Office Interior Design to Suit Different Work Styles

With work style becoming more fluid and home-based, office interiors designers in Bangalore are coming up with new designs that would incorporate different work styles.

A decade ago, office designs were cubicle-based. While this design had its obvious advantages of making the workforce feel as one collective it also ended up cramping their space. The use of the Internet was through cable routed personal computers or laptops and one couldn’t really take a break from the monotony and sit by the window to work. Work had to be done within the cubicle and it couldn’t be taken outside.

Thankfully with the advent of WiFi one is not chained to the desk so to speak and with cloud technology in place, we can sit just about anywhere and do our work. With the dynamics of work style changing rapidly office interior designers in Bangalore too had to change the design of the workplace to suit the needs of today’s office.

Fluid Design

Fluid architecture or fluid design brings in a great deal of flexibility within the space planning of the office design. There are no cubicles in this design. No enclosed spaces that would make people feel claustrophobic. Open, airy, well-ventilated and natural lighting are the many elements of this design. Employees have a choice of sitting just about anywhere to work for the day. Long desks, bean bags, square cushions, alcoves, bar stools… any of these or a combination of this furniture can be used to create a fluid design.

Thematic Design

Working from home has become a viable option today and it has many advantages. Therefore it becomes essential that the interior design of the office be inspiring enough for the workforce to come and work from the space.  To discard the comforts of one’s own home, one needs a pretty good reason these days to travel to the office. A great view, inspiring interiors, focused attention, relaxing atmosphere, camaraderie… are the many reasons that one might be willing to step out. One of the many things that many Office Interior Designers in Bangalore are offering today is a thematic design that makes gives the employees a sense of pretend play and add a whimsical touch to their life.

There are office designs with alcoves that look like old age pay phones, bar-themed desks and stools, space-themed interiors, new age futuristic designs that gives them a great sense of pride to be working in the space. If the office location is strategically positioned to offer great views then one needs to take full advantage of the same. For example, if your office overlooks the beach, you really wouldn’t put up solid walls to block the view, would you? And who can resist the allure of a great view especially while at work?

Entertainment Zones

Unlike the olden days, when the office design was a long chain of cubicles and desks and the pantry tucked at the end of the room with little or no room to turn around, today’s offices harmoniously add an entertainment zone along with the work zone. A couch, a bean bag, a cosy coffee table or even a comfortable bench are put in place to allow the employees to take a breather. For many, it is these little thoughtful additions that make a huge difference and they would end up not only appreciating but also feeling happy at their workplace.

Today interior design for workplaces is all about making the employees feel comfortable, rested and inspired. If you wish to offer your employees the best workplace, you can hire Design Arc Interiors, one of the best office Interior Designers in Bangalore to design your space affordably.

Designing an Amazing Foyer

As they always say ‘The first impression is the best impression.’ The foyer plays an integral part in shaping a person’s impression of our home. Having a foyer that gives a warm welcome to the guests and also reflects your personalities in a great way to define your abode. The home interior designers in Bangalore will help you to achieve that rustic or modern look for your foyer.

Mosaic Stones

Substitute mosaic stones for your rug in the foyer. Carpet your floor by inlaying beautiful mosaic that gives a pattern or makes up for a beautiful design. You can also mix and match the mosaic stones to give the effect of more space to your entryway. Mosaic with bold colours and contemporary design will widen the area and provide a beautiful look to your home décor.

Simple with Antique

If you are an antique lover, then you can add wood paneling, a classic rug and some antique fixtures like a lamp or a telephone to your foyer. The home interior designers in Bangalore can help you achieve that antique yet total classic effect by doing a wood paneling on one side of the wall, adding a neutral colour palette or two-tone décor with some antique pieces like a vase or some pictures depicting the olden days.

Bold Patterns and wallpaper

Going bold with patterns and complimenting wallpapers will brighten up your foyer. Like for example having a floral or a tribal pattern with orange or indigo colored wallpaper will give the effect of space and will increase the lighting of the foyer. Many home interior designers in Bangalore have used bold patterns and wallpapers to achieve the illusion of more space and better lighting.

Laid Back Lighting

Laid backlighting is great ideas to make you or your guests feel calm as soon as they enter the hallway. Installing a chandelier and painting one side of the wall will make the foyer look more inviting to your guests. Just paint one side of the wall a bright yellow or orange and counter its effect with a bold chandelier or a wall hanging for that tranquil effect.

