Design the Living room to make your home comfortable and organized

Designing a Comfortable Living Room

Living rooms are the most important space in a home. This is where you will greet and entertain your guests. This is where your guests will get the opportunity to size you up and to give you the respect that you deserve. That apart, the living room is the space where you get to put your feet up, enjoy and relax with your friends. Here are a few tips that would help you design a comfortable living room from the best interior designers in Bangalore


  • Having enough and more seats are essential in a comfortable living room. That’s why most interior decorators in Bangalore will go in for essential furniture such as sofa (square seated seven-foot long ones would be ideal), a coffee table, club chair, wing chair and a couple of footstools make the essentials for a living room.
  • This will ensure that there are enough and more seats for your guests and everyone will be seated with comfort.

Finding a focal point

  • Now that you have the furniture, the next essential step is to decide where and how to arrange them in the room so that the design and comfort flow harmoniously together.
  • Aligning the sofa with a hearth or a fireplace is a great idea but if the room doesn’t have one, then the view from the window or a large piece of art can become the focal point.
  • Then you can align your sofa so that your guests can get the best view of the art/garden/high-rise view. They are the best conversation starters that one can have.

Conversations and Coffee Table

  • Finding the right coffee table is difficult. For most interior decorators in Bangalore, it’s like finding the holy grail! Coffee tables are often underrated pieces of furniture but they are very handy and they do bring in sense of order within the space.
  • You can use it to place coffee, tea, drinks anything you like, store newspapers/magazines under it (if it comes with cabinets) and those who entertain other families with kids will find it to be a lovely table to put their ludo or monopoly boards on it. At the very least, you can always put your feet up on it and relax.

 Pretty trims and frills

  • Once the basic furniture is decided upon, you can go about adding all those trills and frills that would make space more personal and pretty. Fresh flowers in a vase bring in nature within and they will look beautiful anywhere. On the table, by the fireplace or on a cabinet. Even a single money plant in a small vase will look lovely.
  • Cushions and throws that contrasts with the furniture colour will bring in contrast and make the space alive.
  • Add a few candles in a glass (if they are scented it would great) and you have the most comfortable living room ever that you would love coming back home to.


How interior design helped you drastic change over the decades?

A couple of decades ago, the word ‘Interior décor’ would be met with perplexed gaze because it didn’t exist as an industry per se. The interior of the house hardly required any design or thought in those days. People built houses and the interior would be what the builder decides and once the owners moved in they used their discretion, comfort and ideas to furnish their homes with sofas, tables, chairs, dining table, cabinets and cupboards. Sometimes they would get it right by following their own inane sense of design and commonsense, while most got it wrong.
Here are a few examples of how interior design has changed over the decades –


  • Whether interior design of homes has changed for better or not is a debate for another day but time has certainly had a positive impact on the kitchen design.
  • A few decades ago, the kitchen was an overlooked space as far as interior design was concerned. A kitchen island and a sink constituted its design and if the woman of the household was lucky, she would get a few bare shelves thrown in.

  • Today, there is a sea change in the kitchen design because we have realized it is the most utilitarian space in a house. Today’s kitchen has a more open design since the walls have been brought down and space has been integrated with the home.
  • As one of the leading interior companies in Bangalore we see that kitchen as space has been transformed drastically to store everything in its designated space.

Sacred Space

  • Space has become sacred today so much so that every little nook is being utilized. Room under the cupboard is definitely not a Harry Potter invention but a judicious use of today’s space.





  • Storage space under the stairs, a utility room by the balcony, a wash area by the kitchen are some of the modern day designs that make a lot of sense. A decade ago, the space under the stairs was where old rickety chairs were hidden so this is definitely a marked improvement.

Home Office

  • A few decades ago, people who had their own business probably had a desk and a chair to conduct their affairs from home. Those with a nine-to-five job didn’t need a home office.
  • Today, we all need a home office, if not an office at least a nook to hook our laptop and other gadgets.



