Kid’s Bedroom Interior Decor

Designing kids’ bedrooms is always fun and exciting. You get to experiment with a range of colours and patterns. The kids’ bedrooms should be such that reflects the playful and carefree nature of a child. Well-designed bedrooms encourage children to spend time playing or exploring their creativity in their room or with friends. You can also create designs that encourage education. It is also important that the kids’ bedroom matches with the décor of the home. We, at Design Arc Interiors, keep this in mind always while designing kids’ bedrooms.

Kids’ bedroom interior décor:

kids bedroom interior décor

Kids bedroom interior décor, bedroom interior design

1. Use bright colours
Bright colours and adorable wallpaper patterns add a touch of vibrancy to a kids’ bedroom. Several wallpaper designs exuberate youthfulness and can be used to create enjoyable spaces, for years to come. Even if it is an infant’s bedroom, enough thought should be put into the interior décor of the bedroom. Even though they may not be able to understand the design, the bright colours and light will surely attract their attention.

2. Get a theme
It is always exiting when the interior décor of the room is based on a fun theme or idea. For example, creating blue geometric repetition patterns creates a nautical style in the room. Accessories such as sailboats can then be used to enhance the effect.
Parents’ aesthetic preferences are taken into account with the functional needs of the child. A green theme can be incorporated with a tree as part of the wallpaper and using upholstery with green accents. Using the same tree design on the carpet enhances it.

3. Design with kids’ favourites
Sometimes kids’ favourite cartoons are used to create decors. Beds can be made in the shape of characters such as Mickey Mouse, Superman or Hello Kitty. Fantasy themes are also fun. For your little girl’s room, incorporating elements from Cinderella will definitely make her feel like a princess! Use elements such as a bed in the shape of a pumpkin carriage. Using a wallpaper with spades and elements such as teacups signify the Mad Tea Party from the kids’ favourite Alice in Wonderland.

Popular Kids’ Bedroom Designs
Kids’ bedrooms can be designed in such a way so that it remains a colourful space, at the same time saving space. Adding primary colour palettes in the form of carpets and cushions creates a minimalistic design as well as introduces plenty of light into the room. A simplified study area adds to this effect. Add a more feminine shade to the room such as lilac, if it is for a girl’s room. At the same time, to create a gender neutral scheme, colours such as sunny orange and white or aqua and white can be used. If a bright room is preferred, a contrasting but not jarring set of colours can be used. An example is light green and blue, or even bright purple and lemony green.

To create storage space, fabric pockets can be added to the bed. Sleek designed study tables and chairs make the design elegant. If there is no space to create an elaborate study area, create a folding one that stretches out of a bookcase.

If the room is for a growing teenager, adding wooden elements such as patio doors or wooden ottomans, add that hint of maturity.

Photos always add homeliness and warmth to a room. So a plain wall can be left as it is, for photos in different frame sizes to add life into the room. If bunk beds are used, storage steps can be created leading up to it. This adds more storage space and a creative element to the room.

Renovating kids’ bedroom
Renovation especially that of a kids’ bedroom doesn’t happen too often. Hence, a lot of thought needs to be put into this. This is especially true because when kids start growing up into teenagers and then adults, their choices and likes will change.
The homes we design at Design Arc Interiors, especially in Bangalore are done with careful thought. We look at the requirements of the child and the preferences of the parents’ while designing the room. A little bit of creativity and imagination creates inspiring designs and helps bring back the magic in a kids’ bedroom.