Adding Colour To Your Bathroom

Having an all-white bathroom may seem like a safe choice, but it runs the risk of becoming boring and clinical. Having an all-white bathroom does give a clean and sleek look. But adding a touch of colour and drama can assist in keeping with the interior design ideas present in residence.

Yet, it doesn’t necessarily mean a total renovation. Here are some DIY ideas that will add colour to your bathroom.


Create a focal point in the room by painting one side of the wall in a bright hue. It is a simple face lift that can utterly transform your bathroom’s look and feel. You can also opt for darker colours to achieve a mysterious effect. Hang a gold frame mirror, some classic wall art to make your bathroom a part of the vintage era.


If you are a fan of the monochrome colours of black and grey, then you can transform your bathroom into more contemporary and debonair space. By adding accessories like towel frames, toothbrush holders, dustbins in those colours will add to the monochrome interior design ideas. To enlarge the effect a bit, just paint one side of the wall in grey or black to enhance your colour scheme.


For that dash of elegance, add some colourful wallpapers that will instantly bring a smile to your face as soon as you enter the bathroom. Like a sweet coastal-inspired design to add charm and character to your bathroom. Place the wallpaper in a designated place like the opposite to the bath stall or above the tub with matching accessories for that personal touch.

Accent walls or tiling

Pique your interest by adding an accent wall or colourful tiles to create a design feature in your right. Use the mix of right colour combinations that will make it although more bespoke and beautiful. With vintage cupboards, ornate accessories and colourful accents the bathroom will truly become very inviting and elegant.


If you are an avid nature lover, then this plethora of interior design ideas to bring the outside inside your bath space. Give your walls a splash of olive green and natural green paint, some brown furniture for the soil and some indoor house plants. Cacti is one of those plants that require less maintenance and water. Artificial plants will also do the trick.


If you don’t want to go for renovation and retiling, it is better to opt for accessories in various shades. Incorporate some bright accessories like curtains, colourful towels, cup holders and other materials. It also comes with an added advantage of being cost-effective. It is also easy to change anytime you decide that you don’t like them or just want a change in scenery.

Here is a tip! Paint cupboard doors and the front of your bathtub to get a modern look.

Colours have a tremendous part in influencing a person’s mood. Irrespective of the size of the bathroom, colours can be a great addition without going overboard.

Stress Relief Design Ideas

Putting our feet up is often our goal after a stressful day. Our bedroom is the sanctuary that helps us de-stress, relax and rejuvenate. A cluttered space will induce a sense of chaos and depressed moods. Having a de-cluttered space will aid in having a relaxing area. Many apartments interior designers in Bangalore often advocate these stress relief design ideas that power us up in no time.


Most use design ideas that showcase simplicity at its finest. For example, a bedroom in neutral or pastel tones is a good start. Add all white bedding with ruffled sheets, a frameless mirror and simple nightstand to complete the space. In case, if the walls are white, add some layers of pastel coloured linen bedsheets. If you are a book lover, then stack your books and use them as a side table or pull out a book for a late-night read.

Play around

Many apartments interior designers in Bangalore play around with textures and shades for stress relief ideas. A play of monochromatic accents in different proportion and scale is an excellent addition for a calm setting. For example, a greige bedroom with a pastel bed and dark grey bed covers over a multi-coloured rug set the stage. Add scale by hanging oversized pendant light over the edge of the bed. Some coloured curtains and some flowers for colour and natural beauty. Sometimes, you can also add a touch of mystery to your bedroom by keeping a Persian rug in an upright position.


Go for some warm industrial tones or a bohemian touch to the bedroom. These themes are famous for giving a pleasing feel even in a clash of colours or a calm, neutral tone. The Bohemian undertones help in invoking a sense of sophistication. Add a potted plant near a quirky nightlight on a light coloured teak table near your bed. Add a plush brightly coloured Moroccan rug for colour. However, when going for the Bohemian theme, the apartments or home interior designers in Bangalore recommend that the bed be placed near the window.

Even though industrial tones are often used for large spaces, they also provide a calming environment. Use a neutral scheme with muted colours for furnishings that prevent visual chaos, and natural lighting gives layered undertones.


Most apartments interior designers in Bangalore recommend art as part of stress relief. Art can be used in all shapes and sizes. Hang a large canvas that will help in selecting the scheme for the room, and it will also be a focal point. Hang some Do-it-Yourself wall art to spruce things up. The next best alternative is the wallpaper. They come with an advantage as it can be easily changed.

Here is a tip! Don’t overcrowd artwork, as it will create clutter and disorganised spaces.

Having a calming atmosphere is the most essential thing, and these ideas will guarantee that transformation. Want to know some more? Our best apartments interior designers in Bangalore, the Design Arc Interiors are at your service.

Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Finding enough space in the bathroom for storing our essentials often proves to be a challenge. The requirements for a stylish and clutter-free bathroom is primarily smart storage and beautiful design. In a nutshell, intelligent bathroom storage solutions are the need of the hour, and the interior decorators in Bangalore have some excellent ideas.


This idea is very commonly used by most interior decorators in Bangalore when designing bathrooms. If there is a wall near your shower cubicle, ask a professional to cut out a recess in the wall before the tiling process. It will make the perfect space to store your bath products without getting wet. Make that recess stand out by using different patterned tiles. However, the size of the break depends upon the wall and its build.

Over and under

Many a time, the sink’s sides are used to place toiletries, and they constrain space. But, now the home interior designers in Bangalore use a novel idea of setting shelves right below the mirror or as benches adjacent to the sink.  When placing shelves above the sink, you would be able to install a much larger and sleek sink with extra room.

Placing benches underneath the sink is a smart way to keep towels. The long benches adjacent to the sink will give the dual advantage of seating and storage. A bath caddy tray is a super convenient way to take a long soak or have a read.

Up to down

If you want to access all your bath products in one place, then the home or apartments interior decorators in Bangalore recommend the use of floor to ceiling cubbies. They provide ample storage space for towels, bath products, cleaning supplies and others. As it also comes with doors like wardrobe, storing cleaning supplies from plain view and add style to the décor. There is also wall-hung vanity that can be installed in bathrooms. It is a good fit for storage in a large shower cubicle.

Use storage baskets to fill up those cubbies. It helps in keeping the clutter away, and it is neat on the outside. At the same time, you would have time to refill as soon the stock runs low.

Here is a tip! Label your baskets to avoid confusion and makes it’s more comfortable to reach.


Many spaces go unutilized in a bathroom. Usually, it will be the window sill, the area above the toilet and under the sink. These places, according to interior decorators in Bangalore aid in bringing out your creative streak. Hang a couple of wicker baskets or basket shelves to store towels, loofas and other items. If cabinets do not fit in narrow spaces, add some horizontal shelves to keep your things. A wall hanging with multiple holders are excellent for smaller bathrooms. Add a towel rack with tray on top with a beautiful framework for placing fragrant scents.

Here is a tip! Make sure these baskets do not hinder your movement in the bathroom.

Using these ideas will help you avoid a floor full of toiletries and can be converted to a visually enchanting place.

Wall Decoration for Bathrooms

Bathrooms are often the most ignored space of our home. It is classified as a functional space that has no need for decoration. However, the home interior designers in Bangalore are of a different opinion. Sprucing up your bathroom will add a touch of zing to your day and make you energized for the day.

Add art

Many home interior designers in Bangalore recommend adding pieces of art to your bathroom’s wall. Add some vintage posters or vibrant paintings that light up your showers. If you are a 90’s or a millennial kid, hang a banner that reminds you of that era. If you love getting inspired, then add some quote posters. You can also add a vintage clock like those in the railway station for a dual advantage of getting ready in time and improving the look.

Here is a tip! You can either hang a big one or place smaller ones in bathroom shelves.

Get creative

Explore your creative side when trying storage options in the bathroom. Instead of opting for traditional choices of shelves, home interior designers in Bangalore recommend using step ladders, floating, Do-it-yourself shelves or even boxed cabinets to store bathroom essentials. Use colour coordinated bathroom accessories like cloth baskets, towels and bath curtains.

Here is a tip! Use some colour tape to create some eye-catching geometric patterns. Smaller decals can also be used to create patterns.


Wall accents are one of the primary choices of home interior designers in Bangalore when decorating your bathrooms. Paint one side with a wall for a rustic effect. If going for a cost-effective makeover, then decals, wallpaper or stenciling is a great alternative. It creates a focal point in the bathroom. One of the many advantages of these accents is that they come in different patterns and shades. Even though moisture may present a challenge when using wallpapers, it can be easily remedied by waterproof wallpapers. Add a heavy duty rug in eye-catching tones and patterns to complete the look.

Here is a tip! It is better to use vinyl-based wallpapers or decals that are easy to remove and doesn’t leave a residue on the wall.


Add some gorgeous potted plants to your bathroom windowsills, sink tops, near your bathtub. Ask your local horticulturist to help you select the plants suitable for bathrooms. It helps you accentuate the bathroom’s look and atmosphere and makes the morning look more inviting. Many home interior designers in Bangalore recommend using bathroom essentials in attune with the natural theme for a sense of uniformity.


Home interior designers in Bangalore insist that lighting is an integral part of bathroom decorations. They are not only a necessity but are also an accessory. They have the ability to make or break the space. Choose wisely and invest in beautiful pendant lights that hang either side of the mirror over the sink.  Have some candles handy for those long relaxing baths.

Want some ideas on how you can bring life to your bathroom? Then the best home or apartments interior designers in Bangalore at the Design Arc Interiors are here to help.