Laundry Space in a Home

Doing laundry is an everyday task in every Indian household. We don’t often designate a separate area in our home laundry due to space constraints and other issues. However, the interior decorators in Bangalore say that irrespective of the space, it quite easy to design a laundry space in your home.

Here are some pointers on how to craft a laundry zone:

Find the space

Usually, laundry space is near the bathroom or the kitchen where there are inlet and outlet pipes. Additionally, the area also requires the correct voltage electrical plug outlet of 15amps that adhere to its safety specifications. If you are placing the washing machine in the balcony, make sure the door is at least three feet in width for easy use and air circulation.

Here is a tip! If there are more family members, install a second washing machine by clearing out your storage.

Know your need

Before deciding the appliances, list out the reasons for the use of the laundry room. If you are sorting and folding the clothes right there, then you need a counter. Many interior decorators in Bangalore recommend the addition of shelves that will help you reach the laundry products. Those shelves can also be used to store baskets, ironing machine, foldable clothing hanging rods, hangers and so on.

Appliance matters

Many office & home interior decorators in Bangalore stress the importance of selecting the right machine when it comes to laundry space. You can easily transform your laundry space into a fully functional one by adding some side appliances as well like an iron table, an extra dryer, collapsible laundry hampers, and some floating shelves or racks for storing those knick-knacks like detergent, conditioners and others.

Here is a tip! A retractable clothesline or a wall-mounted drying rack is a good addition.

Demarcate zones

If your laundry zone has a sink nearby for you to wash out the tough stains, you will find that there will be water everywhere. This might pose more significant problems like damaging the machine and electrical shortcuts. So it is better to differentiate between wet and dry zones. Place your washing machines and the side of the sink to keep the wet tasks together.

Tip! The sink should be deep enough for you to wash out stains comfortably and without water splashing on the outside. The material of the sink should be preferably in stainless steel or granite.

Points to remember

When planning a laundry area, durable materials and ventilation of light and air are very important. Countertop materials like granite, laminates, stone and tile are durable and easy to maintain as they are immune to moisture and stains. Home & office Interior decorators in Bangalore use polished countertops with no ragged or sharp edges that can damage the clothing. Natural lighting is best for laundry rooms, in its absence, the room should be well lit. Equip the counters with task lights to help in sorting your clothes or for spotting stains. Next, personalise the laundry space to create a cheerful atmosphere when doing laundry.

With these tips, you can build a laundry zone with built-in storage and have a great time doing your chores.