Low cost design ideas for retail space

Protected by Copyscape Original Content CheckDesigning a retail store space, is always challenging and involves a lot of thinking and planning. One of the most important challenges that the client poses to us as interior decorators Bangalore, is to design the space within the given budget. Retail designs are targeted towards the customers. Enticing, appealing colours, décor and interesting accessories presented in a well-lit space will always have customers walking in.

Here are some low cost interior design ideas that can help you entice customers into your shop

Bold Colours

Vivid colours work well to arrest people’s attention. Bold neon colours, not only grabs one’s attention but also gives an illusion of a larger space. Vivid paint colours or even nice textured wallpapers can be used to create a lovely décor for the store.

Strict ‘no’ to clutter

Cluttered space or shops are a strict ‘no’ where decor is concerned. While people might hesitate to get into a shop that is totally cluttered with stuff, it becomes highly difficult for the sales executives to show anything of value to the customers. Plan the layout of the shop carefully and use the window space to showcase large items. Wall accessories like shelves and dividers can be used to showcase small items that is on sale.

Perfect Lighting

Lighting is one of the most crucial elements of interior decoration. It is a very vital aspect, where retail store interior design is concerned, as proper lighting can either make or break the shop. Lighting can be used effectively to create an illusion of space, to awe and stun the customers and to make them see the most treasured and precious merchandise that is on sale. Using a combination of track, accent and ambient lighting, the space around the store can be planned.

Think out of the box

The classic shelf approach where merchandise is displayed is fast disappearing. It is being replaced by innovative and out-of-the-box ideas that not only ensure a stunning display but also saves a lot of space for the store.

Innovative Dividers

Stores that stock a variety of items can sort them all together to form a square space based on the theme. To that end, we would recommend the use of interesting dividers to demarcate space and theme. Multi-purpose dividers not only work as great boundaries but also help to store things.

Accent Walls

Painting one side of the wall with a bright vivid colour, will not only look stunning but will also make the space look larger, than it is. The accent wall can be used for special displays and to showcase merchandise that the store considers to be their speciality.

Optimum use of windows

Windows are the most important spaces for retail store. Designing the window not only requires proper planning, it is also important to keep this space as creative as possible. Window displays are the most important advertisements that would generate walk-ins for the store.

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Designing interiors for a small apartment

Protected by Copyscape Original Content CheckWith real estate becoming more and more expensive, many are able to afford very small residential interior homes to settle in Bangalore. Many working professionals prefer to studio apartments or one-bedroom apartments as their starter homes.

Starter homes can be small but they need not be dubbed as drab or cramped. In fact with some clever interior design, the illusion of space can be brought into even very small rooms. As apartment interior designers in Bangalore we have provided design services for many homes. Here are some ideas that we have used

Bright Colours

Many shy away from bold colours, but they totally work for small apartment spaces. Rich warm colours of orange, burgundy or sunny yellow makes the space more interesting and takes the focus off the dimensions. In rooms, that have little natural light, we recommend warm and dark colours that would give it a cosy feeling. It is also important that the paint colour complement the texture, fabric, furniture and the light available in the room.

Creating spaces

Open kitchens, are most often the best solution for small apartments. But that doesn’t mean that the spice racks stretch up to the living area. Where space is sacred, it is important to demarcate the area clearly. Furniture with clear lines automatically creates these boundaries, giving the resident various different nooks and pockets within a limited space.

Multi-functional furniture and spaces

Getting creative is definitely the ‘need of the hour’, where small apartments are considered. In most cases, there is a tug-of-war between the space allocated for the living room and the bedroom. With innovative space saving furniture, one can enjoy optimum space when it is needed. Wall beds, and bunk beds are most commonly used solutions to create more space in the living room. While those who work from home, prefer to convert their bedroom space into office area in the morning, thanks to space saving furniture such as wall beds, they can rest well during the night in the same room.

Art for small spaces

Even a large living room can look fussy and over decorated, if it is accessorized by the wrong art. Selecting the right art is imperative especially where small spaces are concerned. Most often than not, DIY lovers go for small art pieces and deco to adorn the walls of their small rooms. But we do not recommend that approach, though a bunch of small art displayed collectively, would look stunning on the wall. Instead of going for various small art pieces, one big large painting displayed in the center might just do the trick.

Tricks of the trade

As one of the top most apartment interior decorators in Bangalore, we do not mind sharing our expertise with our audience. Some of the most common tricks used by designers to give an illusion of space, are through mirrors. Decorative mirrors, floor length mirrors and mirrors in strategic areas, makes the room appear bigger than it usually is.

Placing a beautiful decorative mirror at the landing or at the entry makes a great impact on the decor. We also recommend juxtaposing it right behind a light source, like a mini chandelier or a contemporary pendant, as the mirror will amplify the light source, creating a beautiful atmosphere.

We have many more tricks up our sleeve, if you are interested, you can consult us for apartment interior services within Bangalore city.

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