Home Staircase Interior Design

Staircases are great design elements that most interior designers Bangalore fail to take advantage of. A good sturdy staircase can be used in many inventive ways. Traditionally staircases have been used to portray art, family photographs etc. but our team of interior design Bangalore experts go beyond creative boundaries to design a space that is not only inventive but also extremely practical.A simple and ordinary home can be transformed into something spectacular by choosing the right interior design Bangalore staircase.

Storage is one of the most practical uses that a staircase can be put to. Right from storing shoes to umbrellas a veritable closet can be designed right under the staircase. Extra seating area with decorative plants, utility area, a cosy home office, a home library, a hidden pool – there are many creative options that can be explored where staircases are concerned.

There are many inventive interior design Bangalore ideas that can be incorporated for a staircase depending upon the overall theme of the house. While contemporary staircase designs are eclectic and edgy in nature traditional staircases are more elegant and they blend in with the overall theme of the house seamlessly.

We have designed many a creative staircase for our clients that has added great character to the home interior. From grand wooden oak to minimal floating staircases we have allowed the space the dictate the form. Classic to contemporary whatever the theme might be we ensure that it compliments the interior of the house and flows in with the design.

Our team of interior designers Bangalore have innate sense of design that comes from years of experience and their staircases are not designed as afterthoughts but as the focal point of the room. The look and style of a staircase should match the interior design Bangalore space of the house.