Elements Of A Traditional Bedroom

A bedroom designed the traditional way has a vintage charm about them. Here are a few elements of this bedroom interior design that make it so –

Toasty Fireplace

The one thing that makes your bedroom snug, warm and cosy is a fireplace. Imagine snuggling in the warmth of your bed with the fire roaring by the side and some hot chocolate by the bedside table. For most of us, it is pictures such as these that complete a perfect day. With the electric fireplace replacing the traditional wood and fire, you need not even worry about the fire going out or the smoke and pollution. All you need is a long couch by the fireplace, a good book and a hot drink and you can warm yourself up nice and fine.

A four-poster bed

Four-poster beds are a permanent fixture in a traditional bedroom. Add a few satin curtains and you have a regal space fit enough for a king or queen (no less). Layer it with rugs and patterned cushions and you have a retreat to relax and snuggle.

Warm rugs

Rugs bring in warmth, colour and patterns into the bedroom space. A lovely area rug by the fireplace brightly patterned contrasting with the wooden flooring makes the room look bright and lovely. Alternatively, if there is no fireplace in the bedroom, the bed area can be used for marking the entire space with warmth. If the bed linen is of single solid colour, then it is best to procure a rug with vivid patterns and varied colours. This not only enhances the look of the space but also adds character to it.

Floral Wallpaper

Nothing screams vintage than floral wallpaper. There is a lot that one can do with wallpapers. From dramatic to elegant, you can tailor the look and character of the space with one single element. You can choose to strategically pattern only one side of the wall (preferably where the window is) and allow the floral pattern to flow from seamlessly from artificial to natural. Where wallpapers are printed in a bedroom interior design, the rest of the elements must be muted single colour to avoid an over dramatic flair.

Vintage Chandeliers

If there is one element that makes a space (any space) traditional, it is a vintage chandelier. Crystal or wrought iron, they bring in a timeless charm of tradition within the space. A crystal chandelier hanging over the bed lighting up space with its soothing hues is a lovely sight to get up to. The inherent beauty of the crystals adds a whimsical touch to the room and makes it fit for a fairy or an elf.

Soothing Art

Art in bedrooms has the potential to overwhelm the space. Therefore, if you really wish to display the art, the rest of the elements need to be muted or it can flow from the tone of the art that is displayed. A large painting, mural or wall art, impressionistic paintings can be displayed, and, in most cases, the bedroom home interior design can imitate the same reinforcing the element multiple times.

It is tough to go wrong with a traditional bedroom because the elements of this space have long been in use and the best part of the whole deal is that it has a timeless quality about it.