three must have design ideas for villas

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There is nothing small about villas. Villas are expansive spaces that that are synonymous with country living, leisure, bountiful orchids, landscaped gardens and family get-together.

We have designed many villa interiors in Bangalore and here are some design ideas that typically characterize a villa:-

Large kitchen: While most villas are being built in the suburbs within gated communities, many are buying the space to serve as a holiday home to stay during the weekends, extended holidays and to entertain friends and family. Some prefer the expansive space to put their feet up after a hectic professional life and see it as a haven for retirement. Unlike most of the apartments in the cities where a corridor space is allocated as a kitchen, villa interior design must have a larger kitchen space.

Large French windows: French windows are truly luxurious element that adds class and sophistication to the villa. Most of the villa interiors in Bangalore have large French windows that open up to the pool or a large patio. Some prefer to have it in their backyard as it opens up to the gardens or orchids. French windows make perfect sense as it provides the guests with a great view.

Stunning Foyers: There are hardly any foyers to design or decorate in apartments. Foyers typically are the first rooms that our guests get to see and it needs to be perfect and stunning if one wants to make an impression. Large chandeliers, decorative mirrors, vases, antique art or stylish vintage design elements, one can get creative in this space and stun the guests into silence.

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