Best interior design company in Bangalore

Design Arc Interiors is your door to a new world of style and design. Since its conception in 2006, we as an interior designing company has managed to make desolates into ravishing dwellings. We house some of the best designers’ skills in the market that enable us to deliver nothing less than the best. Whether it is contemporary or traditional, we have an answer to all your needs from concepts, to remodeling, redesigning and styling your abode. If this is not all, Design Arc Interiors has a rich and varied experience in designing offices, commercial and retail stores as well. Design Arc Interiors have stationed themselves in Bangalore and Dubai. A perfect blend of ideas, execution and competitive pricing, Design Arc Interiors is a name to reckon with!

Residential Complex
We, at Design Arc Interiors, take pride in delivering the most stylish and contemporary home space that reflects the mood, taste and personality of the clients. We firmly believe that the décor of your home is nothing but the reflection of your own self. Thus, the need to be impeccable in every nook and corner is paramount for us. Designing your home is not just a work for us – it is living a dream with you and us. We adopt your ideas and implement our own to create something unique that fits your taste and personality. We at Design Arc Interiors carry this idea in all our works that every home has a story to tell, and we make that story a memorable one, to cherish lifelong. Our competent designers and craftsmen chose the best to give your home a look that will an expression of your identity. The décor will be a fine amalgamation of aesthetics and comfort that will make your living worth every moment.

Interior designing of homes have come a long way. The concept of designing has changed over the years, and we too have embraced this endeavor with open arms. Interior designing, these days, are much brighter and exuberant in tone, which scores high on comfort and aesthetics. To add to the panache, is the technological advancements that have made home smarter in every sense.

Design Arc Interiors is well-versed with the changing and upcoming trends, and promise to keep our clients abreast with the same. We enable you to decide on the best possible look for your dwelling, that will prove to be healthy, accessible, and environmentally sensitive spaces for your entire family. Right from the walls to the flooring, bathroom to kitchen, experts will help you through every aspect of beautifying your home. The lighting and furniture will also be such that will add a perfect balance and harmony in your living.

Commercial Interior
Commercial interior designing needs an in-depth knowledge of architecture and various structural and functional facets of designing. At Design Arc Interiors, we have highly prolific and competent designers who can craft wonder in your commercial space. Whether it is an office or a retail outlet, we provide you the look that will throw a lasting impression on your clients and counterparts.

Commercial designing also involves a lot of redesigning and remodeling, and so, understanding the client’s requirement is paramount to ensure a unblemished execution. We believe, commercial interior ought to speak your mind, and must have a dash of sophistication. Trust us, and we give you an interior to flaunt with pride.

Commercial interior designing involves much more than simply decorating the interior of the space. Essentially, our competent designers and craftsmen address issues ranging from the choice of building materials, the layout and placement of interior walls, to services like plumbing and electric systems of the commercial space. We even extend unrestricted cooperation in coordinating communications with construction professionals and owners, to ensure seamless functioning of the process. A comprehensive “one stop” solution to all your commercial interior needs, Design Arc Interiors provide their clients the best blend of comfort, and a sheer sense of achievement.

3D Visualization
The technological headway in today’s world shows its presence in every aspect of life. Technology has made its thumbing presence with 3D in interior designing as well. The concept of 3D visualization has made interior designing a fascination world of visuals. At Design Arc Interiors, we take our clients through 3D visualization for a better understanding our work. Both, the designer, and the potential client is equally benefited through this amazing process that shows the conceptualized home, even before it is done. The images give a fair idea about the difference between what have been conceptualized and what the outcome would be like. This process is immensely valuable as it saves a lot of time and cost. Moreover, looking at the 3dD visualization the client will be sure about his/her requirement, which in turn will help the designer to execute the work meticulously.

At Design Arc Interior, our clients’ requirement is regarded highly. Through 3D, we ensure total client satisfaction through flexibility, dynamism and creativity, which are unique in every sense.

Landscaping is an integral part of Design Arc Interiors. We firmly believe, that every house has its own charm, which can be doubled by some fascinating landscape gardening. Blend it well with your home décor, and create a space that is unique and insanely charming.

Our Vendors

Designing Arc Interiors believes in yielding the best result. There are various factors that play a conspicuous role in giving our clientele the best. Hence, we bond with the best brands and manufactures across the industry. The products we adopt are of uncompromised quality, fine designing, and come in spectrum of colours to fit your style. Ranging from floors, bathroom accessories to kitchen counter tops, we pick the very best in the market. Our partnership ensures our commitment towards our clients, and their aspiration. With our valuable partnership across the board we accessories your home with pieces that are class apart.

architecture and interior design for retail stores

Retail stores interiors in Bangalore is just not about displaying your products and selling them to customers. One needs to offer much more than that to make the store more profitable and popular than others, especially in a city that has large number of malls and stores.

Retail business involves creative display of products, creating space for the customers to touch and feel the products, easy billing processes and a little personal touch that would make them come back to the shop again and again.

Good architecture and fabulous interior designs are the most important element of a retail store design. Before launching the retail store, one must look at the choice of the location, store design, traffic flow of the business, provisions for customer safety and finally the style and decor of the store.

Retail industry is littered with businesses that have failed just because they displayed their stuff in the wrong way. Take any popular retail store design in Bangalore, and one will notice the easy customer accessibility, fabulous window designs, hot deals and seamless traffic that flows in. To achieve the same result, one must take careful note of the store architecture and create spaces and alcoves to sell the products. Matching the interior design with the product that is being sold makes the space more novel and engaging for the customers who would spread the word. Word-of-mouth is a very powerful medium that is more effective that taking out a front-page ad in the newspaper.

Selecting the right colours is also very important for the retail store design. While most often the retail stores go for brand colours to imprint their brand in the customer’s mind, it is also prudent to consider colours that are pleasant and pleasing. Many experts have conducted research on colour schemes that make customers more conducive to buy at a store.

Safety is another important consideration, especially where shopping centers interiors in Bangalore are concerned. Safe flooring and maneuverability are very vital to the safety features of any store. And investing on these features safeguards the reputation of the store and the brand from any negative publicity or untoward incidents.