Making the Most of Small Dining Rooms

Dining rooms are the place for families to connect, enjoy and the share their experiences of the day. It is a place that creates many memorable moments of bonding with your friends and family and no matter its size. Dining rooms are an essential part of any home interior design as it brings people together.

Here are some ideas that can help you make most of your dining room:

Go wild:

Have a wild streak? Then a wild theme like jungle wallpaper or climbing vines is the perfect fit. You can also have a printed zebra print for the décor or the furniture. For the lightning effect, hanging lanterns can bring the feel of an outdoor food fiesta. Having a dark color for the walls coupled with antique furniture with a glass or wooden table with a beautiful flower arrangement in the middle makes up for a great time.

Splash of colors:

Having a play of colors in the dining room can add to the ambiance of the room. Having candy pink or electric blue chairs or as curtains. Fuschia is a bold accent that goes well floral wallpaper. A green lacquer can add some shine to the room.  A mix of antique metal lamps and vintage mirrors can add a touch of old times and opulence to the dining room. Bright colors are often used in home interior design to bring life to the room by highlighting the space and its décor.

Formal, modern and crisp:

Want a touch of formality? Then rattan chairs in all white setting with a beautiful plaster chandelier hanging above will give a hint of formality with a personal touch. Get a glimpse of the colonial era with taffeta cloth-covered table and with a beautiful breakfront that is durable for storage and aces in the looks department.

All is art:

Art can be used the make the room pop no matter its size. Many interior designers in Bangalore hang large paintings to bring fresh colors. You can even add cinema posters and have a beautiful and brightly colored terracotta birds on wooden brackets. Showcase your love of plants by placing them near the wall. Mixing different art pieces from various eras and cultures gives an eclectic touch.

Homely yet modern:

Many interior designers often advocate a touch of subtlety with a hint of modernism for home interior design. The sage offers a muted background with vintage flooring, patterned curtains and modern art around the room is a mix of modern yet vintage. Placing a round or a rectangular table with flower vases in the middle along with custom-made French chairs covered with textured linen jute. Hanging exquisite crystal chandeliers or lanterns can add a touch of tasteful elegance to the room.

Mismatched designs:

Looking for the exotic yet casual look for your dining room? White floors with black accents with subtle colored curtains and paper lanterns can make up for mismatched designs and draw attention to all the elements in the dining room. Mismatched designs give a casual feel that is perfect for Sunday brunches and cozy family dinners.

Transform your small dining room into a beautiful and elegant space with some of these ideas. Space is never a constraint as “Home is where the heart is” and we at Design Arc Interiors will help you in making most of your small dining rooms.

Bathroom Islands

Bathroom islands are slowly becoming the rave and a prominent part of house interior design. Islands were a staple in the kitchen to create a focal point where families can be together and have a good time. In the same way the bathroom, islands are being used to create a focal point in over-sized bathrooms or to utilize the space.

Most interior designers are of the view that bathroom islands are a common sense approach to spacious bathrooms. The reason for this trend might be the increasing area of bathrooms as it is perceived as a place for a person to relax and be one with their thoughts.

If you are planning a big bathroom as part of your house interior design then, the islands will be a right choice to create a focal point or to add some extra storage space. Right now the trending look for bathroom islands is sleek,contemporary and crisp.

Here are some pointers that will help you if you decide on a bathroom island:

  1. The island should be a space constraint.
  2. Make sure there is plenty of space around the island.
  3. There should be enough space to move around the island even past opened closet doors.
  4. Choose a shape that gives flow to the bathroom like an oval shape is more flowing then a rectangular or square bathroom island.
  5. Customize your bathroom island like do you want it for brushing or putting on make-up. You can also use the island to separate his and her bath accessories.
  6. The bathroom should have sufficient lighting for ease of access.
  7. Experiment with different kinds of materials like glass, porcelain, and large-scale tile.
  8. House interior designers recommend lighter colors like cream, parchment, eggshell, and soft gray, along with engineered quartz and granite that will create a focal point in the bathroom.
  9. There is no need for the bathroom island to blend with the bathroom interiors as it is installed to stand out in the crowd.
  10. It should have cabinets that are accessible on all sides.

