Colour Trends for 2018

With 2018 halfway done, let’s look at the colour trends that most apartment interior designers in Bangalore are using.

Sage Green

This is a trend that is red hot these days. Sage green is one neutral shade that gives a calm and elegant vibe to space. This year, it’s been used extensively in the kitchen, bathrooms, dining room and even bedrooms. Cool and relaxed, Sage Green bathrooms are not only fabulous but can help one relax. Most apartment interior designers in Bangalore mix sage green with a neutral white or combine it with a variant of other light greens to bring out a calm green effect.


Nothing screams ‘happy’ like a marigold. This is one colour that has the ability to liven up things in a space. Most apartment interior designers in Bangalore believe that marigold and mustard yellow patterns bring a distinct 70’s retro vibe to space. This is one happy spring colour that can be splashed around in the bedroom, kitchen, dining room etc.

Ultra Violet

Dramatic, provocative and utterly inspiring, Ultra Violet is as dramatic as anything can be. There are many shades of violet that can be used in the décor and it allows the apartment interior designers in Bangalore to experiment extensively and come up with a versatile design that is unconventional, mindful and mystical. You could place one furniture piece a large couch or a sofa in Ultra Violet or go all out and paint the walls in tones of amethyst. However it is done, the result is quite dramatic and riveting.


This one is for those who are bold and unconventional. Strong, radiant and pulsating with energy, crimson is what rubies are about. You can bring the same energy to space and watch it transform and inspire all things drab. One thing that most Apartment Interior Designers in Bangalore get right is to paint one section of the wall crimson and the rest white or neutral and the contrast will be vivid and beautiful.


Blues are used rather widely to bring the ocean’s beauty into one’s home. Ocean blue colour is a rich shade, which can be used with white neutral furniture and textures to great effect. It not only calms your senses but also gives you a sense of well being and good life.

Salmon Pink

House Interior Design by best Apartment interior designers call this colour the ‘millennial pink’ and it brings the best of spring into one’s space. It also allows the designers to bring in muted patterns, textures that add character to this shade and livens the space with love.


This one is vintage and it is one trend that is going to repeat through the years. Whether it is on the wall or on the floor, deep emerald has an elegance about it that makes us want to embrace fine living because one needs to upgrade their lifestyle to deserve something so precious.

The other colour trends that are making inroads this year are Autumn Maple, Deep Turquoise, black, olive, dusk and good old yellow. If you want your space to reflect the colour that most speaks to you then it’s time to call Design Arc Interiors, one of the best Apartment interior designers in Bangalore.