Amazing Home Office Ideas

A decade or two earlier, one needed to rise and shine early in the morning, battle through the choking traffic and reach the one place where your day’s work would begin.

Today, things are a bit different. With cloud technology and Internet penetration deepening, you could stay in your remote village and yet connect with your office and do the work.

Technology has not only added onto the convenience but has also spawned new-age professionals who work from the comfort of their own home. For these professionals, working from home is a comfortable prospect and that’s why most home interior design has a nook if not a room for their work needs.

Here are a few amazing home office ideas that can be incorporated in your home interior design –

A Retreat

If you have space to spare then why not go all out and make it special. There are many things that one could do with a room as a home office. Again, it all depends on your profession. Some of the most common elements would be a library, comfortable couches or chairs, a large desk and in-built cupboards or shelves. Depending on the profession, one could add elements to the space that would reflect your character. A few houseplants or a flower vase would bring the nature within the room and give you a real sense of space.

The trick is not to completely make it look like an office. After all, you are working out of the home, so 70% of the interiors should be dictated by your comfort and desire. At the same time, one can’t really do away with the tables and place a bed in the office. You do have your productivity to think about. Let it be a retreat where you can work unhindered with no distractions whatsoever.

Solid and sturdy

Sometimes it is the old-fashioned that does the trick. Go in for a solid wood table and a comfortable chair, wooden paneling and a good old library of books in the background to prop up your reputation. Most often than freelancers of all discipline are considered to be unreliable and unprofessional. If you are looking to dispel that myth then here is your chance to prove them wrong. With an interior that looks utterly professional, solid and sturdy, you can win clients with your home office design.

Space Saving

This is the realm of quirks and crazy ideas. If your home interior design doesn’t factor in a home office, then here is what you can do. Convert the space under the stairs as an office (and claim it to be Harry Potterish magical) or transform a nook or a corner into an office. All that you would need a wall attached desk with open shelves or cabinets, a long desk if two or more people work with you and a comfortable swivel chair.

A quiet corner

For some, a home office is a quiet corner that is so unlike the work environment that they love to retreat there to deliver their best work. If your home interior design allows a backyard patio then your home office can be an extension of the same. A corner office with a large window that opens up into a backyard garden does give you a great view and a different perspective.

A home office might be a new thing in home or apartment interior design but if trends were to be believed, it will be an integral part of one’s home in another decade or so. Therefore if you are building a home or buying an old apartment, you might as well save some space for this right away.