Design the Living room to make your home comfortable and organized

Designing a Comfortable Living Room

Living rooms are the most important space in a home. This is where you will greet and entertain your guests. This is where your guests will get the opportunity to size you up and to give you the respect that you deserve. That apart, the living room is the space where you get to put your feet up, enjoy and relax with your friends. Here are a few tips that would help you design a comfortable living room from the best interior designers in Bangalore


  • Having enough and more seats are essential in a comfortable living room. That’s why most interior decorators in Bangalore will go in for essential furniture such as sofa (square seated seven-foot long ones would be ideal), a coffee table, club chair, wing chair and a couple of footstools make the essentials for a living room.
  • This will ensure that there are enough and more seats for your guests and everyone will be seated with comfort.

Finding a focal point

  • Now that you have the furniture, the next essential step is to decide where and how to arrange them in the room so that the design and comfort flow harmoniously together.
  • Aligning the sofa with a hearth or a fireplace is a great idea but if the room doesn’t have one, then the view from the window or a large piece of art can become the focal point.
  • Then you can align your sofa so that your guests can get the best view of the art/garden/high-rise view. They are the best conversation starters that one can have.

Conversations and Coffee Table

  • Finding the right coffee table is difficult. For most interior decorators in Bangalore, it’s like finding the holy grail! Coffee tables are often underrated pieces of furniture but they are very handy and they do bring in sense of order within the space.
  • You can use it to place coffee, tea, drinks anything you like, store newspapers/magazines under it (if it comes with cabinets) and those who entertain other families with kids will find it to be a lovely table to put their ludo or monopoly boards on it. At the very least, you can always put your feet up on it and relax.

 Pretty trims and frills

  • Once the basic furniture is decided upon, you can go about adding all those trills and frills that would make space more personal and pretty. Fresh flowers in a vase bring in nature within and they will look beautiful anywhere. On the table, by the fireplace or on a cabinet. Even a single money plant in a small vase will look lovely.
  • Cushions and throws that contrasts with the furniture colour will bring in contrast and make the space alive.
  • Add a few candles in a glass (if they are scented it would great) and you have the most comfortable living room ever that you would love coming back home to.



Decorating Tips for Living Room Interior Design

living room
Undoubtedly, the living room is the most important space of your home. That’s where you entertain, spend time with your family and basically unwind. Here are a few tips to decorate your living room from interior decorators in Bangalore

#1 Area Rugs

Some of the best interior design company Bangalore believe that area rugs can bring in great style and comfort to your room. When positioned rightly they can transform an ordinary space to give an illusion of luxury and cosiness. Area rugs can also be used to define space and nooks in the living room demarcating the purpose of each with great clarity. For e.g. if the living room also has a dining area, then area rugs can be used to define the living/entertainment area clearly.

#2 Dramatic Hues

Dark colors are not only dramatic but give a sense of cosiness living room interior design. They also make a great style statement while adding a feeling of warmth to space. Dark earthy hues or chocolate brown with a dash of green accents would liven up the space adding a touch of glamour to it.

#3 Comfortable Seating

‘Comfort’ is the keyword for the living room. It is a space where one entertains and relaxes therefore comfortable seating arrangement is a must. Plush and cosy, find couches, footstools and armchairs and sofa that are inviting to sit upon.

#4 A Focal Point

This is a trick that is used by all interior decorators in Bangalore. Every space has a focal point. For e.g. in most European houses the fireplace becomes the focal point of the space and the rest of furniture and accessory are placed to complement the same. A fireplace is not the only focal point that one can have in a living room. A large sized painting, a flower vase China, a decorative antique mirror, a vintage phone. Having a focal point also sets the mood and tone of the space and allows you explored various decor themes and allows you to give character to space. Fancy chandeliers, wrought iron lamps and Tiffany lights can be used as focal points too.

#5 Natural Textures

Using natural textures adds a rustic charm to space. Jute furniture, tufted area rugs and refurbished wooden furniture brings the nature into the room and sets the theme of the decor.

#6 Displaying Artwork

The living room is one space where art can be beautifully showcased and displayed on the walls. You can designate one portion of the wall for this purpose and display varying sizes of art/photographs in one section alone or you could go totally dramatic and put up a huge art piece with varying vivid colors.

