How interior design helped you drastic change over the decades?

A couple of decades ago, the word ‘Interior décor’ would be met with perplexed gaze because it didn’t exist as an industry per se. The interior of the house hardly required any design or thought in those days. People built houses and the interior would be what the builder decides and once the owners moved in they used their discretion, comfort and ideas to furnish their homes with sofas, tables, chairs, dining table, cabinets and cupboards. Sometimes they would get it right by following their own inane sense of design and commonsense, while most got it wrong. Best interior design companies in Bangalore are coming up with innovative Interior design and delivering it to elated customers
Here are a few examples of how interior design has changed over the decades –


  • Whether interior design of homes has changed for better or not is a debate for another day but time has certainly had a positive impact on the kitchen design.
  • A few decades ago, the kitchen was an overlooked space as far as interior design was concerned. A kitchen island and a sink constituted its design and if the woman of the household was lucky, she would get a few bare shelves thrown in.

kitchen interior designkitchen interior design

  • Today, there is a sea change in the kitchen design because we have realized it is the most utilitarian space in a house. Today’s kitchen has a more open design since the walls have been brought down and space has been integrated with the home.
  • As one of the leading interior design companies in Bangalore we see that kitchen as space has been transformed drastically to store everything in its designated space.

Sacred Space

  • Space has become sacred today so much so that every little nook is being utilized. Room under the cupboard is definitely not a Harry Potter invention but a judicious use of today’s space.

staircase interior design staircase interior design





  • Storage space under the stairs, a utility room by the balcony, a wash area by the kitchen are some of the modern day designs that make a lot of sense. A decade ago, the space under the stairs was where old rickety chairs were hidden so this is definitely a marked improvement.

Home Office

Home office interior design

  • A few decades ago, people who had their own business probably had a desk and a chair to conduct their affairs from home. Those with a nine-to-five job didn’t need a home office.
  • Today, we all need a home office, if not an office at least a nook to hook our laptop and other gadgets.



Minimalistic Zen approach

Living room interior designInterior design companies in Bangalore





  • Today’s interiors are all about reducing the clutter and going green. No more frills and fripperies to decorate and clutter. Stark beauty and a Spartan look are more utilitarian than a home full of stuff.
  • As one of the most sought-after Interior Decorators in Bangalore, we get more requests to design a minimalistic home than any other today.

Using Natural light and sustainability

  • A few decades ago, people rarely thought about green, natural or sustainability. Today, though we have to otherwise we will be leaving an empty shell of a planet for our future generations.
  • Today’s interior designs try to incorporate natural light to great advantage to illuminate the space within. Sustainable energy such as solar power is incorporated into the design of the home to conserve energy

Five Things To Consider Before You Start Your Interior Design

vansh room
Interior Decor involves costs, time and loads of creativity and unless you have adequate experience, it is best to leave it in the hands of a professional. That said, it is imperative for us to consider a few things before the project is handed over to interior design companies in Bangalore. Here are five things that you will need to check and ensure before you do that –

#1 Reliable interior designer /contractor

Finding a reliable interior designer is tough. The designer needs to truly understand what you need in a home and more importantly deliver the same on time and within budget. Before you hire a designer, you will need to check out their portfolio in real time and get a feel of how they work. Many prefer to check out their work in progress to understand the quality of the materials that they use, the workmanship of their team and the way they coordinate the project. Have a detailed discussion with them about your requirements and make sure they have understood what you have in mind.

#2 Detailed Quotation

Ask for detailed quotations for each work that your designer is suggesting. Make sure you know beforehand what materials would be used and how much they would cost. The quotation that the Interior designer / Contractor presents must be detailed with measurements of each unit that would be renovated and along with a rough estimate of the cost as well. That way, you won’t be surprised (or shocked) in the end.
This is your space that is getting renovated so do not shy away from asking questions. Get a second opinion on the quotation or individually check the prices of materials to ensure you are not being taken on an expensive ride.

#3 Structural Changes

If there are any structural changes to be done then it’s better to get it before investing on the interior design. If the structural changes involve changing the existing electrical and plumbing, then it needs to be completed before the interior designer starts the work or else it would end up being more expensive for you.

#4 Space Utilization

Space is sacred especially if you are renovating a studio apartment. There are many ways that one can make optimum use of space through larger sized light coloured tiles. This gives an illusion of larger space. Wall mounted fixtures will help maximize space and make the interiors look more spacious. Multipurpose rooms and furniture, wall mounted beds, ceiling to floor bookshelves and creative usage of room dividers can help create nooks within the space. Area rugs too can be used to great effect to demarcate space in studio apartments and rooms.

#5 Small Details

They say that the devil is in the details and they are right. Whether space is big or small, it is the small details that really matter when you take in the overall look. Thoughtfully personalized decorative items add more character to space. Bring in some greenery through plants or flowers and create a focal point and let the rest of the design flow from there.
Designing a space is a challenging prospect that some of the best interior designers in Bangalore like Design Arc relish. It is always better to hire a professional to design a lovely space for you than stress yourself over a DIY project.

5 Things to Consider for your House’s Flooring

interior designers in BangalorePicking the right flooring is a very important decision for your house because it is not something that you can change with every season. Changing the flooring is not like opting for a new carpet. One cannot change it at a whim. Careful thought and planning need to go into it. Here are five things that famous interior designers in Bangalore urge you to consider while changing the house’s flooring –


A key element for any internal accessory for a home would be ‘durability’ and this is more so the fact where flooring is concerned. Whatever type of flooring is selected, whether mosaic, wooden, marble etc. one needs to ensure that it is durable.


Home interior designers in Bangalore think that climate is one of the primary factors that one needs to consider while deciding on the flooring. For e.g. if your house is in a tropical city by the sea then using wood as a flooring material would be rather unwise. The moisture in the air can cause the flooring to decay easily.


