Top 5 Smart Home Décor Ideas

For most of us expansive interiors, sweeping floors, large and spacious rooms are still a pipe dream. Buying real estate in today’s economy is very tough and 99% of us have to make do with small rooms and space that leaves much to be desired.

A small space need not be a disadvantage. It can be used positively to clear clutter from your life for one thing.  For décor ideas, we have a huge repository of ideas that can make much of your space, no matter how small.Here are five smart home décor ideas from best interior design firms in Bangalore.

Bold Colours

Living roomSize can never be an issue when it comes to style. Most home interior design companies employ a rather neat trick here by picking one colour that that resonates with the character of the residents and use it to create a space that is not only highly original but also extremely creative. Some of the interior design firms in Bangalore use variations of the same colour and tweak it according to the function of the space with a great deal of creativity.

Patterns & Textures

When you employ one colour in a space that you leaves you open to a great deal of textures and patterns. Curtains, rugs, carpets, upholstery are where the scope of creating a cosy room comes together.

Selecting off the rack patterns that match with the general colour tone of the room is also a lot of fun and not to mention inexpensive. Best interior design firms in Bangalore most often opt for vintage stuff that is easily available in curio shops or the flea market to source great textures that would add character and colour to space.

Curtained Bed

Perfect for a studio apartment where you need to assign a nook to your bedroom, a curtained bed not only does that but also gives you privacy. An unmade made might look ungainly and cast a decadent look on the entire space. With a curtained bed, that can be avoided and you also get to mark the space within the studio apartment. The end result is a cosy nook that you would love to retreat at the end of the day.

A Dining Nook

If your kitchen has the space to spare for a small nook, then a small dining table would be just the thing. A breakfast nook or a dining nook (however you choose to call it) might just become one of your favourite places to lounge on a lazy weekend.

dining areaSome Interior decorators in Bangalore call it the last vestiges of civilized living. With technology taking over life, most of us have become addicted to the television as we sink our teeth into dinner a dining nook is just a small reminder of how good a sit-down meal would be. If your kitchen can spare the space, you can use a long pedestal table with a low sofa to accommodate a family of four.

Some of the interior design firms in Bangalore have used this décor idea to great effect and have successfully turned many a bachelor pad into the most happening place in the town.

There are many smart space hacks and home décor ideas floating around but the best interior design firms in Bangalore would be able to filter the most feasible ones that would fit your budget.

Importance of Interior Design for your Home

Why is interior design important for one’s home?

This is a rhetoric question that can have many answers.According to most Interior designers in Bangalore, a home’s interior design has become as important as its architecture. An interior design is much more than furniture, wall paint or the lace curtains. It is an amalgamation of senses and an art that brings together aesthetics, practicality and functionality in equal measures.The importance of interior design for one’s home can be brought out through four reasons –

Adds personality and character to space

  • Adding character and a personality is essential especially while designing home interiors because that’s what makes space your own. A beautiful interior with plush carpets, sofa and what not may look cosmetically luxurious but it may not make you comfortable or feel at home.
  • What’s use of spending large sums of money to design interiors for a space that doesn’t feel like home?
  • That’s why top interior designers in Bangalore recommend that the home designs incorporate characteristics that reflect the personality of the people who live there.
  • Personal touches of colour, fabric, hobby, interests, photographs, flowers and plants can go a long way in adding personality to a sterile room and make it feel like home.

Positivity and Feng Shui

  • Research attests to the fact that an individual living in a positive place where all senses and energy are balanced in the right way and will find their life to be smooth sailing. Feng Shui is the study of flow and movement of energy within a space. An interior that is well-designed with no clutter or hindering furniture is a house where feng shui is positive.
  • Today, most interior design companies in Bangalore are designing the home interiors using the age-old principles of feng shui to attract health, wealth and harmony into one’s life.

