Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Living spaces in Bangalore have been getting smaller with the growing residents in the city, forcing people to choose and live in small apartments. But thanks to the clever interior designers Bangalore who convert small spaces into attractive and comfortable ones to live. The interior designers Bangalore experts have come up with different smart and interesting house designing ideas that make use of the space available cleverly.

Be it the kitchen, living room or the bathroom, there are many interior design ideas available to make small spaces convenient to live in. Interior design Bangalore companies provide many practical solutions for small homes by advising to use smartly designed space-saving furniture.

The living room is the central focus point for any house and it needs to look spacious. If the living room has a wall of windows keep it unobstructed to let the natural light flow in. It will make the room look spacious and also bright without needing artificial lighting. It’s easy to create a small study room space by installing rotating room dividers in the living room that serve as bookcase and TV shelf. A simple curtain will also do the trick and it’s a great way to visually divide the living room space to accommodate a dining area. Experts from interior design Bangalore companies advise not to use dark shades in the living room and choose light colour tone for the walls and furniture for a bright and open look.

Apartments with clever interior design Bangalore kitchen usually have open kitchen to make the house look spacious and huge. A corner open kitchen separated from the living room by a central island counter uses the least space and also doubles as a dining area. Interior designers Bangalore emphasis on a white colour theme kitchen as they will not only look light and fresh but also make a small area look spacious.

A small bedroom can be made to look interesting by choosing light-tone schemes, simple yet smart space-saving storage like under-bed storage cots, wall-mounted cabinets and even a bookshelf. Bunk beds and retractable cots can free up a lot of space. Try using soft lighting with frost shaded, lower wattage bulb that blur the edges of the room and make it feel larger.

Most interior design Bangalore companies suggest that having a smaller area for the bathroom makes it possible to have a larger space for the living or bedroom. A tiny bathroom need not be cramped and with excellent design a small space is enough to accommodate all that are necessary in the bathroom. A bathtub, toilet, wash sink, towel rails and cabinet can be strategically arranged to create beautiful tiny bathrooms.

One of the easiest ways to create an illusion of large space in any room is by installing full length mirrors. They add dimension to the room space and make any room look visually large. Also you can make a house look less cluttered by removing doors and have sliding doors and panels or open spaces.

With ingenious and practical interior design ideas, you can utilize the space available to the fullest and create a living space that is comfortable and also extraordinary.