Unless you have a fleet of servants and a team to maintain the upkeep, everyone these days want a space that can be easily maintained (if not self-maintained). There is a whole world of options and varying finishes for each one of them. Do a little research on the type of flooring that you want and its upkeep (lest you are taken unaware after the work is done).

Lifestyle and Wear & Tear

While durability and maintenance are important factors, it is also important that you factor in your lifestyle while deciding on the house designs in Bangalore. For e.g. a family with young children should go in for flooring that could be cleaned easily. If there are many elderly people living in the home, then it is imperative that you opt for flooring that gives a firm grip let they slip. Traffic is also an important factor in selecting the flooring. Spaces like the living room, bedroom, study, kitchen are areas where one can expect maximum footfalls so it would best to select flooring that is of more durable in nature.


Flooring is a very important element in the aesthetics of the space. The right kind of flooring, color and shade can give your space an illusion of space. Most home interior designers in Bangalore recommend using white colored tiles have long given an illusion of larger space while dark colored tiles are used to scale down a large sized room. Using larger sized titles gives a seamless look to the room.

Most home interior designers in Bangalore feel that by keeping these factors in mind you would be investing wise only a good flooring that would make the most design and budget wise to your home.

Home redecoration with New Interior design ideas

A house is incomplete without decoration, to enhance its beauty we design it in various ways by using lights, colours, artifacts etc.This task can be accomplished with the help of interior designers who advice you over different motif works that are suitable for your house as per their knowledge and experience.

Once your house is designed, it’s not necessary to keep the same theme for years. It is important to keep yourself updated to avoid boredom and bring freshness every season with new trendy looks. That’s why it is good to redecorate your home from time to time with modish ideas that are prevailing to make your place look even more stylish.

Interior designing ideas keeps on changing with fashion as new modes come up but it highly depends on ones personal choice and area that dominates. Designer’s imaginative thoughts can convert the space into a beautiful paradise and bring best out of it with proper utilization of resources.
These ideas can assist you in redecorating your house in simple ways with an artistic vision:
Flowers has always been in vogue to create ambience in room and have pleasant feeling but instead of fresh flowers which you need to change on daily basis you can go for artificial flowers which can be hanged, kept in bowl or at stand with spray of air freshener that will make the room colourful as well as aromatic.
Do not keep your windows untreated, give them a splash of colours like green, grey or black with contrast to walls to provide your room a creative effect with the trims.
Mirrors can actually help in decoration, they are not a mere element of styling you but also your house, if used as panels that too in segments can give it an ethnic look.
Keep the decor sober but make a blend of material used mixing up all the fabrics like cotton, silk, velvet and from shiny to matte which can make contrast and brighten up the room.
Work on your ceiling to make your room vivid, painting your ceiling subtle in contrast to colour of walls can make the combination perfect and area lightening.
Beautiful table covers and mats adds up to the gaze of table, to make it impressive and moderately priced within your budget, mix the accessories rather than matching up everything to give it a different classy look.
Metallic elements
Add components that have metallic look over table, walls, side shelf, corners etc with use of both silver and gold together which will not only give shine but an amazing view.
Outdoor Material
Material such as jute, rug, straw are considered as the outdoor material but truly they create the same magic indoor as well and always been in rage.
Keep fancy pillows in rooms and on sofa sets, pile them up with the original pairs by making a contrast to give different makeover to your room.Making colour variations among walls, furniture and household items can make a lot difference in aesthetics.

Why should you hire the Interior designer

It is from time to time that ability has ever beaten expertise. This goes valid for everything – from games like boxing and tennis, to human expressions like open talking, music, and painting, and even the extent that the specialized sciences like being a technician or circuit tester. As this is by all accounts valid for such a variety of fields of various practices everywhere throughout the world, so ought to this be additionally consistent by home interior designers in Bangalore with the field of inside creators. A man who tries to outline the insides of his home construct just with respect to his own tastes, inclinations, and instinct, would yield a less satisfying result. Then again, individuals who chose to spend some portion of their cash to contract an authorized inside planner would be pretty much extremely happy with the presence of his home.

This is on account of inside creators have increased specific information of style and proficiency into their mindfulness through their training. Despite the fact that we could likewise increase such learning, when it is not our picked field of work and enthusiasm, would give us much disappointment and take a considerable measure of our time, vitality, and assets. One case is that of a man who simply depends on his insight about the significance of hues. He would most likely choose to utilize red as the shade of his parlor since he needed his place to wind up noticeably an exceptionally dynamic and enthusiastic territory.

In any case, once he is done painting the dividers red, he saw something. That his parlor felt exceptionally restricted and his recently by Interior design Bangalore familiar guests discover it very scary. Subsequent to knowing this, he chose to give back the shade of his lounge’s dividers from red, back to white. What a misuse of asset would that be? This happened that the shade of red incites a dream of space, such that it wide sums, red makes a sentiment limit separating. Had he contract an inside creator to help him in his endeavor to get the atmosphere he was searching for, he would have had a superior utilization of his assets.

Another case by Interior Designers Bangalore would that be of a man endeavoring to plan his recently enlisted business space for his eatery. Realizing that he needs information about the connection of the outline of space and deals, he astutely chose to procure a few inside creators to bail him out with his recently established eatery. The lightings of the eating territory were loaded with the best possible brilliant knobs, his workspace is set with glaring lights, and each device and counters were put in the most ideal outline, ergonomically and stylishly. The outcomes were stupendous, not just on the feasting place for the clients additionally for the working space of his representatives, which prompt a high-winning eatery. Had he basically depend on his conviction that less spending would return more benefits; he could have just set glaring lights everywhere.