Tips for Ethnic Interior Decoration

The modern house is not a choice for everyone, some of you would love to have a modern house with the ethnic blend. Indian way of the interior has a very appealing allure to the house. This ethnic interior decoration let us root yourself in our year’s old tradition and at the same time allows you to sync with the contemporary lifestyle. However, your dream of the ethnic house can come true by making small-scale changes. This can bring out the soul of Indian culture with the Indian way of Décor into our building. There are some of the good interior designers in Bangalore offering the same.

Explore colours and patterns

Ethnic Indian style house is colorful. They explore colours, vibrant and bright colours define the characteristic of Indian ethnic interiors. Never hesitate to explore a wide range of colours shades. At the same time don’t over use the colour palate, too much of contrast colours will not soothe your eyes and fail to maintain coherence. Always opt for some earthy colour shades like maroon, red and blue. Bright colour shades like mustard yellow mustard, mahogany, golden yellow-orange create a good impression at first sight. These colour schemes tend to make out the interior décor in its’ greatest form. If you wish to use some patterns on the walls, then you can go for some bold and bright colours for a satisfactory result.

Intricate design patterns and traditional motifs define the Indian design. They tend to be a significant attribute of the wall decors. Some of the traditional and popular patterns are Mandala and Warli prints.  You can also incorporate some other themes that are inspired by your culture or nature or community life. These colours and patterns are seen as an icon of our culture. Many people feel a deeply spiritual or emotional connection.

Fabrics can be used in many creative ways in our house to adorn our house. This can be Curtains, quilts and duvets or overhead canopy. These fabrics not only adorn our houses but bring out the aesthetics of the place it adorns. You can find a lot of expensive fabrics that has intricate works; they depict the fine work of the workmen. A Good Interior Designer in Bangalore suggests more range of accessories. Be it Pochampally ikat, Brocade or other range of fabrics from jute to khadi can be used to adorn your living room. You can also make use of traditional designs and patterns in your house interiors in different forms. They can either be draperies, tapestries, or tiles, or flooring or any other upholstery work.

Our country is home to several intricate hand crafts. Pick some ethnic décor elements to adorn your house. It can either be a diyas, pottery, status, and crockery elements. If you are interested in hand crafts, opt for some Bellary embroidery, Lacquerware Toys and Bidriware that gives an enlightening blend of culture and tradition.


Opt for solid furniture sofa sets, diwan and wooden lattice chair set that comes along with cushions. Furniture that features curved armrests and legs, floral motifs and other engravings will give more look to the house. To make it less expensive, you can also opt for bamboo-woven furniture. They are best suited for patios and other outdoor places.

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Simple Tips for Attractive Office Interior Designs

Office interior designers in Bangalore suggest creating interior design that is clutter free will boost the productivity. A well-organized workplace with modern interior design will not only give an appealing look to the clients but also increase the productivity. A stressful workplace will have several issues including health and performance issue. Several organizations and business people had started figuring out several ways to reduce the stress factors. Among them, the pleasant ambience at workplace takes an important place. Research has proved that well-organized workplace with high-quality interiors can boost the productivity of the employees to a greater extent. This is because a employee expects nothing more than a peaceful and physical comfort at the workplace. Good interior design will enhance the look of the space and creates a peaceful ambience. Well-organized work space will reinforce the comfort level. Additionally, the vibrant colour choice will bring in good vibration. These factors will eventually strengthen employee satisfaction. Try hiring some modern interior decorators that are specially qualified Office Interior Designers in Bangalore. Read through this article to know more about the overhaul design ideas that can help your employees to remain relaxed.

Recreation and break-out area

A light work environment with some recreational activities will boost the productivity of an employee. Employees deserve a space where they can relax. A fun-filled recreation room or break out area with a peaceful ambience that soothes their mind can do wonders. You can also consider having a greener outside the break-out area to rejuvenate their eyes and soul. Any organization who wishes to be successful should focus more on the welfare of their employees. Because productive employees are the biggest asset of any company. They can boost the productivity and reduce the productivity.

Reception desk

A reception desk is the key focus of any organization. This is the first place that gains the people attraction. You have a variety of choices of furniture that differ in shape, style and size. Also, there are several options for the material from wood to metal. Based on your requirement and budget select the one which has a classy, elegant and attractive look. This desk should be welcoming, and most importantly it should go well with the setup and the layout. Office Interior Designers in Bangalore provides certain tips for choosing the reception desk. The desk should not be too high and should possess ample amount of space to hold multiple documents, phone, etc.

