Elements of an Open Kitchen

One thing that is common in most contemporary apartments and homes today is an open kitchen house interior design. There are many key factors that go into creating a home with an open kitchen. They are informal, inclusive and are certainly a reflection of how social we have become in our lives. Here are a few elements of an open kitchen plan that you might want to consider while renovating your home.

More Space

This is one obvious advantage of having an open kitchen. When you bring down the walls, there is more space to move around and socialize. There is more space for wall cabinets and clever shelving in this plan. This plan also helps small families because it’s possible to keep an eye on the children even while cooking. The downside of this house interior design is the fact that one needs to be more careful while cooking, lest there are accidents.

Natural Lighting

When the walls are down, it is but natural for the light to permeate everywhere. Homes with an open kitchen plan are more airy and open to natural lighting because there are no more walls obstructing windows and doors. Installing skylights is a great idea for open kitchens and it adds a certain charm to space.

Entertaining is Easier

Most open kitchens flow into the dining area and it certainly becomes easier to entertain. Naturally, with an open kitchen house interior design, traditional dining and lunches take a back seat. This is definitely not the floor plan for those who wish to serve their food formally and ostentatiously. This is for those with a more egalitarian view of things. It is a fluid form of life suitable for bachelors, single men and women and for families that like to be social even while cooking their meals. That’s why most open kitchen designs include a countertop for lunch and dinner or at least a breakfast nook where you can pull up a chair and have your mail while it’s still hot. Some designs take in the dining area and add it on to the kitchen and it certainly makes the area more inclusive and is easy to entertain. These are family friendly kitchens, where soul food is cooked, savoured and relished.

The Flow of the Design

With an open kitchen, one can see the design flow in beautifully in the floor plan. Opting for neutral shades would make sense here. Monochrome colours, high-gloss cabinets and units would work the charm here.

While there are many advantages in an open kitchen floor plan, this is a house for those who are meticulously clean and minimal. You really do not want to show a messy kitchen to your guests especially in an open kitchen house interior design. The lack of privacy is apparent and if you like the kitchen to be your own kingdom of heaven then an open floor plan is probably not for you.

Despite the obvious disadvantages, open kitchen plan has caught the imagination of people today. It shows that we are on a progressive path in a world where even men can claim their place in the kitchen and cook up a storm.

Minimalism and Home Interior Design

They say that design is a journey of discovery. It’s a journey that gives us an inordinate amount of choices that would appeal to our senses and improve our lives. To that end, a minimalistic home interior design is a trend that is fast catching up today. This interior design trend follows the following philosophy of thought – ‘Your home is a living space and not a storage space’.

Today, frilly interior designs have given way to minimal living that seems to provide a less stressful life for people. Here are a few characteristics of a minimalistic house interior design that would make your life seem less stressful –

Façade Engineering

Building the right facades and more so using it correctly can add a lot of value to a home interior design. If your flat overlooks the sea where you can see endless waves weaving in and out, you really wouldn’t build a wall to block it, would you? Cityscapes, golf links, gardens… there are many ways that you can use the façade engineering to your benefit.

Imagine your living room overlooks a garden or the sea then all that you need is a giant glass screen that would you unimpeded view of the outside. Your living room doesn’t require anything to make it grand. Paintings, an exquisite chandelier, an expensive carpet or a Ming Vase that would act as great conversation starters in other designs become utterly unimportant and unnecessary if the façade engineering is done right.

That’s one trick that a minimal interior design never misses.


Truthfully, it is easy to fill the room with stuff rather than not. Simplicity rules the roost in a minimal interior design. The aesthetics of form and design has a stark beauty about it. A simple design is straightforward and has an honesty about it that belies the façade of sophistication.

A minimal home interior design has a clarity about it that is rarely present in other floor plans. Simplistic designs with modest storage options work the best here.