The living room is a great space to experiment and be bold yet the key factor that one needs to remember is that it needs to be comfortable, relaxing and cosy.

10 Design Hacks to Make Your Living Room More Spacious

There are many ways by which we can keep our living room small but we can even though make people think that it is larger. Now you are definitely wondering how it is even possible but you can do this by simply adapting those tricks which is very useful if your size of living room is small. Living room interior designer have already thought over it and make several tricks by which your living room will not be small any longer. Those tricky ideas are:

• Stripped floor and lightweight materials in the living room make a real effect on its appearance, stripped floor help in looking living room longer than it is in real whereas lightweight materials or stuffs such as curtain and other things make room feels like airy.

• Cool and monochromatic colors make living room easy on eyes and gives soft look. And cool colors will always appreciable if the matter is about living room. We must pick different tones, shades and colors which is easy on eyes.

• Sofa must be at some distance from the walls. If you will keep sofa slightly away from the wall then it makes sofa’s breathing which also helps to show spacious living room.

• Hanging mirror on the wall make space looks larger as it is another strategy to look your living room spacious and larger.

• Keep interesting and beautiful plants in our living room then it will attract the eye of visitors then living room appears larger as well as spacious.

• By using multipurpose furniture will always helpful because it will consume less space and also do multiple work if requires.

• If you will use the method of clever lighting then all the lightened area gives the feel to your living room larger than it actually exists.

• Use smart furniture techniques such as TV on the wall, dining which gets fit perfectly in your living room, center table according to your living area. Selection of furniture is important part for any house.

• If you will use long curtains then it will helps to look your ceiling higher than it is in real.

• You can choose retro materials and also remove unnecessary doors from the living room which will consume space without having any need.

Interior designers in Bangalore do the same things because it helps to make the small living room larger in appearance. In urban areas, less space are there in which they makes multi stories which is not at all spacious but these tricks are best if you will use and see the results. Living room interior designer and interior designers in Bangalore will provide ideas which may help you out and give you several ideas as per your home conditions. These firms not only provide you best interior designers in Bangalore but also give you the several ideas and then as per according your choice they will design your living room as perfect as you want.

10 Design Hacks to Make Your Living Room More Spacious

living room
A place becomes home with its decor for which it is necessary to manage the space accordingly by adding such items and working on the interior in a unique manner that can make any place in the house look bigger.
An interior of the house is something very important to impress others, it not only creates impression on visitors with its attractive looks but also makes the environment refreshing with the positive energy. So, you and people who come from outside get those vibes when they enter the room.

There are several ways in which you can beautify your house by providing aesthetics to your Living room Interior design which can make it look even spacious.
Interior Designers are the experts in decorating the house and render such services for Residential Interior Design Bangalore which gives the best and latest styles of designing your house at affordable prices.
By making some additions and creating transformations as per your taste can simply change the Living room Interior design.

Here are some Residential Interior Design Bangalore hacks to make the living room more spacious:

1. Mirror
A mirror can do a lot more than what you think it can, as it is not solely kept to look into it while dressing but it can be used as major part of interior designing for a room. Hanging a mirror across door and window will reflect light that can add more depth to the appearance of the room.

2. Curtains
Colors and textures have always imparted beauty to the room and this can be easily done with the help of curtains but the way curtain rods are embedded can change the look of your room. Try using long rods close to the ceiling and the one’s that pass across window sides.

3. Light
Making way for sunlight or adding artificial lamps can help making the room look spacious.

4. Wall color
Paint on wall plays an important role it’s better to go for very light or very dark wall colors which can make your room feel larger.

5. Few Elements
Keeping essential furniture and avoiding over decoration of space can lead to more open space.

6. Keep it tidy
A tidy room always looks spacious with cleaning up things which are no more required in that room that just takes up space.

7. Size of Furniture
The selection of furniture should be the one hiked up where the across objects are visible making the living room interior design look spacious.

8. Multipurpose Furnishing
Keeping a furnishing which can serve more than one purpose is always an appropriate option for adding space.

9. Large Artworks
Hanging or decorating your room with giant art pieces can make you forget the small scale of the room as it covers up all, a single decor can make the room spacious.

10. Accessories
Room accessories play a vital role, big items in Residential Interior Design Bangalore with metallic look can work for the entire area, which eliminates the need to keep multiple things, making space in the room.