Colours and patterns

Proper utilization of the workplace and well-organized work place is important. Colours and textures are equally important because of the dominant traces of liveliness in the work environment. Multi coloured textures and vibrant colour schemes give a modern look to the office. Additionally, architectural elements and design pattern helps in creating satisfaction and efficiency among the employees.

Placing art pieces and wall paintings in the workspace will induce enthusiasm even in a stress full work environment. These artistic elements can be placed in any area like recreation point, break out area, cafeteria, and even in work desks. Depending on the choice of the place, artistic elements can vary from plants, paintings and contemporary art pieces.

Appropriate lighting

Lighting plays important role in creating bright ambience in the office. Poor lighting can cause several issues to the employees including a headache and dry eyes. So you should focus more on the illuminating good visual environment. Designers suggest a practical approach for enhancing the office lighting.

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Tips To Have a Soothing Interior Design

Due to hectic and hasty city life, everyone goes through a tough time in their personal and professional lives. Because of this hasty life outside, they started to consider their home as a relaxing place. Majority of the people living in the metro cities have started to have a booming desire for a house with beautiful interiors. After a tiring day, we wish to spend our leisure time in our house. A home with good interiors gives a sense of relaxation and soothes our soul. It is a pleasure come back to your dream home that soothes your soul and mind. If you live in Bangalore, you are fortunate to find some of the famous interior designers in Bangalore offering the same. Here’s is some guidelines or makeover, suggested by the designers to achieve a relaxing and healing living space.

As soon as you enter your home, the first thing you need to see is something that you admire or love. Physiologically, your first sight of this element will give an impression of relaxation from the busy life. The element can either be an art piece or showpiece, or a painting or a portrait.

Clutter-free space

For a clutter-free living room or bedroom, try to create some space. Too little space can increase clutter that leads to untidiness. Place only essential elements, and get rid of all unnecessary furniture. Unnecessary furniture like tables, shelves and chairs occupy more space. If you have too little space, you can create an illusion of having spacious rooms by painting the walls with light colours. 

Another important thing to have a good impression is clutter free living space. To achieve this, Famous Interior Designers in Bangalore, your space should be well-organized and clean. Especially, your living room and bedroom should be clutter free. Though interior design can help you to achieve this, you should also get rid of unnecessary things in a timely manner. This helps to maintain a clean home.

The magic of natural light

Lighting is another important thing that will have a great impact on both your mental and physical health. It’s obvious that natural sunlight is a natural stress reliever. A bright room can lift up your mood. Your interior should have the provisions of natural sunlight entry. In case, if living space lacks natural light, then try to add some mirrors in the room to brighten it up.

Colour Scheme

It’s true that vibrant colours create positive vibes. At the same time, too many bright colours will not do the magic. Try not to use too many bright colours and contrast patterns. Make it simple, to have relaxing ambience. For a relaxing environment follow the below guidelines:

  • Avoid bold colour schemes
  • Add minimal and elegant design pattern to create a soothing interiors
  • Choose colours that induce serenity
  • Neutral and mild colours will create an illusion of rich and relaxing environment.
  • Subtle and simple colour schemes are soothing
  • You can also add some art pieces with mild colour tones in your living room

Top 5 Smart Home Décor Ideas

For most of us expansive interiors, sweeping floors, large and spacious rooms are still a pipe dream. Buying real estate in today’s economy is very tough and 99% of us have to make do with small rooms and space that leaves much to be desired.

A small space need not be a disadvantage. It can be used positively to clear clutter from your life for one thing.  For décor ideas, we have a huge repository of ideas that can make much of your space, no matter how small.Here are five smart home décor ideas from best interior design firms in Bangalore.

Bold Colours

Living roomSize can never be an issue when it comes to style. Most home interior design companies employ a rather neat trick here by picking one colour that that resonates with the character of the residents and use it to create a space that is not only highly original but also extremely creative. Some of the interior design firms in Bangalore use variations of the same colour and tweak it according to the function of the space with a great deal of creativity.

Patterns & Textures

When you employ one colour in a space that you leaves you open to a great deal of textures and patterns. Curtains, rugs, carpets, upholstery are where the scope of creating a cosy room comes together.

Selecting off the rack patterns that match with the general colour tone of the room is also a lot of fun and not to mention inexpensive. Best interior design firms in Bangalore most often opt for vintage stuff that is easily available in curio shops or the flea market to source great textures that would add character and colour to space.

