Art Of Using Daring Colours

Colours are a great way to reflect an individual’s personality and they can evoke a myriad of feelings. Many Apartments interior designers in Bangalore infuse colour in spaces through the use of various elements like paints, art pieces, furnishings, and even furniture. Infusing colours in an environment is a subtle art of making a statement.


Many Apartments interior designers in Bangalore use this idea to create a visual impact. They hang large pieces of art in the most unexpected places like doors, near windows, cabinets and even in the foyer. Sometimes, the art canvas also functions as window blinds. It is recommended to go pieces of art that have a play of colours or has deep baritones. Even though installing art often requires nails, there are other Do-It-Yourself ideas to install them without drilling a hole in the wall.


Painting one side of the wall in bright ochres or deep shades will create a focal point. These colours can bring back the retro era where teal, avocado green, blazing red, orange and other chromatic tones were the rage. These shades combine with streaks of purple and pink can pull off the daring effect.


When wanting to incorporate daring colours in your apartment, one of the best ways is to use furniture. Many apartment interior designers in Bangalore use renaissance or French style furniture to attain this effect.For example, the living room with a red book cabinet, olive green sofa with colourful throw pillows over a Moroccan rug is an excellent example of daring colours. One can also add patterned furnishings to add texture to the room.


Adding bold colours to your apartment can also be done through quirky wallpapers. Striped wallpapers, coloured boho wallpapers, two-toned wallpapers in ochre shades are some of the ways to add colour. Many apartments interior designers in Bangalore recommend custom made wallpapers that will reflect your life journey or any favourite moment.


If you want to create a natural focal point in your home, then bookshelves are your best bet. Paint them in bold contrast tones of red, black, orange and other shades for a beautiful setting. Use colour-coded ideas to arrange the books and use bookends in contrast tone of the bookshelf shade. Add some plants, other art accessories to enhance the space.


The bedroom is often the most ignored space and is one of the most comfortable places to play around. Most home interior designers in Bangalore play around with paint when using bold tones. They often use two or three gradients of the same shade to create a mesmerizing effect. Another variation to this style is using two colours complementing tones like bright and mellow to highlight the tones. For example, a black wall can be accentuated by dripping white paints to create asymmetrical lines. This look is both modern and organic.

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Office Designs That Make An Impact On Employees

Offices of now are evolving into spaces that focus on employee productivity and happiness. Organisations strive to create areas that impact their employee’s well-being and results in higher productivity.

Many Office interior designers in Bangalore are now devising designs that create a positive impact on employees. These designs encourage the flow of information seamlessly and also give a welcoming effect.

Here are some key office design factors that make an impact on employees:

Workstations and workspaces  

Disorganised and cluttered workspaces make it difficult and time-consuming for workers to work happily. Offices of now are imbibing a sense of belonging in their staff as it functions as their second home. Many office interior designers in Bangalore are in favour of open workspaces that encourage collaborative engagements. Many offices worldwide have installed cubicles like alphabets, tents, gondolas and others that give a twist in their open floor plan. Many designers have now foregone the one-size fits all solution when designing workspaces.

Here is a tip! Filing, recycling files and folders in an organised manner will help in making sense out of chaos.


Many office interior designers in Bangalore strongly feel that ergonomics plays a vital role in impacting employees. Ergonomics help in maintaining the employee’s health. Its impact is designed to reduce health-related workspace risks. Poor setups will affect employees neck, back, hand and wrists leading to a decrease in health and consequently increase in holidays and other follow-up costs. Deploying necessary support is vital for laptop/desktop, mouse, keyboard and footrests so that the employee can work comfortably.

Environmental impact

Having a conducive work environment is a vital factor in the checklist of every office interior designers in Bangalore. Other than ergonomics, the ecological design will also have a profound impact on the employees. Lack of proper lighting,ventilation, high noise levels, and other sedentary factors will give a negative effect on employee’s morale. These problems can be rectified by use of natural lighting, designing a blend of workspaces, and well-designed ventilation.

Here is a tip! Offices can also set up a gym or other activities that encourage their employees to stay active. Many offices have also installed slides and rock-climbing walls for that hint of playfulness.

Workspace types

Every employee has a distinctive style of working. A well-designed workplace should offer a mix of spaces that do not obstruct their employee’s creativity. These flexible spaces can be used for lunch breaks, informal meetings, brainstorming sessions and so on. It can also facilitate conversations between personnel from different departments and provide work areas for remote workers.

Employee work areas should have enough spaces to work individually and also cogently communicate and collaborate. For example, having separate cubicles will obstruct communication and team efforts. Bringing in nature will infuse a sense of positivity and vibrancy in the office environment. Adding some vertical gardens will imbue colorfulness to the room.

Physical surroundings create a profound impact on employee behaviours, attitudes and their work experiences. Want to know more? Then the best office interior designers in Bangalore, the Design Arc Interiors are at your service.

Designing a Luxury Bedroom

Bedrooms are the place intended for restfulness and are your very own private world. Yet we need that little bit of opulence and elegance often seen in magazines and the Architectural Digest. At the same time, it is vital that your bedroom interior design reflects a tranquil design that is filed with comfortability and elegance.


Wall accents are one of the best ways to create a luxurious effect in your bedrooms. Anything plain and simple bedrooms can be transformed into a luxurious bedroom with gold and silver accents. Wall accents in gold and silver will give a regal touch to the bedroom. If you like minimalist accents, then dark greige or grey walls with paler elements are a nice touch. If there are budgetary constraints, then wallpapering or painting one side of the bedroom is a great way to introduce luxury.


Add a bespoke headboard to raise the glam factor of the bedroom. Many bedroom interior design ideas use headboards to create a luxurious space. Vintage headboards will instantly create a royal effect. If you are looking for a modern touch then, then opt for bold colours, unique shapes and design, luxurious fabrics and so on. Installing a headboard from ceiling to floor in darker shades will add the extra pinch of oomph to the room.

For example, a cheerful gold and white coloured bed with beautiful white and yellow throw pillows and a mustard yellow headboard will instantly lighten a bedroom with gray interiors.


Lighting is a crucial factor when it comes to designing luxurious bedrooms. Be its pendant lights, ceiling lights, chandeliers or table lamps; it should be statement lights. They are an excellent addition for increasing the luxe effect. Many bedroom interior design ideas recommend selecting a single exclusive shape to make the bedroom more upscale. For example, a statement chandelier with pear drop crystals in black and white for that beautiful European effect.

Here is a tip! Add a mirrored pendant light to both sides of the headboard in a neutral palette bedroom for the bedroom to look straight out of a magazine.


If there are unused spaces in your bedroom, add comfortable seating for a quiet reading nook. Place a wired chair with cushions and a rug to comfortable sit and have a read. It also functions as a place to lay out your attire for the next day. Most bedroom interior design ideas also recommend adding a plush upholstered bench layered with luxurious velvet can add that refined look in a blink of an eye.


Every home interior magazine or the Architectural Digest features a generous helping of pillows in the bedroom. Some of the best bedroom interior design ideas recommend this decadent look. Stack the pillows in the order of big, medium and small or sleep pillows, medium plush cushions, and small throw pillows. However, make sure that those throw pillows are clothed in rich fabrics of velvet or silk.

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