Using Headboard as a Decorative Element

Headboards help in creating a focal point when it comes to bedroom interior design. It not only gives support to our tired backs but also creates a design element that can enhance your bed or completely transform its looks. Use this tips to design headboard that screams you.


Bedroom interior design ideas often give a free handle when it comes to the creativity factor. Often we see that headboards are a plain old slab of wood at the back of mattress frame. Paste hexagonal or any shape of tile you prefer in the wall and place your bed underneath them. If the colour scheme of the room is very warm and inviting, you can stick a fresco inspired tile that will complement the room.This will help in creating a focal point and give your bedroom a free form look.


Love to be unique? Then this floating headboard is a great fit as it defies the traditional norm of beds and boards. A floating headboard is few inches off the floor and doubles up as wall decor. By using upholstered rectangular or square pattern, it gives reclining comfort along with a statement. To make it more functional, just add some shelves on either side that can house your favourite books or a music system to listen to the soothing tranquility of your favourite songs.

Tip! Attention to detail and ambient lighting is an important part when designing a headboard with shelves.

Blank canvas

This is most definitely out of the box bedroom interior design idea when designing a child’s bedroom.  Blackboard design is recommended by interior design experts so that you have space for brainy equations, doodles or for those thoughts that randomly pop. If not a headboard, paint the wall with blackboard paint,that will give an ever-changing backdrop that goes well with the contemporary background.

Tip!Just be sure to keep the chalky artwork away from the bed to avoid chalk on pillows and the mattress.

Guest or shared bedrooms

When redesigning or designing a shared bedroom for your kids or guests, use coordinating cushions and covers with matching headboard to bring uniformity and give a smart look to the room. You can also add some hidden cabinets to the headboard for the correct dose of functionality if a side table is not a possible option.

A touch of the classic

Wooden headboards have a historical past when it comes to our Indian culture. They are found in palatial bedrooms that emanate the royal effect. But due to space constraints, the four-poster carved bed has lost its enigma. This ingenious bedroom interior design idea helps you bring that effect by bringing with two carved wooden posts. However, the headboard should be smaller in size and with a dome silhouette that depicts to the golden era.


Minimalism is nowadays the trend. It is also easy to maintain and are sleek in look. It presents a no-fuss backdrop that complements a minimalistic bedroom/apartment interior design. Incidentally, you can also install a wall of wood to match your interior decor.

Headboards present that comfort factor combined with functionality. Want to know which type suits you best? Our bedroom interior designers at “Design Arc Interiors”, are here to help to bring bedroom bliss.

Storage Areas for Shoes

If one thing puzzles us when it comes to storage, it is always shoes. Finding storage solutions for our ever-growing collection of shoes of personal and family can often prove to be quite challenging when looking for house interior design ideas. Be it formals, casuals or plain old sneakers; we need the right place to store them. Here are some ideas that will help to hold on to your entire collection.

Stow them away

If you have put a seating option like a bench in your foyer, then you can store them underneath or by installing some drawers with open handles in them that can be rolled out comfortably. Pull out your shoes before taking a seat to wear them. In case of less space, you can place a medium sized cabinet to store the footwear.

Tip! Wherever you keep your shoes make sure it has enough breathing space to get rid of the musty smell.

Under you go

One of the brilliant house interior design ideas that let you uses the free space underneath the staircase. It will conceal the footwear and also give the extra storage space without the need to alter any other areas. With the help of some clever carpentry, this house interior design idea can transform the lacuna beneath your staircase into a pull-out cabinet.  An alternative to this method would be the shelving idea, instead of a pull-out cabinet, the space beneath the stairs can be divided into open shelves to hold the footwear.

If there is no free-standing staircase in your home, then put those stairs tread’s redundant cavities to work. However, this type of storage work should be undertaken by a professional who can ensure that the drawers are getting proper ventilation and the stairs will not be damaged due to its modifications.

Wardrobe and Cupboards

Wardrobe and cupboards are a must-have feature when it comes to house or apartment interior design. Many interior designers recommend a minimum of three pull-out racks inside the closet to store your footwear that also gives easy access. Many experts say that clothes need atleast about 120 cm of space if hanged in rods, so plan your shoe space accordingly.

 If you want to pick your shoes on the way out, then add some wire racks to the cupboard present in the hallway and store your shoes. You can also add dowels to slot the shoes inside instead of trays.

Here is a tip! When adding racks to your cupboards, measure your heels, boots and place the frames accordingly.

DIY ideas

Do It Yourself (DIY) is a prevalent concept in house interior design as it aids in showcasing the creativity of the homeowner.  File away your precious collection of footwear in cardboard or plain-view acrylic boxes. It not only keeps your collection neat but it also protects them everyday dust and grime.

Tip! If using cardboard boxes to store them, don’t forget to label them as you will end up rummaging around for the required shoe thereby creating an even larger mess.