Curtained Bed

Perfect for a studio apartment where you need to assign a nook to your bedroom, a curtained bed not only does that but also gives you privacy. An unmade made might look ungainly and cast a decadent look on the entire space. With a curtained bed, that can be avoided and you also get to mark the space within the studio apartment. The end result is a cosy nook that you would love to retreat at the end of the day.

A Dining Nook

If your kitchen has the space to spare for a small nook, then a small dining table would be just the thing. A breakfast nook or a dining nook (however you choose to call it) might just become one of your favourite places to lounge on a lazy weekend.

dining areaSome Interior decorators in Bangalore call it the last vestiges of civilized living. With technology taking over life, most of us have become addicted to the television as we sink our teeth into dinner a dining nook is just a small reminder of how good a sit-down meal would be. If your kitchen can spare the space, you can use a long pedestal table with a low sofa to accommodate a family of four.

Some of the interior design firms in Bangalore have used this décor idea to great effect and have successfully turned many a bachelor pad into the most happening place in the town.

There are many smart space hacks and home décor ideas floating around but the best interior design firms in Bangalore would be able to filter the most feasible ones that would fit your budget.

How to Create a Productive Office Environment Flexibility

The challenge to design an office with maximum amenities, employee satisfaction and brand impact is well known among business circles. A well-designed office can increase your team’s overall productivity levels. And productivity being the keyword, many business executives consider interior office design to be a major capital investment for their organization. They look to assign the job to professional turnkey office interior designers.

These office interior designers integrate strategic design innovations to improve the quality, productivity and working atmosphere in the company. Their turnkey solutions could prove to be just the motivation that employees need to improve productivity. Now let us see some of the factors that they consider when they design an office space.

 Comfortable Space

Turnkey office interior designers

  • Employees spend around 8 to 12 hours at the office. They need adequate space to move around. A cramped atmosphere is not where anyone wants to spend their working time. So the turnkey office interior designers would primarily look into organizing the office space to make it more spacious and comfortable.
  • This could be done by designing more open collaborative workspace and reducing the closed cubicles. Open offices are known to increase productivity as there is increased intercommunication and teamwork. However, there is flip-side too, distraction and noise because of intermittent chatter, both detrimental.
  • So, there should be some workspace which will provide for concentration and privacy too. The right mix of open and compartmentalized working space, giving flexibility of usage according to convenience, is imperative for a business to thrive.

Ergonomic furniture

  • An ergonomic furniture design is a must-have in the office. People working for long hours in front of a computer or a laptop need to have adjustable chairs, so that their eyes are in line with the monitor to reduce the stress on the eye. Very often one sees employees suffering from neck or back pain due to sitting for hours in front of an office desk.
  • Absenteeism or even working with pain can prove to be detrimental to work quality. Hence ergonomic desks and chairs whose heights can be adjusted is a good option. Even better would be to introduce the sit-stand option, so as to alternate working by sitting for some time and standing for the rest. Fortunately, in recent times, office interior designers are keeping this in view while providing for office furniture design.


  • The plain white or cream walls are no longer in vogue at the workplace. Turnkey office interior designers know for a fact that drab plain walls do not provide for work motivation. So they often include colours like green, red, yellow, blue or a combination of two or more as relief in their design.
  • Psychologically, green is associated with growth, red with energy boost, pink and blue are said to be calming and stable and yellow is said to stimulate creativity. Some designers may even suggest an abstract artwork or a quirky mural on the wall as added decor. However, each organisation has a specific need, and the colours to be used, has to be decided according to the specifications of the company, which may even decide to go with the colour of the brand.

Air quality and Lighting

  • Two of the most important factors in increasing work productivity is the quality of air and lighting in the workplace, and most often than not, they are the most neglected factors too. Large windows not only increase the circulation of fresh air, they also allow for natural sunlight to flow in.
  • Plants too can grow in such an atmosphere and plants are known to relieve stress in employees. But what do you do in case you cannot have natural lighting in your office? The apparent solution would be to go in for full spectrum bulbs or spotlights and maybe you can have plants like fern which do not require much natural light for growth. The office interior designer could even suggest investing in reflective office furniture. This would help reflect the light and give a bright airy feel.
  • Fostering a more productive workplace is the concern of every organisation. Hence, going for a reputed and good turnkey office interior designers to design your workplace could prove to be a fruitful and wise decision, as the creative innovation and design presented by a professional office interior designer can transform a drab, plain office environment into a live, motivational one.