Home Staircase Interior Design

Staircases are great design elements that most interior designers Bangalore fail to take advantage of. A good sturdy staircase can be used in many inventive ways. Traditionally staircases have been used to portray art, family photographs etc. but our team of interior design Bangalore experts go beyond creative boundaries to design a space that is not only inventive but also extremely practical.A simple and ordinary home can be transformed into something spectacular by choosing the right interior design Bangalore staircase.

Storage is one of the most practical uses that a staircase can be put to. Right from storing shoes to umbrellas a veritable closet can be designed right under the staircase. Extra seating area with decorative plants, utility area, a cosy home office, a home library, a hidden pool – there are many creative options that can be explored where staircases are concerned.

There are many inventive interior design Bangalore ideas that can be incorporated for a staircase depending upon the overall theme of the house. While contemporary staircase designs are eclectic and edgy in nature traditional staircases are more elegant and they blend in with the overall theme of the house seamlessly.

We have designed many a creative staircase for our clients that has added great character to the home interior. From grand wooden oak to minimal floating staircases we have allowed the space the dictate the form. Classic to contemporary whatever the theme might be we ensure that it compliments the interior of the house and flows in with the design.

Our team of interior designers Bangalore have innate sense of design that comes from years of experience and their staircases are not designed as afterthoughts but as the focal point of the room. The look and style of a staircase should match the interior design Bangalore space of the house.

Kids Room Design

kids room 01
Designing a kid’s room is a fun challenge that our interior designers Bangalore love to undertake. Whimsical, funny, funky and functional there are many elements to this space that needs to be considered. Colourful walls, vibrant furniture, effective lighting, funky beds, ergonomic mattresses and ample storage space to store a world of toys.

Bright vibrant colours are a must while designing kid’s space. Splashes of yellow, bright blue, orange or pink if the room is for a girl are some of the basic interior design Bangalore elements of the design. The focal point of the kid’s room is the bed and most of our interior designs Bangalore whimsical or macho will flow from the same. Bunk beds with fluffy themed mattresses, area rugs to demarcate play nooks and study corner a study table with numerous shelves and innovative storage space for all those toys, games, art work and numerous odds and ends that your little one cherishes.

Striking colours when used in vibrant combination makes the space exciting for the kids. Our team of kid’s room interior design Bangalore experts have an innate sense of design that enables them to execute unique innovative ideas that would make the kids room an ultimate fun space to be in.

Unique three dimensional storage space, themed wall art, a nook to scribble, a doll house to play within, a bat mobile bed, twinkling stars and moon on the ceiling to sleep soundly and many more interior design Bangalore ideas can be executed.Our interior designers Bangalore create spaces for kids that are as much fun as they are functional and practical and the charm of the space is in the little details that we think and execute for you.

Be it a boy or a girl we will never run out of themes for their spaces. While we love to decorate children’s room with any theme of the client’s choosing we love to design spaces that challenges our talent and our first priority where kids are concerned is safety upon which we never compromise.

Home Gym Interior Design

With people becoming more and more health conscious, a home gym is no more a luxury these days. Interior designers Bangalore believe that your personal workout space needs to have all the elements of a gym and yet it can be unique based on your preferences.

An area for floor exercise, cycle, weight training, floor length mirrors etc. are the basic interior design Bangalore elements of a home gym. There are however many other things that can be added to spruce up the home gym interior design. A small pool at one corner of the room would be a welcome addition for many, a mini refrigerator to store water and energy drinks, a sturdy cupboard to store accessories and ample floor space to try new yoga postures or aerobics and what’s a home gym without the latest sound system? Our expert interior designers Bangalore try to utilize open spaces of the house for home gym as it provides natural lighting and fresh air.
Our interior designers Bangalore can transform any extra space within the house into a home gym. A garage with some extra space or a nook in the living room or even the home office cum library can be converted into a home gym and fitted with equipment that is frequently used. An attic too can become a home gym as it is secluded away from the home giving you a sheltered space to burn some calories.

We have designed many a home gym along with an indoor swimming pool or a Jacuzzi that makes the time spent in the space extremely enjoyable and fruitful. We have also created many versions of home gyms for primarily women and men. Using soft lights, chandeliers, trees and large pleasant views, it takes a different level of motivation to get the women to exercise while for the men we bring dark rubber mats, mirrors, large television sets and inspirational posters to flex their muscles.

Our team of expert interior designers Bangalore has designed many home gym interiors with personalized solutions and their keen eye for detail is what makes each interior design Bangalore layout unique and custom-made.

Dining Room Interior

dining area
Dining room is a very integral part of one’s home. This is a space where we entertain, convene, converse, bond and be a family. While designing dining rooms, irrespective of whether they are spacious or small needs four basic elements – comfortable seating, excellent lighting, ample storage area and inspiring art to awe the guests. Our interior designer Bangalore believes that a good dining room combines these four elements harmoniously.

Soft welcoming seats are a must, as this is a space where you are entertaining your guests. Lighting is a very important design element in the interior design Bangalore space and is more so at a dining room. Pleasant and inviting is the look we aspire for while designing the light elements.

Storage space to store and display crockery is a traditional element of all dining rooms. Dining room with ample sideboards and tables gives a lot of scope to convert a traditional dinner entertainment into a casual buffet party. Art is a very important element of a dining room as they make great conversation starters and can also be used to enhance one’s status symbol.

Our interior designers Bangalore have a great eye for detail and are experienced in creating unique spaces that are not only comfortable but also awe inspiring. Formal, rustic, country, modern, contemporary, or minimalistic we have a bevy of ideas and a team of interior design Bangalore experts who can create a gorgeous feast to tempt your senses. Their expertise in creating inviting interior design Bangalore spaces with the correct balance of colour, light and texture has given us an edge in the market as one of the leading interior designers Bangalore.

Fabulous to Spartan we can design great dining rooms filled with things that would make every meal an experience to savour. Custom-made furniture, antique chandeliers, sturdy dining ware and mood lighting are some of the aces in our sleeve while we design dining rooms. Eclectic interiors with mismatched chairs and vintage fans can make a great conversation starter with your guests. A traditional dining room with porcelain crockery and crisp linens is a popular design that most clients demand from us but we do not shy away from experimenting.

Community Center Interior Design

Community Centers are spaces built to enrich the society. This is a place where people can convene, think, meet and celebrate with their neighbours and friends. These centers are also the workplace of social workers who work tirelessly for the community. Designing a public place like a community center is a challenging task it needs to be aesthetically appealing and also inviting with a slew of facilities under its belt. Most community centers are equipped with gym, pool, library, café, performance area and health clinics.

Drab, colorless, impersonal and neutral is how most people perceive a community center and our interior design Bangalore experts love to challenge their preconceived notions by adding zing of color and tasteful aesthetics. Interesting color and tasteful graphics are compelling interior design Bangalore elements that add character and identity to public spaces like community centers.

Bright high-saturated colours emanate high energy and our interior designers Bangalore knows that it totally enlivens the space giving it character and a sense of identity that is very vital in a community center. Right from color basics to adding iconic elements, we believe that community centers need to become landmark spaces of a city. That is possible only when you add dramatic elements that describe the history of the city. The sense of pride that one derives out of history is unmatched and it compels and promotes a true feeling of community. Our interior design Bangalore are experienced professionals whose striking designs and innovative details will liven up spaces in more ways than one.

Easy access, cost effective interior lighting and a smooth internal flow are most often the design elements that we work with. We also believe that community centers should be a model building for sustainable energy so as to teach the community the necessity to reduce our carbon footprint.