Making the Most of a Patio

It is not often that one is blessed with a patio in this world of small spaces. If you are, then it behooves you to make the best of it. The patio is generally the space that adjoins the backyard of your home. With space being sacred, one can do a lot of things with a patio irrespective of whether it is small or big. Here are a few ideas from interior designers in Bangalore to convert your patio into your most favorite spot to hang out.

Stylish and Green

If you love to entertain and you live in a place with salubrious weather like Bangalore then the patio can literally become an extension of your living room. All that you need are a few benches, wrought iron chairs and a large narrow table, a few pendant lights and a whole lot of green plants. You have a perfect venue for parties, a quiet evening for contemplation preferably with a glass of wine or two or place to hang out with your best friend sharing secrets and catching on gossip over a plate of pasta or pizza.

Rustic and Leisure

There is something about going rustic that screams leisure big time. You can bring the same vibe to your patio with the help of the best interior designers in Bangalore. With a pergola roof to bring in the sun, floating benches, a cozy cane swing, a few potted plants and a rug or two will bring the rustic to space. Relax and lounge around with a book and a glass of chilled lemonade and enjoy the summer zing.

Beach, salt, and sea

Those who adore the beach can go the full mile and bring it to your homes with a patio that would lure the salt and sea inside. Interior designers in Bangalore would bring this look with a hammock, reclaimed wood furniture and a few plants you will smell the sea real soon.

A Sanctuary

Sometimes one needs a small space to introspect, contemplate and to reclaim one’s life and dreams. If you have a patio space in your flat overlooking the cityscape, then interior designers in Bangalore can transform it into a sanctuary with a snug couch, cushions, a cozy area rug to curl your toes on while you nurse a cup of hot chocolate after a crazy busy day at work.

Go the Mediterranean

Every aspect of a Mediterranean patio is about relaxing, entertaining and enjoying the good things that life has offered you. Home Interior designers in Bangalore can recreate the space for you with cushioned seats, flowering plants and low patio lights which will make your evenings truly magical irrespective of whether you are entertaining or not.

Spring Gazebo

There is indeed nothing like a spring morning crisp and fresh with the scent of flowers wafting through the air. The evenings are equally magical with the smell of honeysuckle and jasmine blooming around. A gazebo on your patio can be the very thing that could bring you outdoors to enjoy the bountiful nature. A few chairs and a round table with a single pendant light and lots of flowering plants, pots, and creepers, you would loathe going inside.

With the right Home or Office interior designers in Bangalore, any space can be turned into a retreat or a sanctuary that you would love to spend time in. The trick is to find the right one.

Best Colours for Your Bathroom

Truly there is nothing like a well put together bathroom to relax your senses. While planning a bathroom renovation, the rule of the thumb is to go for colours that speak to you. You could go for bold or for serene. Seriously, there are no wrong colours for a bathroom so long as it is perfected together with hues that complement it and patterns that define it. Here are a few house interior design tricks from the best designers in Bangalore –

Tropical Green

If you want your bathroom to be a haven and a retreat, you couldn’t have picked a more apt colour. There is something about a green hue that brings on serenity to space. The tropical green in your bathroom can be vintage wallpaper or a shade of the wall and it is sure to give you a measure of peace that you seek around. Combining hues of brown with jewel green gives a vivid impression of nature in your restroom.

Pink and grey

Feminine and bold, you need not douse the bathroom in pink for it to stand out. With patterns of grey all over, just add subtle touches of pink to space. A blush pink light fixture or a pink shower curtain would be just enough to would bring out the feminine essence in this house interior design.

Cobalt blue

There is a vivid zing to this colour that adds great charm to this space. Experiment with various hues and find your own true blue or you could pattern it with different shades of blue. Either way, this colour is a winner and you won’t be changing your bathroom’s house interior design anytime soon.

Sage green

If stylish and chic is how you groove then sage green is one trend that you would be wise to adopt for your bathroom. Sage green with textures of cream is one combination that gives you a space that is lovely beyond words.

Navy blue

Some may call it dark and brooding but with a navy blue paint on, one you can add accents of gold and polished wood. Add a few vintage mirrors and a wrought iron chandelier complete with candles, you have one stylish powder room ready for the lady. It can’t get any more impressive than this.