Hidden Entrance

Love a bit of mystery; then a hidden entrance will be perfect for your foyer. Having a hidden entrance like library opening to your living room will change your non-descript entranceway to a glamorous opening. Many Home Interior Designers in Bangalore have used the hidden entrances to enhance the mystic feel of a home. The advantage of the secret entrance is that it is functional and looks super chic.


Floral patterns or decorating your foyer with plants that do not wilt provides a fresh look to your foyer. Many Home Interior Designers in Bangalore recommend a vase of flowers in a background of huge flower portrait to brighten the place. You can also try bright floral wallpapers and pair it up with a small table with a flower vase on the top. The foyer can also make up for a sitting space if you add an antique sofa or chair.

Redesigning your foyer would make your abode more inviting and beautiful. You can also achieve that effect by availing the services of one of the best home interior designers in Bangalore, the Design Arc Interiors.

Décor Ideas for Small Bathrooms

In Real Estate parlance, the size of your bathrooms is indicative of how big your entire house really is. When more space is needed in the living room or the bedroom, the bathrooms inevitably take the cut and what we get in return is basically the bare minimum.

For those who find a small bathroom claustrophobic, here are a few décor ideas from the best interior designers in Bangalore to make it look great –

Innovative Storage Ideas

Unless you are Spartan, bathrooms will need some amount of space to keep your toiletries. Mirrored medicine cabinets are one of the best solutions that the best interior designers in Bangalore recommend for small bathrooms. Custom order a floor length mirror cabinet and you can also accommodate towels, extra supplies and fit all the toiletries that you would ever want.

Long Sink

If you have two kids sharing rooms and with the result, the same bathroom then you need to get in a long sink to save some serious space. With the sink and countertop as one long piece, you will space to keep toiletries, squeeze in some nice potpourris and have space to get ready for work at the same time.

Towel Racks over the Tub

Any basic bathroom needs towel racks and if you happen to have a small tub squeezed within the space then why not fix them over it. This is not only practical but also convenient. For one thing, you need not worry about soggy towels ruining your wall or woodwork and for another; you don’t have to tip-toe soaking wet searching for the towel. It’s right there!

Bigger the mirror the better

Best Interior Designers in Bangalore know how to create an illusion of space, especially in a small bathroom. A small tub with a large over-sized mirror certainly gives a sense of space that is really not there.

Alcoves that work

This works great if you happen to be a man, single and Spartan. When your toiletry consists of a mere few bottles of shampoos and stuff, then alcoves would be a perfect choice for this bathroom. Two or three built-in alcoves and a body jet shower to wash away the sleep… what more could you want?

Glass Shower

If your bathroom has a nook for shower and toilet, then traditionally a shower curtain or fogged glass could be installed. But the best Home Interior Designers in Bangalore would take a different route here and go for glass doors. This gives a more sense of space within the small bathroom and will make one feel less claustrophobic.

Oval Mirrors

Installing oval mirrors is one neat trick that best Home / Office Interior Designers in Bangalore have mastered. Hanging stretchy oval mirrors has a visual effect on the space and makes the bathroom look bigger than it really is.

Natural Light

It’s never a good idea to block natural light especially if your bathroom is small. That’s how small areas become dingy and cramped. If you have a large window, then a clear glass or even a one-way mirror would be great!

There are more than a million ideas out there that can be implemented to change your dingy small bathroom into space where you can relax and put your feet up. You just need to find the best interior designers in Bangalore to work along with your project.

How To Create A Cosy Bedroom?

Bedrooms are the sanctuary in one’s home. It’s one place where one is guaranteed privacy, peace and harmony. That’s why interior decorators in Bangalore work hard to give this sanctuary a beautiful makeover so that you can relax in your home after a hard day’s work.

Patterned Wallpapers

There is something happy about floral patterns that scream cosy. There are many ways one can bring the flowers to the bedroom, bed linen, upholstery, curtains, area rug, wallpapers… the list is endless. Balancing the colour and patterns is however important so if the wallpaper is completely patterned then most interior decorators in Bangalore would opt for upholstery and bedding in a single colour. The trick is not to overdo things.