A Single Focal Point

In any design, it is important to have a focal point that would stand out. In a minimal home interior design you can select one single piece to stand out in the space – a painting, a carpet, a vase or a chandelier.

Space Rules

While designing a minimalistic home, there is only one rule of thumb to follow – let the space rule. With open floors and neutral walls, one can’t really go wrong in their minimal interior design. Opting for simple furniture is a must because they shouldn’t really take the focus off the ample space. Furniture with frills, lace and decorations is a definite no-no in this design.

A minimalistic design is all about reducing the clutter in one’s life and it certainly resonates with many tenets of feng shui. To balance the harmonies of one’s life, one needs to get rid of all the things that take up unnecessary space. Feng Shui masters believe that once you remove the materialistic clutter, your spiritual needs too will get addressed and you will have more clarity to move ahead in your life. Truly, it’s time to go zen.

Guidelines to Add Classiness to Interior Decoration

At times, you may feel that the interiors including the colour schemes or layout and furniture design of your house may not be very pleasing to you. An expert of home interior designers in Bangalore won’t just enhance the visual appeal but also the functionality of the building space. The world is progressing very fast, taste and comfort level of the people keeps changing every day. A good interior design may bring positive vibe in their life. A perfect house is something which brings the balance of classiness, comfort and optimism through modern interior design.

Evolution of modern interior design has brought a smart method of fixing your issues and adds a sense of classiness to your house. You could transform your ordinary house into a classy house with these beautiful and bold design ideas. If you are unsure about how to go organize your room or how revamping your existing house layout, then it is suggested to hire a home interior designers in Bangalore or elsewhere.

Explore colour shades

Contemporary yet classic colour shades is a wise choice of colour shade as this scheme will compliment most of the colour theme. They can elevate the fine distinction of modern interiors of the living room. These bold colour schemes are flawless. Black and white colour, turquoise blue and white colour schemes are considered as versatile and contemporary shade. Most of the people prefer this scheme, as it gives serene and peaceful ambience. This very sophisticated and classy home attic interior design with vibrant colour cushions and light shade furniture designs will suit best the design pattern. Studies have shown that using certain set of colour schemes in building spaces helps encourage certain actions and lift up the mood.

Solid Furniture and layout

Home or Apartment Interior Designers in Bangalore are proficient in creating cutting-edge interiors which is also cost effective based on your preferences. A stylish raised and exposed texture are suitable for both residential and office spaces. Setting up or recreating an building space is an chance to de-clutter any building spaces and invoke flexible home interior decor elements.

The stylish look of a house doesn’t always come with complicated interiors and furniture. Simple yet exquisite furniture design with plain accessories gives a sparkling and radiating look to the living space. For a modern and cool looking rooms prefer the furniture that contrasts with the colour palate of the room. This interior design will bring a sense of optimism in the people.

Hiring an experienced designer can offer some innovative and creative designs to your living space. They can give ideal blend of functionality, classy and creative layout that is beautifully designed. A perfect kitchen is something that looks stylish and easy to organize.

Interior Decoration Tips to Make the Best Use of the Space

Top Interior designers in Bangalore have good experience in recreating your building space on a regular basis. As they regularly work with interior designs, they could find possible solutions to all your spacing issues. Also, they are capable enough to transform your conventional house into a modern house with good interior ideas. All that is required to create a modern house is an aesthetic idea, function and quality elements. 

Living in a busy city, sometimes we often find our self-end up living in small apartments. With the addition of things, we are unable to find space for everything and find difficult to cope with clutter and mess. However, with proper planning, we can incorporate several methods to utilize our limited space in all possible method. Hence, the Top Home Interior Designers in Bangalore takes the responsibility to evaluate your building space and figure out varied options to make the best use of every single space.

Analyze all the space

You can analyze every single space of your house to figure out under-utilized space. Try to explore vertically, because most these spaces can be found between the top of the furniture and bedroom. Here you can make use of high-mounted or hanging elements. It can be bookshelves or reading cabinets.  Also by installing lofts, you can utilize these spaces.

