Five Kitchen Island Ideas

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With kitchen gaining more importance in Indian design space, kitchen interior designers in Bangalore have turned creative to provide the most inspiring space to cook up gourmet meals. Here are a few tips to steal from kitchen interior designers in Bangalore

Kitchen Island
A modern addition in Indian kitchen, kitchen islands are easy to work around and it leaves a lot of space around the room for cabinets and storage. Kitchen islands are totally utilitarian in nature and they make the cook’s life a lot easier. Most kitchens have their kitchen island as a focal point and add elements to it make it looks sleek, sophisticated and elegant.

Kitchen Island with breakfast nook
Kitchens that have a larger space, opt for a long kitchen island where one half works as a work area complete with a wash and sink and the other half as a countertop to dig into a quick breakfast or coffee with some bar stools or chairs.

Kitchen Islands with storage
Ask any householder and they will never say no to an extra storage space in the kitchen. Kitchen needs all the space that it can get to store pots, pans, spices and rice. The kitchen island need be a standalone block in the kitchen. It can become totally utilitarian, when you add storage space beneath the island. Some even set their microwave oven beneath the island to save space around. Some kitchen islands are designed with cabinets on one side to store and open shelves on the side to keep recipe books.

Kitchen Island lighting

Long pendant lights are normally the most preferred type of lighting that kitchen interior designers in Bangalore opt for kitchen islands. If the island is long enough then three pendant lights would be adequate task lighting. For small ones, single or two would do. Some also design it with cluster of bulbs hanging at varying heights to give it complete contemporary look.

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Interior design ideas for the kitchen

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Kitchens have finally gained the position of important space in Indian interior design. Modular kitchens have brought the semblance of method and order that was previously lacking in all Indian kitchens. Now people are very particular about designing their kitchen to give themselves the maximum convenience. Here are a few design ideas from world famous interior designers

Tiny kitchen space
If you own a studio apartment with a tiny kitchen space then opt for a mirrored backsplash and simple cabinets on the wall. Making the optimum use of the wall speaks of good interior design and the mirrored backsplash would give the illusion of bigger space.

Dramatic kitchens
There is no cause to keep your kitchens bare and dramatic appeals are not limited to the foyers and dining room. You could bring your kitchen ceiling to life with murals, drawings and paintings and make life more interesting with some unique interior design.

Sleek and minimalistic
A minimalistic kitchen might look bare but it is certainly the most orderly space that you would ever come across. The traditional L shaped kitchen can be designed with cabinets, shelves and cupboards on both sides leaving a narrow stretch of space to work in the island.

Rustic and country
If you love all things rustic then go for a large square shaped kitchen with a large window that opens up to a terrace garden or the lawn. A table made of reclaimed wood can be set in the middle of the room or near the window to serve as a breakfast nook.

Eclectic designs
Going eclectic gives more scope to be creative and it also gives an individual stamp to your space. Add formal dining chairs to a French farm table and add vintage tiffany pendant lights to a good measure. It will look different!

Colour it up
Many apartments do have dingy kitchens with little or no natural light. In such cases, you could opt for sunny colours that would reflect light and make the space more sunny. Yellow gold, shades of white are great colours to try.

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Few Tips from Interior Decorators, Chennai

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Creating beautiful interiors or investing in them was something that Chennai residents didn’t give much thought until recently. With the advent of social media network like Facebook, Pinterest, home makeovers have become a rage today. Here are a few tips from interior decorators Chennai to help you with your makeovers

Most interior decorators first select the primary furniture for the living room that could be called as the best seat of the space and then build their space. If you are shopping for your first apartment, then you could start by picking up a comfortable sofa or a couch and build the rest of the space around. Most interior decorators Chennai suggest wood furniture to set the right tones; teak, mahogany and oak. Those who prefer to keep in light can go for cane furniture.

With minimalistic being the keyword around, don’t design your apartment with fuzzy details of hundred odd things. If you are an art lover then buy a big piece of painting to display and don’t display anything else.

Experiment with bold colours
This is where you need the expertise of interior decorators Chennai. Painting the walls is expensive and we can’t do it every Sunday. Getting the colours right is important during the first shot. Go for bright sun colours or shades of white. You could also experiment with bold orange, burgundy or cobalt blue that are trending these days. Most interior designers however add something black to the décor to bring out the contrast.

Experiment with lights
With so much emphasis on green energy, many householders are switching to inventive LED lights to save energy. Interior decorators Chennai have many inventive ways to use them all over the house. They could be used within the closets, inside the kitchen cabinets, on the hallway or on the staircase. You just need to get creative!

Painting furniture
Those who live in rented spaces can’t splurge on painting their walls without the owner’s permission. But that need not restrict you room having a beautiful space. You could paint your furniture instead!

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Different Styles of Luxury Bathrooms

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Interior design has gained in popularity among the public and many apartment interior decorators in Bangalore are giving creative solutions and complete makeovers to clients who want to live in a beautiful space. Bathrooms were long ignored spaces that had more utility value than any other in Indian market. It is only in the recent years that people have realized that they are luxury havens that could relieve us of stress. With most apartment interior decorators in Bangalore providing creative solutions to make bathrooms more luxurious, here is a list of styles that could be adopted for your space

Traditionally styled bathrooms
Traditionally styled bathrooms are epitomes of luxury. With a grandiose chandelier and classic white décor and custom inset cabinets, these bathrooms are expansive in style and elegant in design. With a white marble sunk bathtub and a beautiful view to enjoy, you just need to light a few scented candles to soak in that stress.

Tropical Design
Tropical bathrooms are easy to replicate especially in India. Reclaimed wood is used in abundance here with roughly hewn cabinets that stocks luxury white fluffy bath towels. Eco-friendly and organic bath accessories can be used. Most tropical bathrooms are built in the outdoors with adequate plants and bamboo screen dividers for privacy. A shower under the plants or a mini fountain is as tropical as you can get.

A design that apartment interior decorators in Bangalore use very often, contemporary designs are all about linear lines and perfect symmetry with minimal decor. Mini crystal chandeliers with LED recess lights are mostly favoured. Most contemporary bathrooms have a glass door to separate the shower area from the powder room. Well stocked cabinets and a large colourful bowl of potpourri are the common elements of this decor.

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Benefits of 3D Interior Design

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Architecture has gone more user-friendly thanks to software penetration. Now you don’t have to look at a blue print drawing and imagine yourself in a living room. You can actually see it come alive thanks to 3D interior design companies Bangalore.

One of the main advantages of 3D rendering of interior design is the realistic factor. While the architect has a lot of imagination there are many others who do need help in terms of pictures and visuals to imagine how a space would look. With 3D interior design, architecture comes alive right down to the colour to the walls and the decor, giving the client a vision of tomorrow.

The second advantage is the changing the details. While a blueprint is not a detailed vision of a dream house, with a 3D rendering, many 3D Interior design companies in Bangalore are able to nail the exact space that the client wants. A shelf there, a balcony or a window here and cabinets to display, you can add anything or remove anything. 3D rendering is one of the best tools for custom architecture.

And since the client is able to visualize the space around, it is also easy for them to realize why the window is in a certain direction and how natural light plays within the space. It makes it very easy to convince the client and make them understand why they should not have the window removed. Playing with colours, choosing different shades and experimenting with hues can be done on the 3D model without any regrets at a later date.

Today many 3D interior design companies Bangalore prefer to show the 3D rendering of the space to their clients rather than the blueprints as it makes a better tool for understanding.

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