Best Colours for Your Bathroom

Truly there is nothing like a well put together bathroom to relax your senses. While planning a bathroom renovation, the rule of the thumb is to go for colours that speak to you. You could go for bold or for serene. Seriously, there are no wrong colours for a bathroom so long as it is perfected together with hues that complement it and patterns that define it. Here are a few house interior design tricks from the best designers in Bangalore –

Tropical Green

If you want your bathroom to be a haven and a retreat, you couldn’t have picked a more apt colour. There is something about a green hue that brings on serenity to space. The tropical green in your bathroom can be vintage wallpaper or a shade of the wall and it is sure to give you a measure of peace that you seek around. Combining hues of brown with jewel green gives a vivid impression of nature in your restroom.

Pink and grey

Feminine and bold, you need not douse the bathroom in pink for it to stand out. With patterns of grey all over, just add subtle touches of pink to space. A blush pink light fixture or a pink shower curtain would be just enough to would bring out the feminine essence in this house interior design.

Cobalt blue

There is a vivid zing to this colour that adds great charm to this space. Experiment with various hues and find your own true blue or you could pattern it with different shades of blue. Either way, this colour is a winner and you won’t be changing your bathroom’s house interior design anytime soon.

Sage green

If stylish and chic is how you groove then sage green is one trend that you would be wise to adopt for your bathroom. Sage green with textures of cream is one combination that gives you a space that is lovely beyond words.

Navy blue

Some may call it dark and brooding but with a navy blue paint on, one you can add accents of gold and polished wood. Add a few vintage mirrors and a wrought iron chandelier complete with candles, you have one stylish powder room ready for the lady. It can’t get any more impressive than this.

Red and blue

This is definitely for the bold and beautiful. Go crazy with a zany colour with vivid crimson red and patterns of navy blue. Patterned wallpapers would just do the trick here and really animate the walls with movements. With these hues on, your bathroom will be a showpiece all right!


Bright and yet subtle and calm in its own right, a yellow bathroom is a place where you would love to relax in a tub full of tepid water awaiting the return of the spring. Pattern the walls with mustard yellow wallpaper and add a few yellow shades you will be ready to relax and rejuvenate.

Baby blue

There is something soothing about baby blues. Soft, calming and cute, they really are the colours to highlight the feminine essence of the space. Patterns of blue with wallpapers and shades make a great hue to work with. When mixed with cream, you get an ultra stylish glamour room to flaunt.