architecture and interior design for retail stores

Retail stores interiors in Bangalore is just not about displaying your products and selling them to customers. One needs to offer much more than that to make the store more profitable and popular than others, especially in a city that has large number of malls and stores.

Retail business involves creative display of products, creating space for the customers to touch and feel the products, easy billing processes and a little personal touch that would make them come back to the shop again and again.

Good architecture and fabulous interior designs are the most important element of a retail store design. Before launching the retail store, one must look at the choice of the location, store design, traffic flow of the business, provisions for customer safety and finally the style and decor of the store.

Retail industry is littered with businesses that have failed just because they displayed their stuff in the wrong way. Take any popular retail store design in Bangalore, and one will notice the easy customer accessibility, fabulous window designs, hot deals and seamless traffic that flows in. To achieve the same result, one must take careful note of the store architecture and create spaces and alcoves to sell the products. Matching the interior design with the product that is being sold makes the space more novel and engaging for the customers who would spread the word. Word-of-mouth is a very powerful medium that is more effective that taking out a front-page ad in the newspaper.

Selecting the right colours is also very important for the retail store design. While most often the retail stores go for brand colours to imprint their brand in the customer’s mind, it is also prudent to consider colours that are pleasant and pleasing. Many experts have conducted research on colour schemes that make customers more conducive to buy at a store.

Safety is another important consideration, especially where shopping centers interiors in Bangalore are concerned. Safe flooring and maneuverability are very vital to the safety features of any store. And investing on these features safeguards the reputation of the store and the brand from any negative publicity or untoward incidents.

how to select the best interior designer in Bangalore

Bangalore is truly a ‘real estate’ heaven for many. That’s because quality workmanship and technical know-how reigns high here. Given the high percentage of IT companies, this city has seen a high infusion of western influence in terms of lifestyle and technology.

Truly cosmopolitan, apartments in Bangalore are built to offer a lifestyle that definitely matches one’s pocket. With quality apartments come stylish interiors. But interior designers and decorators are dime a dozen in any city. How does one select the best interior designer in Bangalore? Here is how –

Extensive Research

Designing the interiors of the house is no child’s play. It takes time and more importantly money. Interiors do not mean painting the house. It includes many facets of the resident’s lifestyle layered with the right accessories and colours.

Look through various photo, websites and magazines to plan the look of each room and space. Once the rough idea of the space is ready, you will need to look for a good interior designer. One can pick dozens of interior designers from the yellow pages but there is no guarantee as to how they would work.

Personal visit

To select a best interiors in Bangalore, one must look through his work extensively. Check out the designer’s work through photos, drop in for a visit and see the space personally. Talk to his clients to see how receptive he or she is and their experience in working with him.

Expensive or cheap

No one wants cheap looking interiors. And neither do we want to spend millions of rupees on one sofa irrespective of whether it is in the trend. Striking a balance between utility and luxury is very important where interior designing is concerned. And the mark of a good interior designer is in designing a space that comes within the budget and yet managing to wow the guests.

selecting the right art for studio apartments

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With young professionals venturing into real estate, early in their career, majority of them are able to afford small studio apartments with one bedroom. Though studio apartments are small in space, there is no reason why they must be devoid of colour or art. As one of the leading interior decorators for apartments, we have transformed many small studio apartments into popular bachelor pads.

  • Mirrors: Mirrors have been traditionally used in interior decoration to enlarge a small space and to magnify light. Today most interior decorators for apartments opt for cabinets that have an exterior floor length mirror. This arrangement has a two-fold advantage. One gets to save on space on the wall where inspiring art or a bookshelf can be placed and the mirror on the cabinet gives a vision of a larger space. Large decorative mirrors placed on the wall are equivalent to art giving a sophisticated look to the space.
  • Large art pieces: Space is sacred in a studio apartment and optimum use of the wall space is called for where art is concerned. And instead of putting up small art pieces in one concentrated space, one large artistic painting or a vintage poster will make a focal point for the room setting the tone of the design.
  • Light: Lighting is the most important aspect of any space and with studio apartments; it becomes vital to have well-lit rooms. One interesting thing about lights is that it can be used as a decorative art and set as a focal point of a room. While most studio apartments have a multi-pronged approach to interiors, selecting the right lights for accent or track lighting is important to illuminate and they can also used art pieces to enhance the drama. Since most studio apartments have an open kitchen, once use a row of three pendant lights on the dining table to great effect.
  • Rugs: Colourful rugs are an integral part of studio apartment decor. They help to demarcate space and create cosy little nooks that help to establish the specific purpose of the space. Studio apartments that do not have much art or colour can go for colourful rugs to give personality to the space.
  • Single bedroom apartments need not be cramped dingy places where one gets to sleep the night off. As one of the best apartment interior designers in Chennai, even a small space can become a haven of luxury.

