Wardrobes & Closets Hacks

Now did you know that one woman in New York spent over $175K to recreate Carrie Bradshaw’s closet from the popular film Sex and the City? They literally had to hire the film’s set designers to covert a 400 square foot room into a closet that made its audiences gasp.

So what was so special about this closet? Well, for one thing, it had space for more than 400 pairs of designer shoes, dozens of handbag, not to mention those designer clothes, jewels, accessories, shawls, stoles, scarves, sunglasses and other bling that women can literally not do without.

The truth of the matter is that no matter how big the closet really is, a woman will always run out of space to keep her things. Whether it be shoes, clothes or bling, they do need all the space available and more. Sadly, we all don’t have film set designers to do our closets so we need to make do with whatever hacks we can come across and hope for the best.

Here are a few closet design ideas from top apartment interior designers in Bangalore –

#1 Baskets and more

You might never have enough space to place all those cool sunglasses, scarves and other knick-knacks that form a part of your wardrobe on display. So the best possible solution would be to invest in open storage baskets and stack them in line together. Throw in all those small things that matter within and it gets easy to retrieve them when needed and it also doesn’t clutter the space.

#2 Hanging Organizer

A hanging organizer totally makes sense when space is optimum. You can double the number of clothes that you have and yet find the space to keep them neatly. These are also versatile enough to allow you to hang a second rod to keep a second row of shirts and clothes. Some organizers come with hooks on the side where you can hang your handbags easily.

#3 Specialized Hangers

This one is for men but it makes perfect sense for women too. Think about it? If you find great hacks to save space for their clothes, you can fit a few more things onto the shelf as well. It’s a win-win for all.

Specialized hangers are designed specifically for a man’s pant and it makes it easy to hang ironed pants thanks to its open-ended design. And since it hangs flat against each other you can fit more pants within the space easily.

#4 Shelf Dividers

Most apartments Interior Designers in Bangalore will give you long shelf where the chance of clutter is rather high, fit in shelf dividers that will force you to fold and organize it easily. One portion for towels, one for winter wear sweaters and one for jackets and raincoats. Voila! You are organized and neat!

#5 Extender Rods

The thing about extender rods is that it can be used anywhere – in your bathroom or the closet. An extender rod not only creates you more shelf space but also doubles up as space from which you can hang more clothes.

#6 Hooks

Hooks have long been in existence ever since man built his first home. From hanging animal skins to hanging one’s hat or a jacket, we are still using them in our closets and there is no reason why we should stop using them.

#7 Shelves Above

Keep the shelves above to store those suitcases, bags and overnight cases and that will leave you more room in your closet.

Closets have long been the most overlooked aspect of a home interior design. Most Apartment Interior Designers in Bangalore find that by providing a nook for one’s clothes and stuff.

Thankfully that trend is fast changing and most designers are now finding it important to make space for this.

Trends That Will Keep Employees Happy

Offices are slowly breaking the mold of being stereotypical and are embracing the technology and other quirks to make office spaces livelier. Innovative office design does contribute to employee productivity and motivates them to perform at their best.

The trend nowadays is open floor spaces which converges to a place where all can meet at a center point and brainstorm their ideas. So the question arises of how to put the space to work?


When designing office space, it is essential to incorporate the company logo, brand and their products along with lighting, paint color and space. Integrating local culture motifs with innovative design, space and lighting can elevate the employee’s productivity. Many Office Interior Designers in Bangalore can help you to incorporate these features and give a makeover to the area.

Out of the box

Avant-garde office spaces are slowly starting to be a trend everywhere. The generation of now is attracted to open, and collaborative office spaces with laid-backrecline to relate with their co-workers and have fun when working. So the offices can incorporate ideas that not increase productivity but transform working as a fun experience.


Nature is the key when comes to performing efficiently. Spruce up your hallways with plants, vertical gardens, green walls (plants fixed on wooden planks) to give the greenery effect. Working in drab spaces leads to dull employees. Let the naturallight to stream through with grass patches, anda stone surface can increase the happiness of the employees thereby making them productive.


