Minimalism and Home Interior Design

They say that design is a journey of discovery. It’s a journey that gives us an inordinate amount of choices that would appeal to our senses and improve our lives. To that end, a minimalistic home interior design is a trend that is fast catching up today. This interior design trend follows the following philosophy of thought – ‘Your home is a living space and not a storage space’.

Today, frilly interior designs have given way to minimal living that seems to provide a less stressful life for people. Here are a few characteristics of a minimalistic house interior design that would make your life seem less stressful –

Façade Engineering

Building the right facades and more so using it correctly can add a lot of value to a home interior design. If your flat overlooks the sea where you can see endless waves weaving in and out, you really wouldn’t build a wall to block it, would you? Cityscapes, golf links, gardens… there are many ways that you can use the façade engineering to your benefit.

Imagine your living room overlooks a garden or the sea then all that you need is a giant glass screen that would you unimpeded view of the outside. Your living room doesn’t require anything to make it grand. Paintings, an exquisite chandelier, an expensive carpet or a Ming Vase that would act as great conversation starters in other designs become utterly unimportant and unnecessary if the façade engineering is done right.

That’s one trick that a minimal interior design never misses.


Truthfully, it is easy to fill the room with stuff rather than not. Simplicity rules the roost in a minimal interior design. The aesthetics of form and design has a stark beauty about it. A simple design is straightforward and has an honesty about it that belies the façade of sophistication.

A minimal home interior design has a clarity about it that is rarely present in other floor plans. Simplistic designs with modest storage options work the best here.

A Single Focal Point

In any design, it is important to have a focal point that would stand out. In a minimal home interior design you can select one single piece to stand out in the space – a painting, a carpet, a vase or a chandelier.

Space Rules

While designing a minimalistic home, there is only one rule of thumb to follow – let the space rule. With open floors and neutral walls, one can’t really go wrong in their minimal interior design. Opting for simple furniture is a must because they shouldn’t really take the focus off the ample space. Furniture with frills, lace and decorations is a definite no-no in this design.

A minimalistic design is all about reducing the clutter in one’s life and it certainly resonates with many tenets of feng shui. To balance the harmonies of one’s life, one needs to get rid of all the things that take up unnecessary space. Feng Shui masters believe that once you remove the materialistic clutter, your spiritual needs too will get addressed and you will have more clarity to move ahead in your life. Truly, it’s time to go zen.