Importance of Interior Design for your Home

Why is interior design important for one’s home?

This is a rhetoric question that can have many answers.According to most Interior designers in Bangalore, a home’s interior design has become as important as its architecture. An interior design is much more than furniture, wall paint or the lace curtains. It is an amalgamation of senses and an art that brings together aesthetics, practicality and functionality in equal measures.The importance of interior design for one’s home can be brought out through four reasons –

Adds personality and character to space

  • Adding character and a personality is essential especially while designing home interiors because that’s what makes space your own. A beautiful interior with plush carpets, sofa and what not may look cosmetically luxurious but it may not make you comfortable or feel at home.
  • What’s use of spending large sums of money to design interiors for a space that doesn’t feel like home?
  • That’s why top interior designers in Bangalore recommend that the home designs incorporate characteristics that reflect the personality of the people who live there.
  • Personal touches of colour, fabric, hobby, interests, photographs, flowers and plants can go a long way in adding personality to a sterile room and make it feel like home.

Positivity and Feng Shui

  • Research attests to the fact that an individual living in a positive place where all senses and energy are balanced in the right way and will find their life to be smooth sailing. Feng Shui is the study of flow and movement of energy within a space. An interior that is well-designed with no clutter or hindering furniture is a house where feng shui is positive.
  • Today, most interior design companies in Bangalore are designing the home interiors using the age-old principles of feng shui to attract health, wealth and harmony into one’s life.

To add value to your property

  • A well-designed home with modular kitchen and tastefully furnished interiors add immense value to the property. Aesthetically pleasing interiors with efficient solutions that save space makes the home all the worth living in. Investing in home interiors is a smart decision at any time of the day, irrespective of whether you wish to live there, rent it out or sell it. The key factor would be to hire top interior designers in Bangalore to do the home interiors who would able to worth within your budget and yet deliver a home that is not only tastefully designed but also comfortable to live in.
  • Right from the time, man became domesticated he has designed a home that matches with his idea of comfort and aesthetics. Early man decorated his cave with paintings to personalize his space and make it feel like home. He hung trophies of his hunt and used the skins of animals to make his home feel like a cosy den.
  • We are no different today. We too are striving to convert our matchbox sized apartments and houses into homes. However, we do have an ace up our sleeve. We have plenty of help, online resources and many interior design companies in Bangalore to help us design our homes.
  • Yet the bottom line is that whether it is a cave or a modern condo, home interior design has never been passé.

Decorate your small office for a great impact through these ideas

Offices and working spaces in the Garden City of India Bangalore have been shrinking rapidly in the last three decades, what with lack of space, a burgeoning economy and, of course, cost-cutting measures. In the light of it, it is becoming increasingly challenging to decorate a small office while still keeping it functional. Office interior designers in Bangalore are coming up with innovative office turnkey solutions for smaller offices and delivering it to elated customers, while still keeping it interesting with a powerful impact. Read about these creative ideas to decorate your office space to create a greater impact:

The right furniture

Clunky leather revolving chairs not only look out of place but also occupy a lot of space in smaller offices. Opting for colourful plastic rockers, bright-coloured ottomans, see-through furniture such as glass desks, or a simple, clean-cut wooden desk in shades of pine, beech, ash, or even Anigre wood, can elevate the look of an office, while not occupying much space.

What’s more, they can also make the visitor feel relaxed and comfortable. Turnkey interior contractors in Bangalore also make sure that the furniture complements each other, otherwise, the pieces will appear unattractive and sloppy in a small space.

An important theme in decorating small office spaces is ‘multi-purpose furniture’. It’s important to adjust work spaces by doubling ottomans as stools or storage bins or file cabinets slid under desks when not in use or double up as sitting stools when topped with fabric or cushions.


The walls of an office space play a huge part in evoking feelings and emotions in people, whether it is the occupant or a visitor. Glass walls, for instance, give the appearance of a larger space than it actually might be. For actual walls, abstract artwork creates an everlasting impact.

If you wish to be transported to another world when you step into your office, try a quirky mural or a wallpaper. Are you a fan of landscapes? Try a wallpaper of a rustic green countryside and watch your office space transform into a singular, personal place brimming with positive vibes.

When it comes to actual walls, colour plays a huge role. Neutral shades give the impression of large, bright spaces. On the other hand, bright colours such as orange, green and blue paired with black, white, or grey break the monotony and inspire creativity.

Add-on decor

Accessories make up for what the room lacks in architectural details. Think of quirky chandeliers, mercury glass vases, framed mirrors, etc. If it’s a collaborative environment, a whiteboard is a perfect addition, making for a dynamic, living piece of furniture which could become a source of inspiration as well as the perfect accessory for brainstorming ideas.

Adding succulents throughout the office is a great way to liven up the place, without having to worry much about their upkeep. Most Turnkey interior contractors in Bangalore recommend vintage wall hangings, lighting fixtures, and hanging planters play a huge role in humanizing workplaces.

Space can be transformed from sterile to warm with just a few accessories and the right furniture. That’s why hiring office interior designers in Bangalore would be a smart idea because their office turnkey solutions are not only transformative but also out of the box!

Four Exciting Office Design Trends Changing the Way We Work

Today’s employers are conscious of giving their employees a stress-free environment. Their commitment to health and well-being of the people who work with them has opened many avenues to rethink the traditional office interior design. Here are a few tips from office interior designers Bangalore to transform your space –

Flexibility & Versatility

Technology is changing the way things work in the office. For one thing, Cloud Technology has enabled people to work from the comfort of their own homes. Work structure has become lucid, flexible and versatile. It is only natural that some of it would rub off on the very nature of office design. Desk space has become more personalized with ergonomically designed chairs, desks and specially designed desk add-ons, height adjustable workspaces, adjustable lighting etc.

Lucid Arrangement

This is the era of home workers. Working from home has many distinct advantages. The comfort factor is huge at one’s home and there are no stringent rules of where one needs to sit or set work hours. If you wish to bring in the same lucid arrangement in the office, then the office design needs to be completely transformed. Turnkey interior contractors Bangalore believes that using modular office furniture in a flexible workspace can be created easily. Modular furniture is not only lightweight but is easy to adjust to suit different comfort levels. By creating impromptu lounge areas, you can encourage your employees to break the monotony of work and relax with a hot cup of tea.

Bring the nature in

It’s easy to forget that there is a real world out there made of soil, sky, trees and leaves, when you are locked within the sterile confines of concrete offices. Studies attest to the fact that offices that are devoid of any natural items add more stress to the employees. Therefore the only possible solution is to bring the nature in. If your office is a skyrise, open up and let the view come in. Pots, plants, flowers and a terrace garden/balcony gardens can go a long way to infuse creativity and reduce the stress of the employees. Skylights are fast becoming the next favourite interior trend in offices and it also saves you power usage. Among office turnkey solutions in India, bringing the nature in is assiduously the most popular.


Grey or monochromatic colours are out of the window these days. Office turnkey solutions and interior designs are becoming more colourful with an infusion of yellow, orange and other electric colour. Using the right colours within the office space can encourage creativity and artistic expression among the employees. And we are not just talking about the wall colours! The entire interior right from the carpet colour to the furniture can be balanced with the right colours to add the right vibe to space.

Comfort and a relaxed ambience are the much-needed aspects of today’s office interior design and any trend that contributes positively towards it will be embraced.