Nowadays, the borders are blurred between countries,and our employees work round the clock to accommodate the international timings which practically make the office as their second home. This prompts for comfortability which is home. Office Interior Designers in Bangalore have come up with innovative and homelike ideas like furniture commonly found in the living room, or the patio can turn the office into a welcoming environment.

The zone

Getting in the zone is essential when racing against time to complete a project before its due date, and it requires complete attention which often hard to find given the time and other constraints. Setting up zen or a meditation room to re-energize an employee is a great addition to the office. The dimly-lit area with yoga mats, massage chairs, idyllic water fountains and gardens of natural scented flowers can assist the employee in getting calm and gain the zen skills needed for the project. The major no for this room would be that no gizmos allowed. Away from the hustle and bustle of the office, the zen room will help the employees mentally detox and take on the work headstrong.

Every office looks to achieve the perfect employee, and the employees of now are expecting more from their bosses other paycheck and insurance. Designing an office that makes an employee feel at ease and stress-free to perform their duties is easily achievable. The office & home interior designers in Bangalore of the Design Arc Interiors can create an office space that is not only well-designed but fun and inspires to work.

In-House Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is a place to relax and de-stress away from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. Having a well-designed swimming pool is a great way to enjoy a quiet day or just to exercise.The look of the pool should make you dive right in, and the home interior designers in Bangalore will help you achieve that effect.

The Shape

Opting for a square, circular or an oval shape other than the commonly found rectangular pool is a good start. Selecting a shape based on the availability of space can add a personal touch to the home. You can also add stone steps or coral stepping stones to brighten the pool area.Transforming the pool into your very own brook gives a touch of nature and nature is never symmetrical.

Layering the floor

Substituting the traditional tile or marble flooring of your in-house pool with little-rugged flooring can be safe for the swimmers and also give a rustic look to the pool. Layering the floor with pebbles and grass footpaths to place your steps without the worry of slipping. The pebbles and grass paths will also present an illusion of stream.


As they say “It is not who you wear, it is how you wear,” you can spruce up the pool house with wavy curtains or bring Tuscany to your pool house by using orange canopies and cypress trees to add to the effect. Paint one side of the wall to give the illusion of space or fix up a home theater to go with the martinis. Place a comfy lounge chair or oversized cushions that assist you in your beauty regimen.


The in-house pool can take advantage of the natural light that streams through the windows. Replacing the walls with clear glass with wooden rims or replacing a part of the ceiling with glass is a beautiful way to let in the sunlight. Many Home Interior Designers in Bangalore can help you achieve that effect by adding patio windows or giving a clear glass view of the sky while basking in the sunlight.


Indoor pools are your special place to create fun and loving memories. Swap out the usual tiles and embed tiles with pictures that instantly bring a smile to your face. Home Interior Designers in Bangalore has many types of mosaic or tile art that give your pool an artistic effect.


Fill the weekends with endless fun with beautiful and complimenting dinner table or have a quiet drink with your loved one at the mini bar by the pool. Having a meal or a drink by the water makes up for a fun and serene environment where you are one with your emotions. Placing high bamboo chairs with a marble counter will blend well with the plants placed around the pool and give the effect of fine outside dining at no additional cost.

Designing an in-house pool does not require a lot of effort; a little imagination will do the trick. The pool will add to the beauty of your residence. You can avail the services of the best home & Office Interior Designers in Bangalore at the Design Arc Interiors, to construct a subtle yet elegant indoor pool.

Puja Room Design Ideas

Puja room, nook or corner is the first place that is set up by Hindus even before they move into the house. Irrespective of whether they are moving into a rental or own house, the pooja room is set up with just the rudimentary basics to perform a small pooja on an auspicious day before the actual moving in happens.

While most interior designers overlook this important space, interior decorators in Bangalore have more experience than others in allocating the right nook or room for their clients.

This is a sacred space where spirituality rules, where we chant mantras to harmonize our surroundings, were we perform rituals to please our ancestors and seek their blessings. This room and space require careful thought and planning. Here are a few tips from the best interior decorators in Bangalore to design this room –

A platform to seat yourself

Most households barely get a nook to dedicate to their Gods and a separate pooja room is a luxury by all means. Even if you have just a nook, you can transform the space and demarcate it with a wooden platform and a stand to hang photographs, keep idols. Hindu worship of Gods requires many sacred items from incense to sandalwood. All these can be kept neatly within a drawer below the stand. Elegant, humble and yet simple this altar can be set in the living room or in the kitchen, wherever appropriate.