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    ideas for romantic outdoors space

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    Expansive outdoors design space, dreamy exteriors and a romantic moonlight. It does sound very romantic doesn’t it? Exterior space is often underutilised in India. With life becoming more monotonous and routine, it is sad that planting a garden or maintaining a lawn are not at the top of many people’s priority. But those who have gone an extra mile to create a fantastic outdoor interior design will tell you that it is worth the effort.

  • Rustic Iron Gate: There is nothing like a wrought iron antique gate to bring out the rustic charm in the interior design indoor garden. It doesn’t matter if the garden space and the vegetable patch are very small but a decorative garden gate will set the mood of the space beautifully.
  • Patio: Patios are great spaces that can become extension of the living room especially during the warm summers. Patios can become a perfect place to meet, discuss and enjoy warm summers with scintillating conversation. With some outdoor furniture, green plants and paved floor, patios can turn into perfect space to enjoy nature and experience perfect interior design for outdoor living.
  • Swimming Pool: Swimming pools make great additions to the outdoor space. Deep blue expanse of the pool with comfortable chairs and LED lights would make any outdoor space inviting and not to mention romantic. If the outdoor swimming pool is situated inside a garden, creative pool designs and green coloured tiles would make it perfectly enticing on a hot summer day.
  • Coffee Tables: Outdoor patios with coffee tables and reading lights make a cosy picture. Coffee tables make for great furniture in patios and house with large balconies. If the patio is not large enough then the balconies can used to set up a cosy nook to sit and converse. Setting up flower gardens and roof top gardens will amply compensate the lack of a garden space, especially in apartments.
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    designing a restaurant space

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    It is a well-known fact that design and layout of the commercial interior design could make or break its business. And as one of the top commercial interior decorators in Bangalore, we believe that design is a very important and vital part of the restaurant business. That’s because the ambience is one of the reasons why, customers step into a restaurant. Fine dining, conversation and perfect interiors eases people into a social intercourse.

    Here are five design aspects that one should consider before launching a commercial space such as a restaurant:-

  • Lighting: Lighting is a very important aspect of restaurant business. It determines the mood and the style of the food served to the guests. Lighting can be dramatic, understated, elegant or decorative. Fine dining restaurants most often opt for low intensity lighting that can create an intimate atmosphere allowing the guests to dine in leisure.
  • Furniture: As with any space, it is the furniture that ultimately decides the style of the room. If luxury is the keyword for the restaurant, one can go for traditional styled dining rooms, tables with lace textures, elegant flowers and mini chandeliers to set the tone. If the restaurant opts for a friendly tone, candy coloured fabrics and multi-coloured art would work really well.
  • Space: Space is an important element that ultimately decides the layout of the restaurant. It is also an essential factor to consider before deciding on the furniture. A fine dining restaurant needs a lot of space between one table and another to maintain the illusion of privacy and intimacy. Many popular restaurants use dividers creatively to create alcoves that offer privacy to the guests.
  • Decor: Whatever style of decor is selected for the restaurant, whether it is theme based or cuisine based, it is important that quality accessories are selected for the same. A fine dine restaurant that does not give enough thought to invest in good accessories will eventually not rate high in the customer’s mind.
  • Exteriors: Exterior ambiance is the most undervalued aspect of restaurant business. Neglecting this would result in the undermining of the entire business. Exterior of the restaurant must be inviting and not to mention enticing for the customers to drop in. Depending on the overall style of the decor, a fine dining restaurant can become a inviting haven with its well-maintained lawns, ample space for parking and dramatically elegant foyer.
  • Though food and its quality is a determining factor, comfort, luxury interiors and good experience along with great service makes the restaurant popular in the city. As one of the leading commercial interior decorators in Chennai we have designed some great spaces that have become popular hangouts in the city.

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