Top 5 Home-Designing Tips in Trend This Year

As 2017 comes to a close and we look back at the design trends that have dominated this year’s home design industry in Bangalore. This year has been all about creating comfortable interiors, make the most of texture and utilizing rich colours to create spaces that are not only trendy but also appeal to one’s personal styles. What’s more, the trend has geared towards designing one’s home as an intimate retreat, as opposed to earlier tendencies of making it a space for entertaining. Let us have a look at the top home designing trends this year as well as those that dominated the idea sketchbooks of interior designers in Bangalore:

Warm, earthy colours:

  • The colour company Pantone called the zesty shade of tangy yellow-green named ‘Greenery’ as the colour of the year, bringing the focus to truer, deeper, sophisticated colours.
  • This fits right into Bangalore’s alley as the Garden City, with the colour being infused in more than just the walls – house plants, vases and lamps, rugs, throw pillows and even paintings depicting the shade have made their way into home interiors to stay true to the colour of the year.
  • Other popular colours have been the polished hues such as taupe, deep wine shades, earthy greens, cool blues, cinnamon, chestnut, plum, warm whites, light and dark grey, etc. – these are colours that evoke feelings of cosines and warmth.


  • With everything ‘modern’ taking over our lives, its no wonder that people are finding comfort and solace in natural materials for their homes, especially wood.
  • As any of the top 10 interior designers in Bangalore will tell you, wood, which has been especially popular as flooring in today’s times, has also found its way into homes in the form of rustic, distressed furniture, wall hangings and showpieces.
  • Another popular texture has been the metal brass, which adds pizzazz to a room. Geometric patterns and florals have also made a comeback, with people going back to nature and basics to design their homes. Such natural textures, materials and designs allow for maximizing comfort in one’s space.


  • Wallpaper designs got bolder this year – patterns went from the regular geometric designs to the more experimental paisley ones, rich, floral motifs and abstract art.
  • Another trend that reigned the wallpaper design world was commissioning wallpaper designs according to one’s tastes and whimsy.

Indoor gardens:

  • 2017 has been the year of the rise of the indoor gardens. Plants may not seem like a ‘design trend’, but the idea has truly gone far beyond simply placing plants in a few corners to them being placed everywhere, right from living areas to bathrooms and bedrooms.
  • This year has also seen home designs dedicate an entire space to gardens, which feature not only thoughtfully potted plants but also vines and creepers, hanging plants, and beautiful terrariums.

Typography art:

  • One of the hottest home designing trends this year has been typography art such as dishes or coasters engraved with famous literary quotes, an eye-popping word hanging on the wall of the bedroom, antique books on your bookshelf, great literary passages in the form of wall hangings, or even metal alphabetical bookends.
  • The best thing about it is that it allows for a personal touch, apart from being great home design.

Contemporary Interior Design tips that you would love to Replicate

There are many things among contemporary interior design are worth emulating. In this branch of interior design, space is sacred and therefore you have in hand multiple ways and numerous ideas to replicate that would make your home a haven that you would love to come back to. Here are a few things recommended by best interior designers in Bangalore that you can replicate in your home.

Wall of Windows

  • If you have a lovely view out there, then why would you want concrete and stone to block it.
  • Perfect for cross ventilation, this is the next best thing to stepping outside.
  • A wall of windows is all about drama and it is a dramatic solution that offers you the best view of the world outside.
  • Whether you have a sleek minimalistic apartment or a modern home, this is one solution that would work well with any type of design or décor. For a minimalistic décor, this is a god-sent solution.
  • You don’t need art or other trappings, not when you can bring the view inside your drawing room.


The world is slowly moving towards sustainability and so should you. In nature you have light that has not been used or utilized unto its full potential. Skylights not only save energy costs but also considerably reduce the demand for unsustainable power.

  • Simple skylights not only bring in extra light but also brighten the space wonderfully.
  • Skylights can work wonders especially in the bathroom where you can install a one-way glass on the top and have a relaxing bath with the stars above watching over you.

Stone Bathroom

There is something absolutely primal if not elemental about a stone bathroom.

  • The thing about stone bathrooms is that they can be spectacular on their own right and it’s natural elegance relieves you the necessity to add any trims and trappings to it.
  • Whether it is a mere stone wall or a complete natural cave look that you would go for, a stone bathroom will certainly go out of its way to relieve you of stress as you soak your day away.
  • The rough texture of a stone bathroom, ambient lighting and a few plants will make the space totally exotic and each bath memorable.

Quirky Dining Storage

We all have treasured crockery, precious hand-me-downs and heirlooms with legacy that we would love to put on display but with space being sacred and every square foot precious, we rarely get an opportunity.

  • All that you need is a dinner cabinet that can double up to be a sideboard table where you can host a lovely buffet dinner giving you an opportunity to bring a gleam on that dinner set that you treasure.
  • Multi-functional cabinets too can bring great sense of order into a small space and yet give you a chance to display your stuff.


  • Known as the most underused accessories, mirrors can create the optical illusion of a larger space.
  • Functional and yet beautiful, mirrors reflect fine elegance, good taste and a harmonious factor in the living space to balance elements and to correct the flow of negative energy.
  • They bring sophistication to a bare wall and if the mirror is antique in nature, then it becomes the space more so.
  • Mirrors are also the most preferred accessory used extensively in a minimalistic décor as it adds a classic factor to the space.

The above given ideas are sourced from the portfolio of top interior designers in Bangalore. Replicating an idea is easy but one needs to have a holistic view of the project and not have a bird’s-eye view of only a particular space. Hence, engaging best interior designers in Bangalore would be a great idea while renovating your home.