Top Interior designers in Bangalore suggest some tips to make the best use of the space. They are:

  • A table that could double up as a dining table or a writing desk
  • The cushion that can be transformed into a coffee-tables or seating
  • Customized cupboards and furniture can best utilize the space in every corner
  • Built-in storage elements tend to merge with the wall structure and doesn’t occupy much area footage
  • Storage elements with sideways pull above your bathtub or closet will give more space in the bathroom

Multi-purpose furniture

Prefer using furniture that can provide multiple purposes. Place it in easily movable and accessible locations; this idea tends to work better for buildings with small spaces. To maximize the utilization, try fixing a storage space above your dining table where you can place all the dining elements and kitchen accessories.  (Best interior designer suggest to) Opt for two small furniture pieces instead of one big piece as the smaller ones do not obstruct traffic flow and they could also be easily moved or shifted around. This approach is best suited for common places like a living room. Whereas, in private rooms, you can opt for bigger elements as they will not often be shifted.

Creating illusion

A good designer can create an Illusion of a spacious room by incorporating some ideas and tricks. In order to create the illusion of more space in the room, choose soothing colour shades for your ceilings and walls.  Utilize some subtle and mild pattern work on the walls to induce a sense of magnificence. Placing some mirrors in deliberate locations. Some suggestions are like floor to ceiling curtains accompanied by translucent fittings. This works well for creating visual cues.

Getting rid of partition walls and choosing large windows along with the transparent furnishings will offer for elaborate views. This helps in reducing the largeness of the built space and offers lightness in the room.

Create narratives for your building spaces where you can move to another place by aligning the furniture elements. This trick of visual continuity of furniture will give a sense of calmness.

Latest Trends in Interior Decoration

Interior designs and trends are versatile, and they keep changing from time to time. People love to design their house with some creative designs that are contemporary and match with the trend. Especially in the recent year with the advent of the technology, interior design has got a new shape. These technologies and electronic devices create a huge impact in the interiors. To satisfy the people requirements and desires, renowned home interior designers in Bangalore and other major cities of India come up with some new idea and novel trends.  Read this article to know more about the trending interior design.

Comfort zone

People wish to have a comfortable living space that is more attractive and welcoming. The best interior designers in bangalore can fit in everything perfectly even in a small house, be it reading space, living room, or even play zone for kids. Everything will be perfectly placed. Some expensive ideas that are trending now are light room dividers, micro-zones and much more.

Colour schemes

Conventional colour schemes like a sandal, pink, cream and peach for ceilings and walls give a conservative look to your house. Rather, some bold colour schemes like olive green, brown, black and white, red and yellow will give a fresh and vibrant look to your house. Contemporary colour combinations for the wall will give a balanced look. It beautifully enhances the room colours that would inculcate the essential ambience in the interiors.

For a personalized touch with striking modern interiors, popular home interior designers in Bangalore and across the country suggest adding fresh and vibrant colour patterns. Blending textures with a tinge of colour palate and adding lush green environment will bring more life to space.


Stylish and elegant furniture designs with arched angles will add more value to living space.  Additionally, they provide the aesthetic illusion to the contemporary furnishing style. Recently, retro-modern with hi-tech designs are highly preferred in the major cities of India.


Wall decors and wall painting are available at ranges. Choosing a Super-sized and polished piece will enhance the look of the space. In addition to it, geometric-shaped wall pieces and 3D tiles on your wall will enhance the look and sophistication a point higher.

Floral art pieces on the wall are evergreen. This piece continues to attract people, but with a mild difference.  The floral piece has been replaced with super sized blooms or buds. Placing this art piece in the room will attract people and act as a main focal point of the space. Especially, bedrooms will liven up with metallic element walls. These mild, reflective walls will transfer the light to every nook and corner; this makes the living space look more spacious.