Minimalistic Zen approach





  • Today’s interiors are all about reducing the clutter and going green. No more frills and fripperies to decorate and clutter. Stark beauty and a Spartan look are more utilitarian than a home full of stuff.
  • As one of the most sought-after Interior Decorators in Bangalore, we get more requests to design a minimalistic home than any other today.

Using Natural light and sustainability

  • A few decades ago, people rarely thought about green, natural or sustainability. Today, though we have to otherwise we will be leaving an empty shell of a planet for our future generations.
  • Today’s interior designs try to incorporate natural light to great advantage to illuminate the space within. Sustainable energy such as solar power is incorporated into the design of the home to conserve energy

Six tricks to improve your office interior design

Most of us spend more than the stipulated eight hours in our office. For many, it is as good as a second home. Office Interior design is a very important aspect of work productivity. Your office interior might be swanky with plush carpets and an elaborate chandelier that impresses your guests and clients and yet the productivity levels of your employees might be less. At the same time, there are offices that work with bare minimum comforts and yet nurture a productive and efficient workforce. Have you ever wondered why this happens? We can tell you. There is more to designing a great workplace than fitting them with plush carpets or fancy lights. Here are six tricks that you can use to improve your office interior design –
Bring in the natural light
While artificial lights have their advantages, man has been living with natural light for centuries before fuel based lights and electricity was discovered. There is incredible power in natural lights and research has shown us that it has a direct impact on the employee’s productivity, alertness and attention levels. There are many ways through which office interior decorators can bring in natural light into space – windows, installing skylights or an airy south-facing balcony. Bringing the natural light helps the employees to bring a fresh perspective to their work and their stress levels come down rather dramatically.

Introduce a Natural Look

One can never go wrong with nature so, bringing in natural plants does bring a whiff of fresh air inside the office. Plants help to clean the air and reduce bacteria inside the space and a green office does give it a distinct brand identity. Plants revitalize the environment and can help make the space more vibrant, creative and productive.

Create an agile workspace

You need an agile workspace that allows the employees to connect with one another when needed, to move around easily to interact. Agile workspaces are stimulating environments that urge their employees to think outside the box, increase innovation, creativity, productivity and efficiency. Separate dining areas, comfortable nooks and lounges will do the trick.

Lose the Cube
Workspace is the heart of the office interior. This is where work happens and it requires more thought and creativity than the boss’s cabin for sure. Now you don’t want the workspace to look like a Borg cube collective. That would be claustrophobic and counter-productive. That’s why high-walled cubicles are a strict no-no as it promotes isolation. An open office will make you more productive and efficient with small barriers to mark your space. One needs to balance the illusion of privacy and an open office to perfection here.

Personal space for Employees
Personal space is a very important aspect of office interior design. This helps them make their mark, sink their feet and provides them with a sense of belonging. It could be anything from a poster to a photograph, offices that allows their employee to personalize and decorate their workspace need not worry too much about employee retention or productivity.

Invest in Quality Signage
Quality Signage is a must and there can’t be any arguments against it. Good quality signage goes beyond first impressions. While it is necessary to have an impact on your clients, visitors, guests and partners, the employees themselves need to feel that they are a part of a brand new venture, a journey or quest towards excellence. It also makes them feel secure and proud that they are a part of something that values quality.

How to renovate old house to new house?

Old houses/apartments come at a cheaper rate than the new ones. Old apartments and houses have a personality and many quirks of their own. Some even have their own illustrious history or a cherished piece of old antique fixture that is hard to replicate today. Renovating old houses are a tricky business and there are a few things that you need to keep in mind while doing so…

1. Changing the interior design:
Most often than not, the interior design of the old houses have a weird logic. You will find irrelevant partitions that you might have to knock down, walls that need to be erected, tiles to be redone and the house painted. First chart out an interior plan as to what you would like to retain and what needs to go and what needs to be redone completely.