Bathroom islands perform three functions of being part vanity, party dresser, and part wardrobe. You can customize your bathroom wardrobe to have low rung sofa to comfortably sit and relax your feet after a long day or wear make-up for your gorgeous look.

You can move you’re his and her sink and mirrors to the middle and keep them on either side of the island. The freed space can be used to add desk or cabinets along the wall. You can even keep potted plants across the wall as hangings or in the desk for the tropical feel.

Try designing your bathroom island as an antique dresser with over-sized sofa to go with it when planning your house interior design as it not only sleek but adds a touch of vintage as well.

Want some ideas on bathroom islands? Then we at Design Arc Interiors; are ready to help you add the wow factor to your home or as the French say adding a magnificent bathroom island to your over-sized bathroom is Tres cool.

Making the most of a Garden View

When we go to hotels we ask for a garden view room. Why do you think that is? Great views and pleasant prospects are nice to rise up to, they are great for selfies evoking much envy among friends and most important of all it enhances the value of the property. How many times you have seen ads that read Garden view apartments? Most often than not, properties are also named appropriate as ‘Garden view’ or ‘mountain view’ to make the most of the property’s view.

While having a view is awesome, it is also important that you build your home in such a way that you enjoy the pleasant prospect that is offered to you. What’s really the point of having a great view if you have walled it up? Here are a few ideas from apartment interior designers in Bangalore that would make the most of a garden view.

Black Frames in Glass Windows

One of the many things that apartment interior designers in Bangalore do to enhance a beautiful garden view is to fix glass windows with black frames. Nothing adds more visual impact to a wooded view than black and since it can blend beautifully into the view, the resultant picture is nothing less than postcard perfect.

A Dining room in an Orangery

These days, most interior designers are experimenting with space and beauty and this is one of their most successful experiments. An orangery need not just be a building in your garden. It can be turned into the most talked-about memorable venues for a cozy dinner party or a fun evening among friends, or even a book club meeting with some wine, pasta, and pizza. What’s fun with this venue is that a garden and a lawn surround it and an astute interior designer would build it with a lot of glass and French windows that would bring the green into the interior. Add a fancy chandelier and a cozy round table makes it worth the trouble because it will be a memorable evening for your guests.

Small Patio

These days, we are lucky to even have a small patio so it is important that we make most of it. Plant trees one or two large trees that would give a cool shade over the place and grow a lawn. Shrubs, potted plant and a hammock would do the trick. Positioning this view within the home is important. If the two or more rooms overlook the place, a careful consideration of the choice of the trees and plants must be given. A climbing plant or a few creepers that creep along the first floor would look utterly charming.

A Pool View

If space isn’t an issue then going in for a small artificial pool might just be worth the view you would get. Naturally adorned with rocks and plants the pool can reflect the infinite depths of the blue sky in the morning and the cool blue rays of the moon in the night. You will never grow tired of this view, that’s for sure.

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Biophilic Design in the Office

A decade ago, offices were truly concrete jungles with cubicles, desks and chairs. No doubt, there were plush carpets, awe-inspiring chandeliers, expensive furniture and art but these spaces were enclosed, cloistered (almost) like a monastery and the only hint that most employees got of the outside world was through the windows. In some offices, if the view was not to their liking, that too was walled up.

This spawned the need for Biophilic designs, especially for offices. Known as the missing piece of sustainable architecture a Biophilic design is all about connecting with nature and in plain words to bring the green within the building. With most office interior designers in Bangalore jumping into the green bandwagon (the more the better) here are a few ideas for a Biophilic design.


Skylights are one of the most underrated energy efficient designs. Did you know that a single skylight can transform an entire room and add 30% light than a mere window? Skylights bring in natural light into the room, which alone makes it irreplaceable. It uses zero energy and yet fills the home with light.