Two Tone Décor

This is a rather interesting design that can be used to great effect. Pick any two colours and use them in contrast through the entire room. For example, if green and black, green and blue, blue and pink etc. From solids to light patterns the two-tone décor makes a love cosy bedroom where one can snuggle up at any time.

Colourful Accents

Many Interior Decorators in Bangalore have used this design to great effect. It’s rather simple. Get wallpaper or curtains with printed design and pattern it over one side of the room and then use cream white or plain white for your bedding and upholstery choices for the rest of the space. The result is an airy, whimsical and cosy space that you would love to curl up and dream.

Antique Four Poster Bed

Truly nothing can be cosier than a four-poster bed with curtains. Better still if you go all out traditional and install a fireplace, a Persian rug and old mahogany furniture to match the mood. This is a great place to hang out, drink cocoa, watch old movies and sleep cosily in the arms of comfort.

Coastal Décor

So what if you do not live by the sea? It’s time to bring the sea within the confines of your home. Aquamarine colours and designs, driftwood furniture and palm motifs on the wall will do the trick nicely.

Calm Grey and Neutral Hues

There is something about light grey that relaxes our nerves and sets the mood for a vacation. A mixture of grey and white works great on the décor and when combined with bed linen patterns, rugs, upholstery, carpets and curtains you have a calm haven where you can think, relax and rejuvenate.

If you are looking to renovate your bedroom, then as one of the best Home Interior Designers in Bangalore, Design Arc Interiors can make a sanctuary right within your home.

Kids Room and Storage Ideas

One may wonder if a home with kids is ever clean. You might be surprised at the results because there are homes with more than three kids that are meticulously clean and lovely to, say the least. If you have always wondered how they do it, then here is a bit of revelation. They are able to do it because some thoughtful interior designer has provided the kid’s room with ample storage space that allows them to put away every odd end of their toy, school projects, books and other interesting stuff that they deem important.

Today, many Interior designers in Bangalore are designing the kid’s room with ingenious ideas to store their stuff. Here are a few ideas from their scrapbook of designs –

Combining Play Area and Storage

As every parent would agree, it is not so much as giving a storage area but if cleaning up after a game is not inculcated in the kids, you are going to have a messy house. That’s why some Interior designers in Bangalore believe in designing the storage area to resemble their favourite pretend play. If you’re adorable girl likes to play the kitchen theme then why not create the storage area to resemble a Barbie’s kitchen and that would be motivation enough to get her to clean up. A wall of shelves is yet another great idea where large baskets can be used to store those small toys that you little one treasures.

Floating Shelves and Frames

A place for everything and everything in its place is one maxim that would serve the kids well. Most Interior designers in Bangalore are providing floating shelves and frames right next to the kid’s bed thus giving them space to put away their books for the night reading.

Multi-purpose Benches and Labeled Drawers

Where the kids are concerned, you really want to go multi-purpose all the way. Many Home Interior Designers in Bangalore have designed kids room with this one furniture that works great. Multi-purpose benches where one can open the seat to store all those lego blocks that you step on. Add a few cushions on top, the bench becomes a comfortable seat for the kid to stretch his legs on or to share space with their best friend while they play their uber-cool video games.

Yet another trick that most Home/Office Interior Designers in Bangalore get it right is labelled drawers in the kids closet. If your kid is the tardy sort (but then who isn’t?) then here is something that would serve them well in the future. Labelled drawers are one thing that would make their closet super organized and never will they search for a sock or their favourite pyjamas when their life is organized thus.


If your kid is the artsy sort who loves to make a craft, then here is one idea that would be a lifesaver for you. Most Home/Apartment Interior Designers in Bangalore are adding a pegboard in their room to plug in art, crafts, to store craft essentials etc. No more flying papers and messy drawers not when you can pin down everything.

Multi-purpose Seating

If your kid is the social one, then instead of good old chairs and sofa opt for cushioned benches with storage area in the bottom. You can design the sofa along the wall to give more room in the middle or arrange a play table in the middle with cushioned stools that double up as storage boxes. Either way you have space for stuff and more than ample space to socialize. It’s a win-win. 

As one of the leading Interior designers in Bangalore, we have designed and fitted many a kids’ room with custom-made furniture and fixture that has given them more than ample space to store everything. If your home is designed by DesignArc then no more messy rooms for you and that’s a given.