Red and blue

This is definitely for the bold and beautiful. Go crazy with a zany colour with vivid crimson red and patterns of navy blue. Patterned wallpapers would just do the trick here and really animate the walls with movements. With these hues on, your bathroom will be a showpiece all right!


Bright and yet subtle and calm in its own right, a yellow bathroom is a place where you would love to relax in a tub full of tepid water awaiting the return of the spring. Pattern the walls with mustard yellow wallpaper and add a few yellow shades you will be ready to relax and rejuvenate.

Baby blue

There is something soothing about baby blues. Soft, calming and cute, they really are the colours to highlight the feminine essence of the space. Patterns of blue with wallpapers and shades make a great hue to work with. When mixed with cream, you get an ultra stylish glamour room to flaunt.

Amazing Home Office Ideas

A decade or two earlier, one needed to rise and shine early in the morning, battle through the choking traffic and reach the one place where your day’s work would begin.

Today, things are a bit different. With cloud technology and Internet penetration deepening, you could stay in your remote village and yet connect with your office and do the work.

Technology has not only added onto the convenience but has also spawned new-age professionals who work from the comfort of their own home. For these professionals, working from home is a comfortable prospect and that’s why most home interior design has a nook if not a room for their work needs.

Here are a few amazing home office ideas that can be incorporated in your home interior design –

A Retreat

If you have space to spare then why not go all out and make it special. There are many things that one could do with a room as a home office. Again, it all depends on your profession. Some of the most common elements would be a library, comfortable couches or chairs, a large desk and in-built cupboards or shelves. Depending on the profession, one could add elements to the space that would reflect your character. A few houseplants or a flower vase would bring the nature within the room and give you a real sense of space.

The trick is not to completely make it look like an office. After all, you are working out of the home, so 70% of the interiors should be dictated by your comfort and desire. At the same time, one can’t really do away with the tables and place a bed in the office. You do have your productivity to think about. Let it be a retreat where you can work unhindered with no distractions whatsoever.

Solid and sturdy

Sometimes it is the old-fashioned that does the trick. Go in for a solid wood table and a comfortable chair, wooden paneling and a good old library of books in the background to prop up your reputation. Most often than freelancers of all discipline are considered to be unreliable and unprofessional. If you are looking to dispel that myth then here is your chance to prove them wrong. With an interior that looks utterly professional, solid and sturdy, you can win clients with your home office design.

Space Saving

This is the realm of quirks and crazy ideas. If your home interior design doesn’t factor in a home office, then here is what you can do. Convert the space under the stairs as an office (and claim it to be Harry Potterish magical) or transform a nook or a corner into an office. All that you would need a wall attached desk with open shelves or cabinets, a long desk if two or more people work with you and a comfortable swivel chair.

A quiet corner

For some, a home office is a quiet corner that is so unlike the work environment that they love to retreat there to deliver their best work. If your home interior design allows a backyard patio then your home office can be an extension of the same. A corner office with a large window that opens up into a backyard garden does give you a great view and a different perspective.

A home office might be a new thing in home or apartment interior design but if trends were to be believed, it will be an integral part of one’s home in another decade or so. Therefore if you are building a home or buying an old apartment, you might as well save some space for this right away.

Colour Trends for 2018

With 2018 halfway done, let’s look at the colour trends that most apartment interior designers in Bangalore are using.

Sage Green

This is a trend that is red hot these days. Sage green is one neutral shade that gives a calm and elegant vibe to space. This year, it’s been used extensively in the kitchen, bathrooms, dining room and even bedrooms. Cool and relaxed, Sage Green bathrooms are not only fabulous but can help one relax. Most apartment interior designers in Bangalore mix sage green with a neutral white or combine it with a variant of other light greens to bring out a calm green effect.


Nothing screams ‘happy’ like a marigold. This is one colour that has the ability to liven up things in a space. Most apartment interior designers in Bangalore believe that marigold and mustard yellow patterns bring a distinct 70’s retro vibe to space. This is one happy spring colour that can be splashed around in the bedroom, kitchen, dining room etc.