A food farm within an office

Sustainability is one buzzword that we need to take very seriously. That’s why office interior designers in Bangalore are bringing the farm (literally) inside the office. Tomato vines in the dining room, lemon and passion trees green walls as partitions and dividers, salad leaves inside seminar rooms and bean sprouts grown under benches. No, we are not describing a hobbit’s utopia but today’s reality, as it should be.

Vertical Gardens

A trend that is fast picking up and a delight to those who see it, vertical gardens not only gives the building a green cover but also provides insulation, keeps it warm during winter and cool during summer. There is something soothing and immensely satisfying to see greenery draping around concrete jungles. It gives one the feeling that nature will finally win this battle.

Open Design

No we are not talking about the traditional open design concept that today’s office interior designers in Bangalore find so trendy. We are talking about the office of an architecture firm of Salgas Cano in Madrid, which has a different kind of open office interior design. The entire office is designed with cubicles and everybody gets a window seat because the entire building is separated by glass from the view outside. The setting seems surreal as though a cubicle had landed by mistake in the middle of a forest. The tunnel-shaped office has insulated fibreglass and polyester and its employees get direct sunlight and a weighted pulley system that allows them to control the ventilation.

Cool much? We believe so

Biophilic designs are much in demand today and we believe it that is changing the trend towards the positive. No more energy draining giant mega structures instead, let’s build self-sustain green structures that are really green.

Creating Green Walls

With green being the buzzword in real estate these days, it is not surprising that most home interior designers in Bangalore are opting for green walls.

What are green walls?

Green walls are vertical gardens or living walls pioneered by French artist and botanist Patrick Blanc almost thirty years ago. A green wall will typically contain a frame, waterproof panels, an automatic irrigation system and plants. If a wall or a panel is already present it can be converted into a green wall as well.

Basically green walls allow the building the breath and they bring in nature beautifully into a concrete jungle. Stark offices that are stripped bare of nature can have a claustrophobic effect on the employees, giving them a sense of being trapped in a Matrix-like environment. Green walls can change that perception and bring in a measure of peace, contentment and also help increase productivity. If the building or home is at a place where there is a poor view then, it is best to build your own view rather than shut out the building completely.

Today, many home interior designers in Bangalore are covering stark bare walls with green to give their interiors and exterior the lush thick green cover.

Ideal locations within a home for green walls would be balcony walls for apartments & flats and compound walls for independent houses. Most home interior designers in Bangalore use aluminium and plastic as part of the fabrication to protect the wall against water seepage.

Commonly used plants for living walls are SyngoniumPhyodandranSpathipyllum and money plant for the indoors while Scheflera, Durantha gold and Irasinareare used for outer green walls.

Living Room

Living rooms that have an open balcony or a skylight can be a perfect place for a green wall. An artistically designed green wall can replace any art that you would display in the living room and be a great conversation starter with your guests.

Backyard Porch

Plants find a natural place in the porch and with a vertical green wall, you can also experiment with the space and make it more spectacular. Build a stone table with a chair or two and some hanging pendant lights, you have a private gazebo ready for some romance.


Green walls make a fabulous façade in the bathrooms. They give us a sense of peace even as we soak in the stress of the day. If a wall is not feasible inside then a one-way glass that overlooks a green wall makes a great substitute (if not better). The living wall can thrive well outside and you get to bring a great view inside your bathroom.


If the bedroom has a balcony overlooking a not-so-salubrious view then it’s time to create your own private retreat. Green walls can also give you more privacy than any window or drapes. Add a hammock or a hanging chair to it, you can imagine yourself on an exotic island and shut out the world.

Our system consists of a frame, waterproof panels, an automatic irrigation system, special materials, lights when needed and of course plants. The frame is built in front of a pre existing wall and attached at various points; there is no damage done to the building. Waterproof panels are mounted to the frame; these are rigid and provide structural support. There is a layer of air between the building and the panels which enables the building to ‘breath’. This adds beneficial insulating properties and acts like rain-screening to protect the building envelop.

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