Simple and humble

Interior Decorators in Bangalore can create a simple and humble altar of worship in any nook of the room. All that is required is a background panel, some soft lighting and you will have a nook that gives calm vibes around the space allowing you to meditate and rejuvenate spiritually.

Awe-inspiring devotion

One of the many unique pooja rooms that Home Interior Designers in Bangalore designed was awe-inspiring enough to around fiery devotion. With stained glass in the background and on the ceiling, one will find the pooja room awash with the pure light of the sun to awaken the spiritual essence within you.

Minimalistic and simple

For those who like to keep things simple and minimal, an alcove with an altar and shelves with a few photographs and an idol would be perfect. The mirror in the background can reflect a beautiful chandelier or a pendant light and within the small space of this altar, one will find one’s true self.

Traditional temple pooja rooms

Traditional temple pooja cabinets are designed and built to resemble temples. These cabinets can be closed with a door that is decorated with tinkling bells and a handy drawer beneath can be used to store all the pooja items. This cabinet can be built to a size to fit an alcove, a nook, corner or even a pooja room. Those who have the space to spare and need an elaborate pooja room can opt for the traditional room. Dark tiles and contrasting lights will make this room seem like the temple’s path to illumination and knowledge.

A pooja room is a unique space and one can use hundred DIY tricks to make it look great but with experienced home or Office Interior Decorators in Bangalore, it gets transformed into something magical transcending all material realms.

Designing a Romantic Bedroom

If you hire the best interior designers in Bangalore, you might get that romantic bedroom that you had dreamed of. If you haven’t then these tips might be worth following –

Soft pink with an Iron bed

A romantic bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean hot pink or sexy red with hearts strung along. Real life is rarely a movie set or a tacky hotel room. One needs to take the subtle route here and put into place elements that represent ‘him’ and her in equal proportions. A soft pink bedroom with brown and white elements does it really well. Pale pink bed with textures of brown and a comfortable four-poster iron bed combined the hard with the soft adequately. An antique painting or a mirror and a pale pink furnishing would do the trick adequately here.

Rose and Tan

There is nothing more romantic than a rose and tan bedroom. With shades of crimson and print cream, there is enough heat to keep the romance alive in this space. Floral bed patterns, rugs, dainty cushions and a vase of roses is just about enough to keep the spark in the marriage alive.

A Venetian Touch

This one is not only utterly feminine but beautiful too. The explosion of colors that one can see in this space makes it an interesting space to experience love and joy. A Venetian headboard on the bed and floral sheets to match its design, contrasting carpet, and a cushioned stools will bring it all together.

Turquoise and Navy

Pleasant, airy and sophisticated this one is definitely for those who love to put their hair down. Lavender wall paints and turquoise print bed with textures and patterns to match the same and a lot of cream or white furniture makes this space feminine and yet a man wouldn’t find himself out of place out here.

Elegance Understated

The best interior designers in Bangalore can pull this look through pink wallpapers, metal bed with a soft feather mattress, lots of cream patterns, velvet shades and lavenders on a vase adding the right feminine touch.

French Romance

There’s nothing like a French getaway to escape with one’s true love. Ask the best Home Interior Designers in Bangalore and they will tell you that elegance is the key to a French design. For this, one would need a custom-made headboard, a comfortable mattress; the colors of this space can be honey gold and gray, an exquisite chandelier, antique mirror and an ornate couch at the end of the bed. Now, what could be more romantic than that?

Cream Sophistication

It is the essence of cream and its soft hues that makes it utterly elegant and sophisticated. There is an old world charm that makes a cream colored bedroom romantic. Pale accents of yellow can be used for the room paint and the bed can be an airy confection of cream textures and lace. A silk comforter to snuggle into and antique accessories will give the space a romantic cottage feels.

Bedrooms are a private space that needs the best home or Apartment Interior Designers in Bangalore to perfect. Getting the right designer is half the effort as much as getting the right design perfect. The trick here is to go for a space that speaks to you.