Ultra Violet

Dramatic, provocative and utterly inspiring, Ultra Violet is as dramatic as anything can be. There are many shades of violet that can be used in the décor and it allows the apartment interior designers in Bangalore to experiment extensively and come up with a versatile design that is unconventional, mindful and mystical. You could place one furniture piece a large couch or a sofa in Ultra Violet or go all out and paint the walls in tones of amethyst. However it is done, the result is quite dramatic and riveting.


This one is for those who are bold and unconventional. Strong, radiant and pulsating with energy, crimson is what rubies are about. You can bring the same energy to space and watch it transform and inspire all things drab. One thing that most Apartment Interior Designers in Bangalore get right is to paint one section of the wall crimson and the rest white or neutral and the contrast will be vivid and beautiful.


Blues are used rather widely to bring the ocean’s beauty into one’s home. Ocean blue colour is a rich shade, which can be used with white neutral furniture and textures to great effect. It not only calms your senses but also gives you a sense of well being and good life.

Salmon Pink

House Interior Design by best Apartment interior designers call this colour the ‘millennial pink’ and it brings the best of spring into one’s space. It also allows the designers to bring in muted patterns, textures that add character to this shade and livens the space with love.


This one is vintage and it is one trend that is going to repeat through the years. Whether it is on the wall or on the floor, deep emerald has an elegance about it that makes us want to embrace fine living because one needs to upgrade their lifestyle to deserve something so precious.

The other colour trends that are making inroads this year are Autumn Maple, Deep Turquoise, black, olive, dusk and good old yellow. If you want your space to reflect the colour that most speaks to you then it’s time to call Design Arc Interiors, one of the best Apartment interior designers in Bangalore.

Office Interior Design to Suit Different Work Styles

With work style becoming more fluid and home-based, office interiors designers in Bangalore are coming up with new designs that would incorporate different work styles.

A decade ago, office designs were cubicle-based. While this design had its obvious advantages of making the workforce feel as one collective it also ended up cramping their space. The use of the Internet was through cable routed personal computers or laptops and one couldn’t really take a break from the monotony and sit by the window to work. Work had to be done within the cubicle and it couldn’t be taken outside.

Thankfully with the advent of WiFi one is not chained to the desk so to speak and with cloud technology in place, we can sit just about anywhere and do our work. With the dynamics of work style changing rapidly office interior designers in Bangalore too had to change the design of the workplace to suit the needs of today’s office.

Fluid Design

Fluid architecture or fluid design brings in a great deal of flexibility within the space planning of the office design. There are no cubicles in this design. No enclosed spaces that would make people feel claustrophobic. Open, airy, well-ventilated and natural lighting are the many elements of this design. Employees have a choice of sitting just about anywhere to work for the day. Long desks, bean bags, square cushions, alcoves, bar stools… any of these or a combination of this furniture can be used to create a fluid design.

Thematic Design

Working from home has become a viable option today and it has many advantages. Therefore it becomes essential that the interior design of the office be inspiring enough for the workforce to come and work from the space.  To discard the comforts of one’s own home, one needs a pretty good reason these days to travel to the office. A great view, inspiring interiors, focused attention, relaxing atmosphere, camaraderie… are the many reasons that one might be willing to step out. One of the many things that many Office Interior Designers in Bangalore are offering today is a thematic design that makes gives the employees a sense of pretend play and add a whimsical touch to their life.

There are office designs with alcoves that look like old age pay phones, bar-themed desks and stools, space-themed interiors, new age futuristic designs that gives them a great sense of pride to be working in the space. If the office location is strategically positioned to offer great views then one needs to take full advantage of the same. For example, if your office overlooks the beach, you really wouldn’t put up solid walls to block the view, would you? And who can resist the allure of a great view especially while at work?

Entertainment Zones

Unlike the olden days, when the office design was a long chain of cubicles and desks and the pantry tucked at the end of the room with little or no room to turn around, today’s offices harmoniously add an entertainment zone along with the work zone. A couch, a bean bag, a cosy coffee table or even a comfortable bench are put in place to allow the employees to take a breather. For many, it is these little thoughtful additions that make a huge difference and they would end up not only appreciating but also feeling happy at their workplace.

Today interior design for workplaces is all about making the employees feel comfortable, rested and inspired. If you wish to offer your employees the best workplace, you can hire Design Arc Interiors, one of the best office Interior Designers in Bangalore to design your space affordably.