To add value to your property

  • A well-designed home with modular kitchen and tastefully furnished interiors add immense value to the property. Aesthetically pleasing interiors with efficient solutions that save space makes the home all the worth living in. Investing in home interiors is a smart decision at any time of the day, irrespective of whether you wish to live there, rent it out or sell it. The key factor would be to hire top interior designers in Bangalore to do the home interiors who would able to worth within your budget and yet deliver a home that is not only tastefully designed but also comfortable to live in.
  • Right from the time, man became domesticated he has designed a home that matches with his idea of comfort and aesthetics. Early man decorated his cave with paintings to personalize his space and make it feel like home. He hung trophies of his hunt and used the skins of animals to make his home feel like a cosy den.
  • We are no different today. We too are striving to convert our matchbox sized apartments and houses into homes. However, we do have an ace up our sleeve. We have plenty of help, online resources and many interior design companies in Bangalore to help us design our homes.
  • Yet the bottom line is that whether it is a cave or a modern condo, home interior design has never been passé.

Interior design tips to transform your home

They say that the devil is the details but we believe that a great design is in its details. Here are a few interior design tips from top home interior designers in Bangalore to transform your home from bland to beautiful.

Tip 1 – Mix n Match Budget items with Statement pieces

The best interior designers in Bangalore believe in presenting a space that has both budget and statement pieces. Most often, we believe that only expensive accessories can work out in a space but most interior decorators in Bangalore would disagree.

The resultant design is great to look out but most often it doesn’t stand out because every item in the space is ridiculously expensive. What you really need is a diamond in the rough.

You could go for an ordinary Ikea table and place an antique Ming Vase with fresh flowers or invest in a lovely chandelier to completely transform the space.

Tip 2 – Contrast with Fabric

Many may not know that designing a space with a controlled explosion of colours is an art. A vivid floral print sofa can be contrasted with a plain cushion while soft white walls can have one abstract painting with striking colours. The trick is to make the arrangement seem casual while in actuality a great deal of thought and design has gone into it.

Tip 3 – Snuggle up with a Rug

Many underestimate the appeal that one single area rug can bring to space. Rugs bring in an innate sense of comfort and warmth into a room. A space that is sterile and devoid of any personality can be transformed instantly by just placing a single area rug. A vividly coloured area rug can also be used as a focal point in the room.

Tip 4 – Investing in Statement Pieces

No, not all of us have a huge bank balance or the budget to renovate our homes every year. Yet, there are homes with a collection of beautiful statement pieces that you would love to possess. Instead of investing on interior décor all at once, aim to buy a quality piece each year. Be it an antique four-poster bed or a lovely couch good quality pieces will make a statement in any space.

Tip 5 – Think Quirky

Quirky works great, especially when you are trying to transform a space. From using ladders as towel rack to using stairs as shoe storage, quirky hacks gives the space a zing of creativity. You don’t really need to invest heavily in statement pieces when you can design creatively.

Some of the best interior designers in Bangalore allow space and light to dictate their design and so can you.

Design the Living room to make your home comfortable and organized

Designing a Comfortable Living Room

Living rooms are the most important space in a home. This is where you will greet and entertain your guests. This is where your guests will get the opportunity to size you up and to give you the respect that you deserve. That apart, the living room is the space where you get to put your feet up, enjoy and relax with your friends. Here are a few tips that would help you design a comfortable living room from the best interior designers in Bangalore


  • Having enough and more seats are essential in a comfortable living room. That’s why most interior decorators in Bangalore will go in for essential furniture such as sofa (square seated seven-foot long ones would be ideal), a coffee table, club chair, wing chair and a couple of footstools make the essentials for a living room.
  • This will ensure that there are enough and more seats for your guests and everyone will be seated with comfort.

