Home Gym Interior Design

With people becoming more and more health conscious, a home gym is no more a luxury these days. Interior designers Bangalore believe that your personal workout space needs to have all the elements of a gym and yet it can be unique based on your preferences.

An area for floor exercise, cycle, weight training, floor length mirrors etc. are the basic interior design Bangalore elements of a home gym. There are however many other things that can be added to spruce up the home gym interior design. A small pool at one corner of the room would be a welcome addition for many, a mini refrigerator to store water and energy drinks, a sturdy cupboard to store accessories and ample floor space to try new yoga postures or aerobics and what’s a home gym without the latest sound system? Our expert interior designers Bangalore try to utilize open spaces of the house for home gym as it provides natural lighting and fresh air.
Our interior designers Bangalore can transform any extra space within the house into a home gym. A garage with some extra space or a nook in the living room or even the home office cum library can be converted into a home gym and fitted with equipment that is frequently used. An attic too can become a home gym as it is secluded away from the home giving you a sheltered space to burn some calories.

We have designed many a home gym along with an indoor swimming pool or a Jacuzzi that makes the time spent in the space extremely enjoyable and fruitful. We have also created many versions of home gyms for primarily women and men. Using soft lights, chandeliers, trees and large pleasant views, it takes a different level of motivation to get the women to exercise while for the men we bring dark rubber mats, mirrors, large television sets and inspirational posters to flex their muscles.

Our team of expert interior designers Bangalore has designed many home gym interiors with personalized solutions and their keen eye for detail is what makes each interior design Bangalore layout unique and custom-made.