Other than ergonomics, the ecological design will also have a profound impact on the employees. Lack of proper lighting,ventilation, high noise levels, and other sedentary factors will give a negative effect on employee’s morale. These problems can be rectified by use of natural lighting, designing a blend of workspaces, and well-designed ventilation.

Here is a tip! Offices can also set up a gym or other activities that encourage their employees to stay active. Many offices have also installed slides and rock-climbing walls for that hint of playfulness.

Workspace types

Every employee has a distinctive style of working. A well-designed workplace should offer a mix of spaces that do not obstruct their employee’s creativity. These flexible spaces can be used for lunch breaks, informal meetings, brainstorming sessions and so on. It can also facilitate conversations between personnel from different departments and provide work areas for remote workers.

Employee work areas should have enough spaces to work individually and also cogently communicate and collaborate. For example, having separate cubicles will obstruct communication and team efforts. Bringing in nature will infuse a sense of positivity and vibrancy in the office environment. Adding some vertical gardens will imbue colorfulness to the room.

Physical surroundings create a profound impact on employee behaviours, attitudes and their work experiences. Want to know more? Then the best office interior designers in Bangalore, the Design Arc Interiors are at your service.