Finding a focal point

  • Now that you have the furniture, the next essential step is to decide where and how to arrange them in the room so that the design and comfort flow harmoniously together.
  • Aligning the sofa with a hearth or a fireplace is a great idea but if the room doesn’t have one, then the view from the window or a large piece of art can become the focal point.
  • Then you can align your sofa so that your guests can get the best view of the art/garden/high-rise view. They are the best conversation starters that one can have.

Conversations and Coffee Table

  • Finding the right coffee table is difficult. For most interior decorators in Bangalore, it’s like finding the holy grail! Coffee tables are often underrated pieces of furniture but they are very handy and they do bring in sense of order within the space.
  • You can use it to place coffee, tea, drinks anything you like, store newspapers/magazines under it (if it comes with cabinets) and those who entertain other families with kids will find it to be a lovely table to put their ludo or monopoly boards on it. At the very least, you can always put your feet up on it and relax.

 Pretty trims and frills

  • Once the basic furniture is decided upon, you can go about adding all those trills and frills that would make space more personal and pretty. Fresh flowers in a vase bring in nature within and they will look beautiful anywhere. On the table, by the fireplace or on a cabinet. Even a single money plant in a small vase will look lovely.
  • Cushions and throws that contrasts with the furniture colour will bring in contrast and make the space alive.
  • Add a few candles in a glass (if they are scented it would great) and you have the most comfortable living room ever that you would love coming back home to.



How to renovate old house to new house?

Old houses/apartments come at a cheaper rate than the new ones. Old apartments and houses have a personality and many quirks of their own. Some even have their own illustrious history or a cherished piece of old antique fixture that is hard to replicate today. Renovating old houses are a tricky business and there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while doing so…

1. Changing the interior design:
Most often than not, the interior design of the old houses have a weird logic. You will find irrelevant partitions that you might have to knock down, walls that need to be erected, tiles to be redone and the house painted. First chart out an interior plan as to what you would like to retain and what needs to go and what needs to be redone completely.

2. Redo Painting:
Painting is a must if you need a whole new look to your house. While selecting the colours for each room, it would be best if you chose the shade based on the position of the windows and the door thus taking maximum advantage of the sunlight that the space would receive.Home Interior designer in Bangalore

Another thing that one needs to be to keep in mind while painting an old house is to ensure that you take care of the water proofing aspects of the structure before you start painting. Old homes have been through the wear and tear and for sure the water proofing elements would be missing in most of them. This needs to be incorporated with in the building/apartment before you start the painting work.



3. Interesting Accessories:
Interior designThe sky is the limit when it comes to selecting the home accessories. One can go by the overall theme of the house while selecting the accessories. If the house/apartment has an old colonial look or a modern bungalow feel or typical old manor house the likes of which were built during the 1930’s you can decide the accessories based on the look. Brass fixtures, chandeliers, small vintage toys and pottery and other things can be kept in the living room as great conversation starters.

Select accessories based on the theme and their quotient of elegance. Investing in one or few large sized accessories also has its merits and demerits. An antique painting or a sculpture, an ornamental vase or a silver mirror are a few examples of this. These can be used to great advantage if space is small and you can get by with just one large sized accessory. If space is huge, you can also use a good book shelf with a good collection of books as an accessory.

4. Tiling: Changing the tiles will probably be a must especially while redoing an old home.
Select the colours of your tiles carefully and if your space is small you might want to opt for large-sized white coloured tiles to give an illusion of space. You can also opt for hardwood tiles over others if you want to a good durable floor space that is easy on the pocket too.

5. Kitchen:

Kitchen is one space that would need a complete makeover especially when you are dealing with an old house. Most old houses do lack closed cupboards in the kitchen and the pantry and these need to be addressed.Space needs to be made for refrigerators, grinders, blenders, toasters, ovens and other myriad kitchen accessories that make our life easy. Installing a chimney is a must if you want to avoid a greasy-to-touch kitchen in future.

Remodeling and renovating an old house are projects that need to be handled carefully lest you damage the structure inadvertently. It would be best to engage a good interior design company to manage the project professionally.