Art Of Using Daring Colours

Colours are a great way to reflect an individual’s personality and they can evoke a myriad of feelings. Many Apartments interior designers in Bangalore infuse colour in spaces through the use of various elements like paints, art pieces, furnishings, and even furniture. Infusing colours in an environment is a subtle art of making a statement.


Many Apartments interior designers in Bangalore use this idea to create a visual impact. They hang large pieces of art in the most unexpected places like doors, near windows, cabinets and even in the foyer. Sometimes, the art canvas also functions as window blinds. It is recommended to go pieces of art that have a play of colours or has deep baritones. Even though installing art often requires nails, there are other Do-It-Yourself ideas to install them without drilling a hole in the wall.


Painting one side of the wall in bright ochres or deep shades will create a focal point. These colours can bring back the retro era where teal, avocado green, blazing red, orange and other chromatic tones were the rage. These shades combine with streaks of purple and pink can pull off the daring effect.


When wanting to incorporate daring colours in your apartment, one of the best ways is to use furniture. Many apartment interior designers in Bangalore use renaissance or French style furniture to attain this effect.For example, the living room with a red book cabinet, olive green sofa with colourful throw pillows over a Moroccan rug is an excellent example of daring colours. One can also add patterned furnishings to add texture to the room.


Adding bold colours to your apartment can also be done through quirky wallpapers. Striped wallpapers, coloured boho wallpapers, two-toned wallpapers in ochre shades are some of the ways to add colour. Many apartments interior designers in Bangalore recommend custom made wallpapers that will reflect your life journey or any favourite moment.


If you want to create a natural focal point in your home, then bookshelves are your best bet. Paint them in bold contrast tones of red, black, orange and other shades for a beautiful setting. Use colour-coded ideas to arrange the books and use bookends in contrast tone of the bookshelf shade. Add some plants, other art accessories to enhance the space.


The bedroom is often the most ignored space and is one of the most comfortable places to play around. Most home interior designers in Bangalore play around with paint when using bold tones. They often use two or three gradients of the same shade to create a mesmerizing effect. Another variation to this style is using two colours complementing tones like bright and mellow to highlight the tones. For example, a black wall can be accentuated by dripping white paints to create asymmetrical lines. This look is both modern and organic.

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