These are some of the clever storage ideas that will help in organising your shoe collection. If you are still in search of the perfect storage to organise your space, then we at “Design Arc Interiors” are here to help.

Laundry Space in a Home

Doing laundry is an everyday task in every Indian household. We don’t often designate a separate area in our home laundry due to space constraints and other issues. However, the interior decorators in Bangalore say that irrespective of the space, it quite easy to design a laundry space in your home.

Here are some pointers on how to craft a laundry zone:

Find the space

Usually, laundry space is near the bathroom or the kitchen where there are inlet and outlet pipes. Additionally, the area also requires the correct voltage electrical plug outlet of 15amps that adhere to its safety specifications. If you are placing the washing machine in the balcony, make sure the door is at least three feet in width for easy use and air circulation.

Here is a tip! If there are more family members, install a second washing machine by clearing out your storage.

Know your need

Before deciding the appliances, list out the reasons for the use of the laundry room. If you are sorting and folding the clothes right there, then you need a counter. Many interior decorators in Bangalore recommend the addition of shelves that will help you reach the laundry products. Those shelves can also be used to store baskets, ironing machine, foldable clothing hanging rods, hangers and so on.

Appliance matters

Many office & home interior decorators in Bangalore stress the importance of selecting the right machine when it comes to laundry space. You can easily transform your laundry space into a fully functional one by adding some side appliances as well like an iron table, an extra dryer, collapsible laundry hampers, and some floating shelves or racks for storing those knick-knacks like detergent, conditioners and others.

Here is a tip! A retractable clothesline or a wall-mounted drying rack is a good addition.

Demarcate zones

If your laundry zone has a sink nearby for you to wash out the tough stains, you will find that there will be water everywhere. This might pose more significant problems like damaging the machine and electrical shortcuts. So it is better to differentiate between wet and dry zones. Place your washing machines and the side of the sink to keep the wet tasks together.

Tip! The sink should be deep enough for you to wash out stains comfortably and without water splashing on the outside. The material of the sink should be preferably in stainless steel or granite.

Points to remember

When planning a laundry area, durable materials and ventilation of light and air are very important. Countertop materials like granite, laminates, stone and tile are durable and easy to maintain as they are immune to moisture and stains. Home & office Interior decorators in Bangalore use polished countertops with no ragged or sharp edges that can damage the clothing. Natural lighting is best for laundry rooms, in its absence, the room should be well lit. Equip the counters with task lights to help in sorting your clothes or for spotting stains. Next, personalise the laundry space to create a cheerful atmosphere when doing laundry.

With these tips, you can build a laundry zone with built-in storage and have a great time doing your chores.

Wall Art for Kid’s Room

Children are the joy of the world. Decorating their bedroom is one of the funniest and most challenging scenarios every parent faces. At the same time, you can unleash your creativeness by teaming up with your little ones. Most interior designers in Bangalore recommend these great ideas to create awesome wall art.


A mural is an artwork that is applied directly on the wall. A floor to ceiling mural is the perfect way to transform a plain bedroom into a magical wonderland. Using large print animal, princess or forest themed wallpapers cover two or more walls. Wall decals are also very easy to maintain and can often change as per the child’s wish as they grow.

Dot them away

Many interior designers in Bangalore advocate the use of polka dots when decorating your child’s bedroom. It is a simple idea to cover up a huge wall with small sized wall art stickers and repeat them in sequence. This type of wall art is usually done in two methods: They are in a symmetrical series of precisely measure rows for that accuracy. The second one will be a random pattern that allows you to mix and match different kinds of wall decals.

Make it glow

Everyone loves a starry night, more so children. It is straightforward to create a shimmering effect by sticking those glows in the dark stickers or by hanging string lights by the bed frame. If you want that effect to be permanent, paint one side of the wall in midnight blue with a crescent, stars, sea and ships and add some glow in the dark stickers in the ceiling to complete the picture.

Here is a tip! Use string lights instead of night lights as they also provide an ethereal glow.

Create Zones

Wall art is not only beautifying the space, many home interior designers in Bangalore even use it to create zones in a room and can define how space is used.  With the help of the wall art in various shades, sizes, shapes and hues, you can explicitly mark out the areas for sleep, study, play and more.

A tip to use! Paint or stick a wall decal in one corner where the bed is placed to create an interesting nook.


Assortments and additions

Every wall art requires its sidekicks to shine through. Many home & apartment interior designers in Bangalore stress that lighting and other accessories are also equally important to highlight the beauty of the wall art or decal. Place your lights strategically to reflect the wall decal or art. A word of advice, go for battery operated lights instead of wall sockets for an extra safety precaution. You can also use three or four thick woollen threads and knot them on a dowel, trim them in shape of a triangle and place them under a pendant light.

Here is a tip! Frame your child’s handprints and footprints in the shape of name’s first letter and illuminate.

Decorating your little one’s bedroom is no child’s play, but our best interior designers in Bangalore at “Design Arc Interiors” are here to help.