2. Redo Painting:
Painting is a must if you need a whole new look to your house. While selecting the colours for each room, it would be best if you chose the shade based on the position of the windows and the door thus taking maximum advantage of the sunlight that the space would receive.Home Interior designer in Bangalore

Another thing that one needs to be to keep in mind while painting an old house is to ensure that you take care of the water proofing aspects of the structure before you start painting. Old homes have been through the wear and tear and for sure the water proofing elements would be missing in most of them. This needs to be incorporated with in the building/apartment before you start the painting work.



3. Interesting Accessories:
Interior designThe sky is the limit when it comes to selecting the home accessories. One can go by the overall theme of the house while selecting the accessories. If the house/apartment has an old colonial look or a modern bungalow feel or typical old manor house the likes of which were built during the 1930’s you can decide the accessories based on the look. Brass fixtures, chandeliers, small vintage toys and pottery and other things can be kept in the living room as great conversation starters.

Select accessories based on the theme and their quotient of elegance. Investing in one or few large sized accessories also has its merits and demerits. An antique painting or a sculpture, an ornamental vase or a silver mirror are a few examples of this. These can be used to great advantage if space is small and you can get by with just one large sized accessory. If space is huge, you can also use a good book shelf with a good collection of books as an accessory.

4. Tiling: Changing the tiles will probably be a must especially while redoing an old home.
Select the colours of your tiles carefully and if your space is small you might want to opt for large-sized white coloured tiles to give an illusion of space. You can also opt for hardwood tiles over others if you want to a good durable floor space that is easy on the pocket too.

5. Kitchen:

Kitchen is one space that would need a complete makeover especially when you are dealing with an old house. Most old houses do lack closed cupboards in the kitchen and the pantry and these need to be addressed.Space needs to be made for refrigerators, grinders, blenders, toasters, ovens and other myriad kitchen accessories that make our life easy. Installing a chimney is a must if you want to avoid a greasy-to-touch kitchen in future.

Remodeling and renovating an old house are projects that need to be handled carefully lest you damage the structure inadvertently. It would be best to engage a good interior design company to manage the project professionally.

How to find best interior design companies in Bangalore?

There are dime a dozen interior design companies in Bangalore. Selecting the best company out of them is like searching for a needle in a haystack. It is important to find a good (if not the best) interior design company because interior design is not a project you can undertake every other day or year. You do need the best in the market to do your house or the office and here is how you can find them –

#1 Personal Meeting

  • Though this is the digital age and most of our work does get done online, this is one meeting that you would be well advised to do in person.The interior designer that you would be hiring to do up your home or office would be working on your behalf creating a space that reflects your character.
  • He/she would be choosing your couch, cushion and love seat and rugs and before you entrust them to know your taste, a personal meeting is a must.
  • Ascertain their experience, learn to trust your instinct and find out how best you get along with the designer since you will work closely with them.
  • That apart, with the market being flooded with too many interior designers, it would be best to check in person whether they run a legit business and if they can be trusted to design your space.

#2 Customer Feedback

  • In today’s age of social media, it is easy to find out how one’s work is rated. Check out the Interior Designer’s social media pages for comments and reviews from existing customers.
  • You can also connect with these customers online and get their feedback about their experience in working with the interior designer in question. This would give you some valuable insights into choosing the best interior designer in the city.

#3 Check out Ongoing Projects

  • There is nothing more revealing than checking out an ongoing project. You will know more about their team, their work ethics, experience and industry expertise with just one visit.

#4 Visit Manufacturing Unit

  • Most interior designers will have a manufacturing unit where they would custom-make furniture or any other pieces that are necessary for a project.
  • A visit to this unit will give you an idea of how they work for their clients and the materials and technology that they would be using.
  • Interior Decorators today advertise a lot on social media and while some of them have a genuinely great unit and team, many of them don’t. They rely on hiring third-party artisans and workers to help finish a project.
  • These interior designers can’t deliver a custom-made project that would be unique in character because they do not have an exclusive team of their own. That apart, this also has a major impact on the timeline and promised deadlines.